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  1. 1:25th Wink rear view mirror assembly sought...

    I have this one from a Monogram NASCAR kit. Only 3 panels though.
  2. I just started using Tamiya filler because I liked the idea of having a white filler instead of red. There are a few areas which remained soft after several weeks, soft enough that I could scratch it off with my fingernail. There are 2 causes that come to mind: I wet sanded it once before I realized it was probably not necessary, and I usually thin the filler with lacquer thinner to give it more working time. Has anyone ever seen this issue?
  3. '66 Barracuda Funny Car Rebuild

    I started building the 66 reissue a few months ago and lost interest. The parting lines are so misaligned at the C-pillar that I really could cut and reglue it and do better. Also, after doing some research I discovered that the original used a v-drive to connect the rear axle which the AMT kit does not have. I'm interested in this thread. Maybe it will get me motivated to complete the build!
  4. Pistol grip shifter

    I'll give you these. You can probably make something work.
  5. Pistol grip shifter

    Straight or dog-leg?
  6. iso Fireball 500 show car yellow windows

    I recently tinted a windshield and rear glass using Future and food coloring and it came out really nice. I made up the mixture, then put it in a Sucrets box and then dipped the glass pieces in it. There is a thread on this site on how to do it. Just an option.
  7. Let's see your Richard Petty builds

    I'm building the altered wheelbase, fuel injected version of the Barracuda. I'm using an original AMT kit, and cut up a resin body for parts and pieces. The Rat Packer AWB chassis fits the wheelbase nicely, but the front track was too narrow. I had to widen the frame and front axle. You can see the front axle in the background. It's still very rough.
  8. Let's see your Richard Petty builds

    I have 7 Petty builds from 1964 to 1993. Hear are a few of my favorites. The '68 is special because it was given to me as a basket case by a fellow modeler who has since passed away. The 68 is a '69 Johan. The other two are MPC. I am currently working on the '65 Barracuda drag car.
  9. ‘69 Barracuda

    Very nice. Did you use the 69 Dart kit for the chassis?
  10. Firebird Pro Stock

    I used mine for a 41 Plymouth build. I wish I had known what it is worth. I could have used any other kit. Seems like I have a knack for kit bashing the valuable ones!
  11. Here are some pics of a van I built last year. It is a model of a 1:1 van I owned in the late 80's. The sliding door attaches at 3 points: 1) the slot in the quarter panel where it slides above the back wheel, 2) the top of the door frame, and 3) a track on the step which is concealed by a metal plate. I drilled 3 holes in the back of the door and glued in pieces of wire to simulate the brackets that the door rides on. The door does not move on the model. The inside step should be body color, but I screwed up the paint and had to cover it up with flat black. I think on some of the later years the track was concealed by a black plastic step instead of metal. You're in for a project. The step and door sills took a lot of trial and error to get right. I bet I had that body off and on the frame at least 100 times! Also remember to check everything for trueness before you start. As I remember, both the chassis pan and the frame were badly warped right out of the box. I also had to lower the ride height front and rear.
  12. Aoshima Mazda RX7

    Very nice! It looks like you could drive it home!
  13. Poor quality BMF

    Thanks guys. I just ordered some regular chrome. Hopefully this will solve the problem and salvage my build!
  14. Poor quality BMF

    My first sheet came from the bad batch. Bare Metal replaced it for me for no charge, but the second sheet is no better. It still has virtually no adhesion. I am only having this problem with the Ultra Bright Chrome. I have Matte Aluminum and Gold and they both work well. Maybe they changed the formula to make it cheaper now that there is competition......