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  1. Rough sanded. Smoothed out. I couldn't resist dy fitting the fins,bumpers and back glass. That's all for now. Thanks for looking.
  2. I plan to use the El Dorado kit and make the interior and engine, too, if I can.
  3. I'm gonna keep this one nice and clean. I'm making this 'shine dio a bit differently from my last two.
  4. Thanks! I have kin that ran lightning in Lebanon, Virginia. I remember seeing the stills and cars, an this was late 70's. It continues to this day in some form.
  5. Hello friends! My next moonshine diorama will need a hearse. This has been done before, so really nothing new to see, and my skills are far from great in this area; my forte is rust and weathering. Still, I hope you enjoy. First up, this is the car I'm going for: Marking the usual pieces to be removed and holes to be filled. Stuff removed and holes filled with bits of styrene and superglue. Also the side/rear wrap windows filled in with sheet styrene and reinforcement strips on the inside. Sorry there's no pic of this, but it's just strips about 3/16 inch joining the inside plastic to the new sheet's edges. I plan on opening the rear door, but I'll cut it out later; with it in place it makes a much more rigid body to work on. Quick shot of the first primer. This is just plain rattle can primer, but when all this is sorted out to my liking, I'll use Tamiya gray primer and paint. Anyway, more to come later. Thanks for looking and ideas, suggestions and opinions more than welcome! I want to learn as much as I can.
  6. I'm going to call this one done. Because I built it inside the glass case, it's terribly difficult to photograph. It looks better in person, especially with the lights on. Hope you enjoy and thanks for looking.
  7. I think we all had one. And it usually had a hornet's nest inside it.
  8. Headlights and one of the lanterns can be lit up from the outside of the base by a hidden switch inside.
  9. I had a tire issue I had to fix. The tire has a plastic whitewall insert in it. This kit didn't allow for the tires to be turned around, so these inserts had to be used to make the sidewall. As the base dirt dried, it pulled the right side in a bit, separating the insert with the tire. It was an error I could not live with (thanks, OCD!) as it left a horrible seam on the side. Repaired! Kinda proud of myself. Still have to weather it, though.
  10. Could I enter my moonshine dioramas in this? I don't see a diorama category.
  11. Progress made! Made a clothesline pole, corn sacks, water trough, scratchbuilt a water pump and well cap. Wiring is all tucked away. Still not decided on the final top soil color.
  12. Thanks Trevor! She really comes to life when the LED headlights are on.
  13. It's just thinned, cheap Walmart craft paint. I use the "toothpick/brush" method the splatter it lightly where I want it, then a dull coat. At the end of the build I do it one more time but a bit darker and less of it. Makes it look like a layer (to my eye anyway). I discovered that less really is more on the stuff I build. Hindsight makes me see that the 1931 Ford on my first dio was a touch too much.
  14. Thanks for the compliments! It's the Revell kit. A nice kit, I might add.
  15. This is the completed build for the car on my diorama wip. Now I gotta get working on all the rest.
  16. I used the 1931 rat rod kit and took the wheels and tires from the Woody kit.
  17. Would it cover up the patels colors? In other words, would it keep the subtle colors? I've never dulled over a weathering job.
  18. This is as far as I'm going with dirt and rust. Do you guys Dullcote over your weathering jobs or leave them as is?
  19. Hey guys. The backdrop of the diorama is painstakingly slow, so I thought maybe a progress pic of the car. Interior. Man I wish I had some of the skills you guys do. This turned out looking more "military" than I wanted. Not much is seen, though. And with her older sister from the first moonshine diorama I built.
  20. So, the blue just wasn't doing it for me, so back to the default shinerunner's color: Nasty old black! Plus I started in on my washes and weathering. Made the 1938 Burgess Twin-Six lanterns, one of which will be lit, sitting on a barrel just barely lighting the trunk and its contents. Progress so far. I think the slow, detailed part is the best part of the build.
  21. Nah, it's different. Thanks for looking though! I'm just gonna photo etch it. I suck a PE, but it's on an old car so if I mess it up, well, it's now "dented".
  22. I saw that. Do I need the kit's part for a frame or does the photoetch cover it all? If it does, I won't need the kit piece at all. I'd rather do PE anyway.
  23. Hi All! I have lost the large front grill for this kit. Does anyone by chance have a spare? Thanks in advance!
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