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  1. Thanks lordairgtar, ya just cost me $70 😬 Most Round2 kits retail here for $59 - $69 AUD, and $120 odd for a resin kit of an Australian subject previously, it’s not too bad. I’m guessing DDA are doing a ‘Revell’ and engineering their Diecast molds to make these kits. Have ordered the Kingy, hoping they do a Valiant Charger, just stoked to have some Aussie car kits.
  2. Thanks again everyone! I had a dig through my parts bucket and found this left over set from the AMT ‘Gear Hustler’ el Camino, think they’re pretty close! And the price is right to 😉
  3. Thanks Mike, should be able to track a set down! Really appreciate everyone’s suggestions and advice thank you. Peter
  4. Thanks tbill, they’re real close, I think they’ll do the trick for me, and it looks like there’s a set of them in the recent fire chief release too.
  5. Thank you Chris I’ll look into those, appreciate the help.
  6. Thanks Mike, sorry about the pic. I did find them once on a Chevelle site, I’ll try and find them again for a clearer image. This is the only other pic I have on my phone, but it’s not much better. In fact it makes it look like a darker blue too.
  7. Hi Everyone, I’ve had a search myself so I’m turning to the Chevelle experts among you. Is there a kit / resin option around for these factory GM wheel covers? Any help is very much appreciated. While I’m here, I think I’ve pinned the colour down to ‘Grotto Blue / White’ but would love to hear an expert opinion. Looking to replicate this car from the family, SS396 Australian Delivered. Thank You. Peter
  8. I don’t know if it helps, but I built this one from the polar lights kit in your second picture.
  9. For what it’s worth, I was working on the seat decals on my camper this arvo, and the instructions have the numbers for them mixed up. I’m sure you’ll cope ok though ?
  10. As an Aussie, when I saw the title VH Valiant Charger, I thought no, can’t be and yet it is with six pack decals and right hand drive too. Did you do the 3D printing or can they be bought pre-made?
  11. That’s cool, I like it. The paint is really cool
  12. That’s super cool, love it.
  13. Some shots when the light hits it, it has brown in it, I’m sure of it .
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