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  1. Hi RT6PK. Did you receive my info? I tried to send you my mailing address, but I do not know if you ever received it. Let me know; I am very 'anxious' to get this 'glass' as I never scratch-built a windshield before. Thank you very much!
  2. Yes please, Mr mopar, that would be fantastic. I tried several days ago to send you a message with my mailing address. I do not know if you got this info, but if you will message me again, I will certainly give you my mailing address. Thankyou!
  3. Hey MrMopar!  Yes, here is my mailing address:  Jeff Bolthouse, 4486 Brookmere Dr. SE, Kentwood, Mich., 49512.  This is great!  I was just getting ready to try to scratch making one; by cold-bending.  Thanks

  4. The '64 Dodge 330 kit came with several different types of box-art: 'Color Me Gone'; 'Ramchargers', for example. Thanks
  5. I looked in my kit and I don't think mine has them. They would be on the chrome-tree, right? Sorry
  6. I could really use the windshield for the '68 Road Runner. Otherwise, I'll have to try and 'scratch- it. Thanks
  7. Guess what, stitchdup? I figured it out! Check out my "Wanted" post. Now I think I will post some photos of my builds in the "Underglass" section. Thanks.
  8. Hi. I need some parts from the Avanti kit. They are: 1. headers, all 4 pcs. 2. the radiator wall or bulkhead, part no. 38. I will try to post some scans of the directions.
  9. This is probably a pretty elementary thing to be ignorant of. How is it similar to attaching a photo to an email? Thanks.
  10. Hi Leica007. If they are approx. 1/25 or 1/24 and have eye lets, I sure could use them. If I don't hear from you in the next couple of days, I will go to your 'website' here. Thanks.
  11. Need 1 or 2 pair of shock absorbers for use with rear leaf spring suspensions. Need to have the little eyelets. I am building several '60s Mopars, and 2 '60s Chevies. Thanks.
  12. I have found myself 'plumb out of' floor shifters. 4-spd., 6-spd., doesn't matter. Thanks
  13. I have just a couple of pieces for this roll cage; need the rest. Thanks
  14. Thank you very much for all this great info. I am hot-rodding a "Tom Daniel's" kit, the "Street Fighter", a '60 Chevy sedan delivery. And it needs a lot of help! Actually it is a pretty pleasant build, being actually about 1/23 scale. My last kit was a Tamiya Lotus Super Seven 1/24, more like 1/25 or 1/26. So the "Street Fighter" badly needed a larger engine, which means I will be needing to heavily modify the front suspension. Thanks again.
  15. I'd like to try my hand at making some coil-overs. Can anybody recommend a specific brand, or specification of wire? Thanks
  16. I use a "jeweler's vice" I bought from "Micro Mark". It has a large wooden handle and a small heavy adjustable vice on the end. Gently clamp the transmission in place and it holds the engine assembly very stable.
  17. I have "most" of the chassis pcs. from the AMT '66 Olds 442 W30, including the nicely detailed front suspension. Also the chrome tree. And it looks like the whole engine and interior. Let me know.
  18. Thanks for posting your build.  I am trying to adapt a NASCAR chassis to a '57 T-Bird.  I hope to use a 1/25 Ford Cammer engine.  I will need to do something like your tubular K-member to clear the big engine!  Thanks.  Wonderful build.

  19. Still looking for a 1/24 scale large supercharger GMC type, for a resin engine kit. Thanks.
  20. fiatboy

    Y Blocks

    Yes I have a complete '57 T-Bird Y-Block. If you give me your email, I will get you some photos.
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