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  1. I got one finished up today. I picked up the kit at Ollies when they had their overstock sale. Paint is done in Scale Finishes Burnt Tan.
  2. I could be wrong, but I think those are like there regular liner markers that would look almost like a Sharpie gold.
  3. I don't use any clear coat over top. It is like Alclad and a clear coat will dull the shine. Just make sure to Give it a few days to make sure it is dry before handling your piece.
  4. Thanks Kit Basher.. Looking at their site, the 32Awg is the same size as the detail master.. It show .37mm which is just a little under..
  5. As I found out, the biggest thing is just making sure I take my time doing it. I am sure practice make perfect, and the more I do the better I`ll get. I didn't have any BMF, I used regular aluminum foil tape that I had left over from doing my basement duct work. I think I like it better because it is only $6.00 a roll and I think it sticks better.
  6. Thanks.. I'll use it for my 4th of July build. Really that's not a big deal, the wire I use for my coolant line I could only find in red. Nothing a coat of flat black can't fix.
  7. I know this has been asked many times, but I have read through many posts and most recommend 30 -32 Gauge wire. Does anyone know a bulk source to the type of wire Detail Master uses for their racing ignition wire. .016 diameter? As much as I like supporting businesses, paying $4.99 for a 2 foot section gets expensive..
  8. Since it was crappy weather this weekend I had some time to foil. This is a task that I need some practice in, but it didn't turn out too bad..
  9. Great build. Love the B5 blue
  10. I have never seen a gold version yet, but I'm sure they will eventually come out with one.
  11. I'm going to give it a shot on my next chrome job at 3:1 with my go to thinner. That would be great if it can bring the cost down
  12. I had a little bit of free time over this weekend so I decided to get the body sprayed. I also decided that since I am doing the project I am going to make two of them. One to replicate the original one I built and then one represents how I would want one. The first one is the factory Cranberry Red color and the second is a Dark Blue Metallic. Once they get polished up I don't think they will look too bad.
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