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  1. I have a set from the AMT Diablo. Yours for the price of postage if you want them.
  2. Steamboat

    65' IMPALA

    Nice! The paint is beautiful!
  3. I like the dart wheels too. They look great with the purple!
  4. Love it. I have always wanted to build one. Do you have a contact number for Star Models?
  5. I have a complete built engine from Monogram '59 Impala. Did the '58 have the same engine?
  6. Beautifully done! The conversion work to the hood is flawless, and the work you did to make the hardtop convincing on this kit which was meant to be a convertible goes without saying. I almost bought one with a slant six and three on the tree as a teen. It was the only one I have ever seen equipped that way.
  7. Is it different from the Satellite and GTX??
  8. I have some resin axles and transfer case that I cloned from a mid-70's Dodge. I can take pictures if you want. Some Chevys and Fords have the front pumpkin on the driver's side, vs. Dodge on the passenger side.
  9. The Lola looks great. If your granddaughter had played with the orange Superbird no one would have noticed!
  10. Absolutely beautiful. 👍
  11. Steamboat

    67 charger

    Nice. I like the brake scoops on the rear fenders. It's a nice styling touch.
  12. You could tape the nose on while you do the color coat. You could also tape it on and see if the chassis will fit before gluing. I built the Superbird a long time ago and painted the nose separately, which I regretted because the color difference is very obvious.
  13. Very nice! It looks like you could jump in and drive it.
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