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  1. I'm working on one too. As seen at the burnout contest at Cleetus and Cars. I think I paid about $40 for the AMT version on eBay. The MPC version is more accurate, although AMT used much of the MPC tooling. The grille in the AMT kit is from a Monte Carlo. It will need a lot of work!
  2. It's worth a try, and would save having to reshoot the primer and black paint. I normally use 3200 or 3600 grit before top coat. My concern would be getting all of the residual wax from the polishing compound removed before the next coat of paint goes on. If you don't it's likely to have fish eyes. I would try to find out what the body shops use as a wax remover before paint.
  3. I gave up on the marker after it got old and produced the results you described. I broke it open and poured the ink into a paint bottle. I either paint it on or for larger parts I airbrush it, both with good results.
  4. Nicely done. Great looking paint!
  5. You could saw 2 cylinders off a 350 LT1 and get a pretty decent rendition of a 4.3. The LT1 was in the Monogram C4 Corvettes. Was the 4.3 available in the Caprice? I would think that you would need to push it up hills!
  6. I used the wheels from the Monogram 70 Roadrunner. They are 1/24 scale, but look much like 15" wheels on a Duster.
  7. Be sure to use a good respirator designed for automotive paints, with new cartridges. I quit spraying nail polish after getting headaches a day later. I was using lacquer thinner as a reducer. I have now switched to acrylics. Although the results can be spectacular if done right, mine were inconsistent and it just didn't seem worth it.
  8. AMT made a 70 Challenger R/T convertible in 1/25. Coupe versions used the same body and interior with a glue-on hard top. The proportions of the top are not correct.
  9. Looks great to me! How much lift? Seems like it has enough to get over most obstacles, maybe even the occasional Prius!
  10. Nicely done! How did you do the blackout on the grille?
  11. Awesome! Did you make the decals? I've been wanting to build their Super Bee monster truck.
  12. I like the engine compartment weathering. A true road warrior!
  13. The finish on that bumper is exactly what I'm looking for. I'll try the Duplicolor on a spoon and see what it looks like. I've also got a couple of other rattle cans like Rustoleum lying around. Thanks for the help everyone! I'll send some pictures when I get it sorted out.
  14. Can anyone recommend a good paint for aluminum mag wheels? I have some 3d printed (SLA) wheels. I've tried Testors Aluminum Metallizer and it won't stick to the bare material, and when I use primer the metallizer looks too dull. I've tried airbrushed Molotow and it looks great, but too much like chrome. I've tried Alclad chrome and it looks too dark. Is there any other alternative I could try?
  15. If you really hit a roadblock, I recently designed and 3d printed these for a project I'm doing. I plan on airbrushing them with Molotow when the humidity lets up here. I tried Testor's aluminum Metallizer but apparently it won't stick to the 3d resin, and it looks like BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH when painted over primer. These are 5-lug, but are easily converted to any bolt pattern. I had to play around with diameter and backspacing a bit too to get them right. It might not be as cheap or easy as finding them from a kit, but it's an option. . Probably not as easy or cheap as finding some from a kit, but it's an option if you need them.
  16. It's a nice kit. I recently built the Monogram version. The only real challenge I had was the windshield. After I glued the chrome frame to the windshield I realized that it made the chrome much too wide to fit the body correctly. I ended up drilling and pinning the frame to the body. Otherwise it's a great kit for it's day.
  17. Awesome! I like the welds on the bed sides. How did you do that?
  18. Very nice. I love the blue color. Don't be afraid to try some clear coat over the color on your next one. You can polish out a lot of imperfections (although this one has very few) without damaging the color coat. Your photography is superb too!
  19. I'm also experimenting with the clear resin for headlights. I've printed the prototype in colored resin and it looks pretty good. I just need to get some clear resin!
  20. Nice work! IMO the best Mustang styling of all generations, although the powerplant choices were pretty sad. I had one with a 302, I think it was about 140 hp.
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