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  1. For people who don't know what I'm talking about, the BL-9 was a high-velocity 122mm gun developed by the Soviets in WWII. In the video game World of Tanks, it can be mounted on different vehicles, including the IS-3 heavy tank. My question is, does anybody know of a place where I can get a BL-9 in 1/35 scale? I can only find a 1/72 scale version of the BL-9, and I'd hate to have to scratchbuild one myself if it can be avoided.
  2. Thanks, John! Are you referring to that scale model of the Superior 61 widebody ambulance I saw while lurking around? Because that was FAR OUT! Truth be told, I'm not really basing my ambulance off of any specific conversion, although I was hoping to use the Superior 61-S - the regular-width version - as inspiration.
  3. Thank you! I probably won't be using any side windows, although I might cut out some openings in the rear doors and insert some clear plastic for the rear windows.
  4. I have a couple copies of the re-issued AMT Chevy Van kits, and I intend to build ambulances out of them. My only problem is how to do the raised roof. I searched around and saw a couple of people did resin aftermarket roofs for this van, but I don't think anybody sells those anymore, so I was wondering how I could do this on my own. I imagine one would have to use styrene sheets such as Plastruct, but I'm open to any and all tips.
  5. Those Intimidator and Devastator monster rigs remind me of a real monster truck called "King of the Road".
  6. OK, I've found sources for resin Rockwell 2 1/2-ton and 5-ton axles, plus 66-inch flotation tires (or Terra Tires, or whatever you call them), but I've yet to find anybody that makes the 48-inch flotation tires...you know, the ones found on the really early monster trucks. Does anybody know if I can find any, and if so, where? I've got a couple ideas for old-school monster trucks.
  7. I didn't exactly save the web page the first time around, but I found a copy (sans images) at the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20170921002928/http://www.magazinepublisher.com/models/tires/tires.html
  8. I just got mine in the mail today, and if you're expecting any tooling changes from the Rescue Van reissue...well, you're gonna be disappointed. For what it's worth, however, it's not a bad kit. Definitely worth it for the decals and the other police parts: I wonder what the purpose of the blue and black NYPD decals is? Transit Police? Auxiliary?
  9. OK, I may reconsider this one, then. Not that I have anything against the '72 GTO, but I was looking for something a bit more interesting to do with that MPC kit.
  10. I'm sure somebody's already done a thread about this before, but I was wondering, how can I convert a 2-door car model kit into a 4-door? The specific vehicle I'm looking to do is the MPC 1972 Pontiac GTO as a LeMans sedan, but I'll take any general advice I can get. If anybody knows of anybody that does a LeMans sedan resin kit, I'll gladly take that info as well.
  11. While we're talking Tyrone Malone, has anybody here built a model of the original Boss Truck? I know there was a thread of a guy who intended to build one a few years ago.
  12. I knew they had a V8 of some sort, but I wasn't sure what. Regardless, thank you! Just needed to know so I could find out the correct color to do the engine.
  13. First of all, I would like to say hello again to everybody here! It's been a long while since I've worked on any models. Now that the re-introduction's out of the way, I have a question: what kind of engine is in the AMT '79 Ford Firestone pickup? I have the Model King variant that was released about a decade ago, so I'm under the presumption that it has the same engine.
  14. I think the term you're looking for is "air deflector". On this subject, I never thought I'd actually see Caterpillar making over-the-road trucks! This is freaky!
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