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  1. ubermodel added a post in a topic Monogram 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A IPMS show awards   

    Been following your "on the workbench" posts, great job. What's your source for the air cleaner / filter / rubber seal?
  2. ubermodel added a post in a topic Revell '62 Corvette Roadster!   

    This is really beautiful. What method did you use on all the panel lines to make it look like the doors, trunk, etc. are openable?
  3. ubermodel added a post in a topic Models at Toys r Us   

    I did the same thing! I think I snagged about a dozen of those Pro Shop 57's.

  4. ubermodel added a post in a topic Yet another Mopar question   

    Interior differences = door panels, dashboard emblem, standard steering wheel. Bucket seats optional on RR, standard on GTX.

    Road Runner standard engine = 383, GTX = 440/4. Optional 340/4 for Road Runner, not available for GTX.

    The older Monogram 1971 Satellite kit is a good start for a 71 RR; correct interior bucket and no rocker panel trim, but you'll need decals and a more correct engine. And a l'il bird's head for the grille. Meep meep!
  5. ubermodel added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Muscle car reference pictures
    Stumbled across it yesterday looking for 71 GTX reference pics -


    It has hundreds of muscle and other performance cars for sale, all with GREAT photos, many with chassis photos too, and all have a complete description of the car and its options. Sometimes the descriptions even mention how the car was correctly restored in such-and-such a way, helpful if you're a REAL stickler about building a correct model.

    As an aside, Holy-freakin-COW musclecar prices have gone thru the roof lately! $40k for a 340 Dart???? Insanity!
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  6. ubermodel added a topic in On The Workbench   

    1957 Chrysler 300C questions
    I'd like to continue with the '57 300C I stuck back on the shelf several years ago and hopefully somebody here can help with a couple of things:

    1. At the NNL East in 2002 or so, Norm Veber (or someone else) at the Replicas & Miniatures booth told me he was possibly coming out with a set of resin 392 Hemi valve covers, which would have the correct "Chrysler FirePower" script on them (the AMT kits' covers were missing this script). I can find no reference to it anywhere on the 'net though, does anyone know if he actually produced such a thing, or if they're available from any other aftermarket caster? Or anywhere else for that matter?

    2. I recall an SAE article from when the '57 300C was first released, and the builder chose to paint the undercarriage on his replica with red oxide primer, with body overspray misted on the sides. I always assumed Mopar cars were primered in grey, with overspray from the body on either side. Any Chrysler lovers know what is correct for the 300C? Anyone know of a good website with either restoration pics or information? Thanks guys.
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  7. ubermodel added a post in a topic Revell 69 Nova Completed!   

    Your seats & dashboard pad have the perfect sheen to replicate vinyl. What paint did you use?
  8. ubermodel added a post in a topic Detailed rear view mirror   

    Yup, there you go, basically the same as the stuff I use. And isn't it nice of them to mail it to you for free? Maybe next they'll start mailing out photoetched parts and polishing kits if we're lucky!
  9. ubermodel added a post in a topic Detailed rear view mirror   

    Speaking of mirrors, I'd like to add a little tip: sometimes the kits' mirrors do come molded with a little lip around the edge, but the center of the mirror will have a small sink mark in the plastic. Or in the case of a body-color side view mirror, they have a small chromed plastic insert that usually doesn't fit very well.

    What I've been doing is taking a small piece of chrome mylar film, cutting it down to correct size and gluing it over the existing mirror. The mylar I have is perfectly flat and looks much more like a mirrored surface than a chromed piece of plastic.
  10. ubermodel added a post in a topic How best to remove Zap-A-Gap??   

    Thanks for the tips guys. I'll test out each one and see what works/doesn't attack the plastic.
  11. ubermodel added a post in a topic How best to remove Zap-A-Gap??   

    Hey Bob, how are things in the LIARS Club? Haven't been down there in several years.

    Sanding is a last resort I didn't want to have to do. I had the bumper perfectly straight & smooth and would prefer to just dissolve the glue rather than attack it, but I may just have to bite the bullet.
  12. ubermodel added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    How best to remove Zap-A-Gap??
    So I'm working on an old release of AMT's 1969 442. I strip the bumpers and clean up all the mold lines, till they're nice 'n smooth and ready for replating. I give them one last once-over and notice that a big thick honkin' glob of Zap-A-Gap CA+ (the one in the green bottle) had somehow been kind enough to affix itself to a nice smooth area of the front bumper. I read somewhere that nail polish remover is good for removing crazy glue, so before I try it on my bumper I test-soak a small piece of AMT's soft grey styrene for a few minutes, which sure enough softens up the plastic. Can't have that, nuh-uh. Can anyone recommend a solution to soak this particular type of plastic in that will dissolve the glue but leave the plastic totally unaffected??
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  13. ubermodel added a post in a topic Btw, what are theese "vinyl-tire damages"??   

    Bluesman Mark wins a Kewpie doll!
  14. ubermodel added a post in a topic ANOTHER 69 Nova   

    Looks great so far. Are those dog dishes included in the kit or aftermarket?
  15. ubermodel added a post in a topic Underhood paint detailing colors   

    Two tips I use for replica stockers-
    1. Tamiya semi-gloss black spray bomb is marvelous for things like radiator supports, A-arms, frames, starter motors, etc.
    2. When painting the engine block, I airbrush Testors Model Master enamels thinned with lacquer thinner, and I always decant a little dullcoat into the mix before spraying. Factory stock engines were never high-gloss, more like semi-gloss, and this method works better than painting and then dullcoating on top of the paint.