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  1. One beautiful build. The good ole' 40 has always been a fav of mine. Cool to have such a fine replica of your dad's car... Really a pro looking build!!!
  2. Fantastic build here, and a very, very cool idea!!! Excellent my friend!!!
  3. Awesome, awesome build... Loved that car... I used to go to the tracks with Gordon Collett back in the day to watch this car and many other big names slug it out... Gordon drove the Collector Cuda... Gordon Colletts 70 Plymouth Cuda.bmp
  4. Just love the Motown Missile cars... Awesome job my friend!!! Those Challengers were made for the strip.. A 1:1 underconstruction!!! Remember the Motown Missile Cuda? Someone said they found it sitting behind a barn covered up years ago. I forget where I read this article, but if it's true, it's very sad!!!
  5. Number 3 of the $9.99 clearance Stangs... I really loved and enjoyed these kits... I think I enjoyed the price the best...LOL
  6. Another build I am adding to my "Amazing Build" file is the outstanding, fantastic, beautiful 57 Ford Custom I seen here by a member here (Starliner Customs) I am impressed by many builds and talents displayed, but these that cause me to drool all over my keyboard I wanna remember...LOL
  7. I am very honored to now be apart of this site. I have seen some outstanding displays of talent and craftsmanship here in just a short time. I am also a member of several FB groups who share some amazing work and ideas. I sure hope I can contribute 1/10th of what I have seen so far. You guys are FANTASTIC!!! Here are a few other builds and displays I have been very impressed with from other sites and groups. I take no credit for any of these builds and do not know the builders, but just wish to share here...Enjoy!!! 1957 Ford.bmp 1986 Mustang GT.bmp
  8. Another one of these $9.99 clearance Stang kits I built here. I used a Revell 427 engine kit for this one. It had a nice dual 4 set up and I used my resin cast air filters. This kit comes with two different style hoods and I fabricated a cowl hood from the extra. Not really sure if I like it on the 68 Stang cause it really didn't really go with that rea, but what the heck it still looks pretty good I think!!!
  9. Absolutely gorgeous... Perfect job... Always have and always will love the Willys!!!
  10. Man~O~Man... Thank you all for the positive comments... Always a great help on those dark and scary days. I just returned from a treatment and in about 6 to 10 hours my insides will be on fire. Linda like drinking a gallon of gas and swallowing a lit match, then peeing razor blades for the next 3-4 days. Kinda gives ya the feeling of being cooked in a micro~wave from the inside out. It is horrible and very painful, but I am winning the battle once again... A heartfelt and sincere "Thank you, Thank you" all once again!!!
  11. LOL... Still giving me fits and anxiety attacks Floyd...
  12. I kinda flipped over this kit when I found it. It was almost an exact replica of my very first car, a 1968 Mustang 2 + 2 GT... I found this kit at a Meijer store on clearance for $9.99 and bought all 3 they had left. Great deal... I am pretty proud of this one and sure wish I still had some of those Mustangs I owned since 1970, that I thrashed, trashed, and crashed...LOL
  13. Just pure awesome... Loving every bit of it... Love them builds of the old Fords you have there!! Great job!!!
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