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  1. Building up a '64 Wedge but I am lacking the valve covers; they look close. Thanks
  2. Thanks GTX6970. That would be great. I will PM you my mailing address.
  3. Intend on putting a 3-carb 440 in a '68 Road Runner kit. I don't know where I got the engine from. It is a 1/25 scale piece. Also the corresponding decal would be great! Any idea where I can get something like this? Thanks
  4. Very interesting oldschool. Thanks for the info. The valve cover for this kit has 2 dimples for 2 breathers. That makes me wonder if it in fact is a 392 Hemi! But I need the 426 Ramcharger 'Wedge' engine. I am building one of 3 Ramcharger cars (blown) with strait front axles, I think built in California. Not surprisingly, all 3 crashed and only 1 now exists, according to my source. Some say it was/is the first 'Funny Car'. It is painted red, white, and blue, with radiused-rear-wheel-wells. Again, thanks for the info, oldschool.
  5. I have a partial 'Ramcharger' engine from the Tony Nancy 'Double' kit. It is a Sooper kit ('63) but it is missing 1 chrome valve cover. Are there any aftermarket '426 Ramcharger' engines maybe? (This kit has beautiful wire-front wheels IMHO and (almost) exquisite dragster chassis.) I am building up the Lindberg '64 Dodge 330 kit, and need a Ramcharger engine. Thanks.
  6. I have purchased a '69 -'70 resin piece from Hart's Parts, so it is OK to close this thread.
  7. "It's a sick world and I'm a happy guy!"  Thanks dartman; you made my day!  

  8. Hi George.  Is the resin front bench seat still available?  I don't have much to trade and would rather send you cash to cover your time and mailing costs. 

  9. Hi George.  I am writing about the front bench-seat for my '68 Road Runner.  You mentioned you had a resin piece.  On this Forum you used to be able to send P.M.s, personal messages.  Now I guess this message I am sending to you will be published.  I would like to send you a PM.  Please respond.  Thanks

    1. George Bojaciuk

      George Bojaciuk

      First off, I apologize! I just happen to spot this message in my profile! Never came to my mailbox! Email me and I’ll send you a pic. gbojaciuk@comcast.net

  10. Yes, shoot me a pic! Is it in 1/25 scale? I like it already!
  11. Preserving emblems, so they don't get filled in with paint. Deuces ll, you lay some kind of 'aluminum foil', I don't know what kind, over the emblem and burnish it down. When done correctly, I'm told, you can then turn the foil over, and fill the cavity in the foil with a substance that will harden. Then you have a foil-casting, made of this hardened substance. Then you apply it to the model after it has been painted.
  12. Just about finished with the '68 Road Runner kit, 1/25, but I have misplaced the front bench seat! Seriously misplaced. I have looked everywhere, including boxes of other kits. Help! Thanks
  13. There is an aftermarket company, 'something Squads' that has nice police car pushbars.
  14. I enjoy the odd poem now and then myself.

  15. Hi. I'd like to try 'foil-casting'. But what brand, etc. to use? Thanks.
  16. Yeah baby!

  17. Please alert the moderator to hide this thread. I have found what I need. Thanks
  18. Greetings. I need the front suspension and the front part of the chassis from a funny car kit. Of course, the whole chassis would be good also, but I only need the front part. Thanks.
  19. Hi ACE garage guy.  Please don't act like a troll, which I feel like you are doing.  As I explained to others, my skills, frankly, are not at your acceptable level, I think.  If you can't help ME, get out of my way.  Very coy, referring to me as the OP.   I am both building a '65 Dodge AWB, and a T.F. engine from Gibson.  And, as I've asked others, don't we all build for different reasons?.  I love building model cars and I think this Forum is the greatest thing since sliced bread, if you don't mind the comparison.  I don't know about you, but I've got a whole lot of other important things going on in my life besides modeling.  How about you? Although,  I love seeing other people's amazing work on the "On The Bench" category.  I am glad others  devote so much time to building.  It is positively entertaining.  Call me a voyeur if you like.  Jeff Bolthouse, Grand Rapids, Michigan

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    2. fiatboy


      In ACE-Garageguy's posting, why wasn't "hell" deleted?  Are you guys the original members of the NNL?  Jeff

    3. Ace-Garageguy


      Show me one post where I've ever said anything negative about you or your work. ONE. 

      Copy and paste. SHOW ME ONE. I will NOT accept being accused of something I just DID NOT DO.

      PROVE IT.

    4. fiatboy


      Ace, I 'flipped out'.  No other way to say it.  So I am sorry.  Jeff

  20. Hello.  I am the OP in regards to the diameter of roll-cage tubing mentioned in the thread.  My skills are not the level where I NEED to know things like this.  We each build for different reasons, I think, don't you?  And I am not building a replica, although I have modified the chassis, especially the front chassis area.  Not only were the front-axle moved forward 10", it was moved down 4".  I have made this modifiication.  Thank you.  Jeff Bolthouse, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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