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  1. 1932 Ford Bonneville Coupe / Revell

    Nice paint work. Painting with that color from a rattle can is extremely difficult. You did a wonderful job. Did you use multiple very light coats?
  2. 1970 Dodge Charger R/T

    Excellent job! That grille looks fantastic.
  3. I wish someone had done a Cherokee XJ. Jeep made almost 4 million of the 1:1 vehicle, but nobody makes a model?
  4. Thanks guys. I agree that the engine looks weird. The intake is too wide and the air cleaner is too small, making it all look out of proportion. Everything is OOB. The hood is glued open, but in this case it might be better to "allow " it to open.
  5. Sometimes the model talks to you.... This is the Lindberg 1/20 Grand Cherokee model molded in red. I was determined to paint this model white, to replicate my son's 1:1 Grand Cherokee. I knew the red bleed-through was going to be a problem. I tried 3 different primers - Testors Aluminum Plate, Mr. White Surfacer, and Rustoleum Gray. The model always came out pink when I put the final coat of white primer on it. Someone in my local club even suggested that I should probably paint the 1:1 car red, it might be easier, but I wouldn't give up. So it sat for a month while both the model and myself were too stubborn to give in. Then it came to me - MUD! Why waste good gloss top coat anyways? This is the result. It's painted with Rustoleum gray primer, Mr. Surfacer white primer, and Model Master acrylic dark brown. The mud is splattered on by snapping a paint brush. I used some artist's texture to give the mud some depth, but tried not to overdo it. This is my first time doing mud. Comments and constructive criticism are welcome.
  6. Lamborghini Countach LP400 wheels

    Does anyone know where I could find these wheels?
  7. Did these resin trucks ever come to fruition? I would be interested in one. Steamboat
  8. AMT 65 Barracuda

    Model Roundup has a resin kit. https://www.modelroundup.com/product-p/rk-152.htm
  9. Painting over red

    I've got to give the Mr. Surfacer a thumbs-down. I wanted to paint the Lindberg Jeep Cherokee, which is molded in red. My son's 1:1 Jeep is white. Here's what the hood looks like after 2 coats of Mr. Surfacer white and 1 coat of Tamiya TS-26 white. I guess the model is going to end up being painted brown!
  10. Revell Cadillac Escalade wanted for doing a conversion into a Suburban. I have many kits that I can trade, or can pay cash.
  11. Wanted - stock exhaust manifolds for MPC '71 Roadrunner

    Is it a 426 Hemi engine or a 440?
  12. 1:25th Wink rear view mirror assembly sought...

    I have this one from a Monogram NASCAR kit. Only 3 panels though.
  13. I just started using Tamiya filler because I liked the idea of having a white filler instead of red. There are a few areas which remained soft after several weeks, soft enough that I could scratch it off with my fingernail. There are 2 causes that come to mind: I wet sanded it once before I realized it was probably not necessary, and I usually thin the filler with lacquer thinner to give it more working time. Has anyone ever seen this issue?
  14. '66 Barracuda Funny Car Rebuild

    I started building the 66 reissue a few months ago and lost interest. The parting lines are so misaligned at the C-pillar that I really could cut and reglue it and do better. Also, after doing some research I discovered that the original used a v-drive to connect the rear axle which the AMT kit does not have. I'm interested in this thread. Maybe it will get me motivated to complete the build!
  15. Pistol grip shifter

    I'll give you these. You can probably make something work.