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  1. Hi RT6PK. Did you receive my info? I tried to send you my mailing address, but I do not know if you ever received it. Let me know; I am very 'anxious' to get this 'glass' as I never scratch-built a windshield before. Thank you very much!
  2. Yes please, Mr mopar, that would be fantastic. I tried several days ago to send you a message with my mailing address. I do not know if you got this info, but if you will message me again, I will certainly give you my mailing address. Thankyou!
  3. Hey MrMopar!  Yes, here is my mailing address:  Jeff Bolthouse, 4486 Brookmere Dr. SE, Kentwood, Mich., 49512.  This is great!  I was just getting ready to try to scratch making one; by cold-bending.  Thanks

  4. The '64 Dodge 330 kit came with several different types of box-art: 'Color Me Gone'; 'Ramchargers', for example. Thanks
  5. I looked in my kit and I don't think mine has them. They would be on the chrome-tree, right? Sorry
  6. I could really use the windshield for the '68 Road Runner. Otherwise, I'll have to try and 'scratch- it. Thanks
  7. Guess what, stitchdup? I figured it out! Check out my "Wanted" post. Now I think I will post some photos of my builds in the "Underglass" section. Thanks.
  8. Hi. I need some parts from the Avanti kit. They are: 1. headers, all 4 pcs. 2. the radiator wall or bulkhead, part no. 38. I will try to post some scans of the directions.
  9. This is probably a pretty elementary thing to be ignorant of. How is it similar to attaching a photo to an email? Thanks.
  10. Hi Leica007. If they are approx. 1/25 or 1/24 and have eye lets, I sure could use them. If I don't hear from you in the next couple of days, I will go to your 'website' here. Thanks.
  11. Need 1 or 2 pair of shock absorbers for use with rear leaf spring suspensions. Need to have the little eyelets. I am building several '60s Mopars, and 2 '60s Chevies. Thanks.
  12. I have found myself 'plumb out of' floor shifters. 4-spd., 6-spd., doesn't matter. Thanks
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