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  1. Gentlemen, good day. I am taking a hard look at Model Factory Hiro's 1/12 K670 Ferrari SF71H. I see it comes with white metal parts. I am familiar with die cast zinc rot, but I have never worked with white metal parts on a model. I am wondering what this white metal is made of. I would hate to pay $600 for a kit to have to later worry if the white metal parts may be/are subject to zinc rot. I've found the general concensus to be that it is pewter, similar to fantasy figures, but cannot confirm this. Anyone have any input on this? What has been your experience? Any info/advice welcomed. Thanks in advance! SR
  2. Hi all. I have a 1/18 Vettel F1 diecast. I want to lightly "race scuff" the tires to remove the seam and the shine from them, but don't want to remove the trie/wheel. Normally with models I do this before assembly with sandpaper. Is there a better way to do this here other than carefully by hand? I want to keep the edge between the surface and sidewall clean and neat. Any advice appreciated. Best, SR
  3. Very nice! This was one of the first real kits I ever built. I wasn't a fraction this nice.
  4. Yep. That's exactly the procedure I had in mind. Best, Jason
  5. Excellent advice gentlemen, particularly the part about allowing space for the primer and paint; that hadn't occured to me. Thank you!
  6. Hello all! I'm not sure if this is the right place to place this post, so I apologize if it's in the wrong location. I have a question that perhaps you all can lend some knowledge to. I've recently purchased the Round 2 General Lee Charger. The hood-to-fender fit is bad; there is a nice gap between the hood and fender. My idea is to add some .020 styrene strip to the edges of the hood to add some material, then putty and sand smooth to fit to make a nice tight (but operable) hood fit. Does this sound like a good fix? Have any of you done similar? Opinions and advice more than welcomed! Thanks in advance! SR
  7. Hey Snake! Haven't seen you in a while. I don't go to RF much anymore. Good to see you here! I have this on the bench. I've got special plans for it.
  8. Ruger never sponsored a race car. Glock did in 2006 (I think).
  9. I was thinking of a light blue Smith & Wesson #29 car with dark blue decals. Even the roof and door numbers would the old timey font of their logo. Josh Muma at Bedlam Creations makes my decals. The guy is a genius.
  10. Snake, you know me as St__ts from a certain firearms forum.
  11. Tamiya has released Sebastian Vettel’s 2017 Australian Grand Prix debut Ferrari SF70H Formula One car in 1/20 scale. Vettel won the race, with his teammate Kimi Raikkonen finishing fourth in his. That's my next one.
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