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  1. 1970 Dodge Challenger Deputy 225ci slant six

    Absolutely amazing, top shelf stuff!
  2. Movin’ On Kenworth Restoration

    Thanks! Don’t look too close but lol. Had a fit issue with the hood not reaching back to the cab because of the radiator, so I’ve moved it back now, since these pics of the test fits.
  3. Movin’ On Kenworth Restoration

    Update time! Realised I hadn’t put the steps on the tanks, so I pulled ‘em off, stuck ‘em on & resprayed them. Got the motor in the chassis. Made some new pins so I could mount the guards back on. I’ve accepted that as rough as it was in the first place, it’s never going to be as good as if I’d started with a fresh kit, but I’m happy with it’s progress. Thanks for checking in!
  4. ALDI Australia Selling AMT Kits next week.

    Well, they had 4 to choose from, the 3 in the catalogue and the Shelby. I might also add that $25 probably doesn’t seem like a bargain, but here it is about half the price of toy shops, and no postage. Plus they had this little fine drill set so I treated myself.
  5. Isn't THIS Different?

    Yes they are, the Perentti’s I were based on 1973 / 74 HJ Monaros, If I’m remembering correctly
  6. Isn't THIS Different?

    From the time when it was cheaper to build a fiberglass lookalike on your Monaro chassis than import a Vette from the States. Of course the irony is the Monaro they wrecked to build it is worth more (in Oz anyway) these days than the Corvette it’s trying to emulate.
  7. ALDI Australia Selling AMT Kits next week.

    Well he hasn’t taken the sprue off the window opening either, so I’m not sure he gives much of a rats either way lol
  8. ALDI Australia Selling AMT Kits next week.

    This is one of their ‘Special Buys’ when they get some random thing they don’t normally sell. When they’re gone, they won’t likely ever get them again.
  9. ALDI Australia Selling AMT Kits next week.

    It’s not any ‘name’ brand I can recall.
  10. Really beautiful truck, looks amazing.
  11. Movin’ On Kenworth Restoration

    Small progress, I know the red air brakes aren’t the most realistic but I was looking for a bit of contrast instead of a sea of black. i don’t know why but there’s three rubber one piece tyres, and the rest are two piece plastic. I’m guessing they all got mixed up when the two rigs and trailers were being built the first time. anyway, thanks for all y’alls interest & kind words.
  12. I don’t know how it is in other homes, but if my missus came home to find me and the boy airbrushing kits on the dinner table, neither of us would have to worry about doing ANYTHING again lol. Well I’m sure a few of you will get a chuckle out of the comedy gold in at least one of the pics.
  13. Model A Jalopy

    That’s neat, good job!
  14. 1970 Superbird

    Nice job, having the actual Superbird logos looks great. I need a set of those for mine.
  15. RTS Caravan 71 Roadrunner

    Lookin good!