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  1. Nicely done. I like the monochromatic look.
  2. Awesome weathering! I like the way you did the peeling paint on the nose.
  3. Beautiful. The paint in the engine bay of yours is better than the outside paint on 90 percent of my models!
  4. I remember an article in Hot Rod about a drag car with side by side engines in the back seat. It's wider there because you don't have to deal with the wheels. The car apparently didn't run well though.
  5. Way cool! I wouldn't want to change the spark plugs on the inside banks though!
  6. Nicely done! It looks like you could jump in and drive it!
  7. Very nice. The paint came out beautifully and your detail on the dash is very well done. I'm in the process of building it as a base model coupe with a 307 and bench seat. Yours came out great!
  8. If you can give me the dimensions I can 3d print one pretty easily. I would need axle diameter, overall height and the distance from the upper A-arm to the axle centerline.
  9. I made the last ones out of sheet styrene. I carefully scored the lines into it with a panel scriber, and then curved them slightly. It took several attempts to get the spacing right. I cut the old a-pillars back right up to the roof and cowl. Both a-pillars were broken on this old AMT Chevelle.
  10. Sweet! They ran those things with no transmission? Must've been very light!
  11. Absolutely amazing! Your attention to detail is superb. Well done!
  12. Thanks guys for all the kind words
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