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  1. Hi All, finished this one a couple of days ago. Keith Marks decals of course. Thanks for looking.
  2. Looks great! You must have the patience of a saint to get that tyre lettering looking so nice. It’s a skill that evades me (among others lol)
  3. Thank you, and I’d like to, I’ll look into it
  4. Thank you, it’s tamiya metallic green on a gloss black base.
  5. These two little guys arrived in the post today. Both from the same auction, unbuilt and complete, I just loved the box art on them both.
  6. If it helps, I have to email any phone photos to myself, so it reduces the size of the images or I can’t post either.
  7. Hi Alan, I’m sorry I missed your post, I’ve posted the truck up in the under glass section, thank you for your interest
  8. Neat. I ordered a set after your response, and they ended up being $77 AU delivered, but they look great and include everything by the looks, thanks for your replies it was a help
  9. Look great, the wire wheels are neat too. Hope to get my hands on this model too at some stage.
  10. Cool, thank you. With postage and the current exchange rate they become a pricey thing to get to Australia, just wanted to confirm they’re worth it, which they obviously are.
  11. Can I ask are the decals those from model trucking.com?
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