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  1. That orange plastic is going to be a bear to paint over with Sublime. I would suggest primer and test paint on some bits of sprue first. How about Tor Red?
  2. My goal is to take two of them and make an actual long wheelbase model. The box art depicts the LWB, but the model is a SWB. I've got a 99 Silverado to use the front end from to make a Suburban, which is my 1:1 ride. Chevy fenders and body side molding are different, so it will be a challenge.
  3. Make sure you test fit the chassis after the drivetrain is installed. I gave up on it after being unable to make it fit. I probably did something wrong....
  4. Thanks guys! One of the biggest challenges is going to be making a windshield and frame. Does anyone have any experience with doing it? I have an old 57 Corvette windshield that I was going to try to modify, but it's quite different.
  5. Looking great! One of my favorite Mopar kits.
  6. I've been working on the wee tiny engine a bit. In scale, it measures about 30" from valve cover to valve cover, which seems small to me for a 1600 cc engine. Here it is, shown with a Porsche 959 drivetrain for comparison. Granted the 959 is 1:24 scale vs. 1:25 for the Revell. I thought about using the 959 engine in the Speedster. It would have been very cool, but thankfully the KISS Principle kicked in before I did any cutting. I went ahead and finished the Speedster engine with a distributor and coil from my parts box, and some covers for the air filters made from soda can aluminum. Here's the little guy ready for install.
  7. If it's an original issue, just keep it sealed! You'll be much happier in the long run if you don't build it and get a Tamiya kit instead. Mine was in a reissued 3-car Road Legends set, so I don't feel bad about it.
  8. Update 1.8.2021 One of the glaring problems with the kit is the ungodly tire width, to the extent that Revell had to radius the rear wheel arches to make clearance. I went through my parts box and could not find any narrower tires that would fit the stock rims. So I decided to try to narrow the kit tires. It turns out to be much simpler than I thought it would be. I started by shaving all of the extra material out of the center of the tread with an Exacto knife, leaving only about 2-1/2 treads on each side. I then sanded the surface smooth. The outer wheel fits well into the narrowed tire, with very little protruding beyond the inside. I 3-d printed bushings to use inside the outer wheel as an axle bearing. I'll probably cut down the wheel backs and just use the wheel lips from the wheel backs. Here's a comparison of the kit wheel and tire with my cut down version, and the bushing. Here's how they look on the car, in comparison.
  9. Wow! They are all works of art. Can't wait to see the '66 Chevelle!
  10. Very nice! The taillights look perfect. Why didn't MPC think of that? I built one of them as a teenager. It was one of my favorite models. I eventually rebuilt it as a Petty stock car.
  11. I love the stingray. The paint is gorgeous, and the Charger taillights are a great touch.
  12. This started as a club Corvette build in April. Needless to say I didn't make it in time for the club build, but its finally done! It started out as two partial Monogram '57 Corvettes that I got in a trade. Although the rear of a '57 is beautiful in its own right, I wanted to do something different. The engine and wheels are from an AMT C6 Corvette. The K&N intake and the taillight lenses (clear red resin), and brake drums are 3d printed. The tailpipes exiting through the rear fenders are bits of coffee stirrers. Everything else came out of the box. The rear deck lid is repurposed from a section of the hard top. The rear of the body had to be sectioned and narrowed about 1/8" to make the lines flow, so the rear grille is missing a tooth! Paint is old school Testor's square bottle with Testor's clearcoat. I hope the Vette purists are not offended!
  13. Nice! What is the engine in the chopped '32?
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