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  1. Very nice job on a very difficult kit!
  2. These are from a '90's Monogram Corvette. They look a bit wide to me, but you're welcome to take them.
  3. You can get this air cleaner from the AMT 71 Charger kit.
  4. Actually I should say that it is available for afx since he claimed it.
  5. Ok, I'll take the snowmobile. I'll put this one up for trade. It's complete and unstarted. I took one wheel off the sprue and cloned it in resin. The wheel is now back in the kit.
  6. I'll take the chrome wheels. Above are two that I have to offer
  7. I have a set from the AMT Diablo. Yours for the price of postage if you want them.
  8. Steamboat

    65' IMPALA

    Nice! The paint is beautiful!
  9. I like the dart wheels too. They look great with the purple!
  10. Love it. I have always wanted to build one. Do you have a contact number for Star Models?
  11. I have a complete built engine from Monogram '59 Impala. Did the '58 have the same engine?
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