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  1. Beautiful! It looks like you could jump in and burn some rubber!
  2. LOL! I completely forgot about back-up lights! The tail light lenses weren't salvageable from the built-up that I started with. They were covered in glue. So I had to make them from some sections of the light bar from the Rescue 911 kit. The curvature was just right, but I forgot the white section. Good call!
  3. Steve, this is genius! I have always wondered how to eliminate "squeeze out" when using the 2-part epoxy!
  4. The engine on the Willys looks really good. You did well using the wash to bring out the detail.
  5. Overall, they look pretty good. One thing I notice is the windshields, which all look scratched. Be very careful handling them. If they don't come in their own wrapper in the kit, I put them in a baggie immediately so they don't get scratched. Minor scratches can be eliminated by going over the glass with a super light coat of Future floor polish. I also use either Testors windshield adhesive or 5-minute epoxy to glue them in. I haven't used regular styrene glue on a windshield in years! Hope this helps.
  6. Very nice. The chassis looks very real.
  7. Very nice build. I have the convertible which I built long ago when they first came out. One of my favorite models, and it has the Torq-Thrust wheels. As I remember, it had a huge warp in the body that was nearly impossible to get right. It sits on 3 wheels to this day.
  8. Nicely done! Sharp model and you really pulled off the v8 conversion.
  9. Wow! That's gorgeous! It looks like you could jump right in and drive it - if it would start!
  10. Interesting the way the turbocharger takes suction from the choke thermostat. I bet it wouldn't add much power that way. Time for you to change all that!
  11. Is the band-aid on your finger somehow heat-related? LOL
  12. Steamboat

    66 Impala

    Sharp, clean build. Well done!
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