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  1. For what it’s worth, I was working on the seat decals on my camper this arvo, and the instructions have the numbers for them mixed up. I’m sure you’ll cope ok though ?
  2. As an Aussie, when I saw the title VH Valiant Charger, I thought no, can’t be and yet it is with six pack decals and right hand drive too. Did you do the 3D printing or can they be bought pre-made?
  3. That’s cool, I like it. The paint is really cool
  4. That’s super cool, love it.
  5. Some shots when the light hits it, it has brown in it, I’m sure of it .
  6. Geez, now I’ve gone to watch it again, in this scene it’s black, no doubt, but then in some shots it’s dark brown I’m convinced it is. I don’t know what to think anymore lol.
  7. I’m from the dark coffee brown camp I’m afraid, there are times you can see it, it’s dark, real dark but I’m sure it’s still brown, but I understand your view, it does look black at times.
  8. I really like your Snowman build, the pics keep me motivated on mine. May I ask what colour / base your used for the cab? It looks just right.
  9. Looks great! I’m working on this kit and am going to try to make those missing Trans Am decals. Yours came out really good.
  10. Hi All, finished this one a couple of days ago. Keith Marks decals of course. Thanks for looking.
  11. Looks great! You must have the patience of a saint to get that tyre lettering looking so nice. It’s a skill that evades me (among others lol)
  12. Thank you, it’s tamiya metallic green on a gloss black base.
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