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  1. Completed a trade with br67, smooth trade with good stuff, would trade with anytime. Thanks!
  2. The Three Rivers Automodelers annual swap meet and contest is this Sunday September 29th at the Castle Shannon Firehall. I will post more information tonight!
  3. Thanks! Thats not bad with shipping! It looks really nice, I think I might need to pick this up!
  4. Thats a pretty nice looking kit! Wonder how long it will be before someone makes it a show rod/ street rod! Kinda reminds me of what Revell used for the Der Guber wagon? and a couple others! If you dont mind me asking what are those going for?
  5. I have a GTX body and a polar lights kit so I will check that! Thanks guys!
  6. Thanks Steve thats a good idea, I do have some junk bodies laying around. I was also thinking of trying to put an uptop on it, just for strength, I dont know if that was ever kitted with an up top or if any other Johans would work. I have a 67 Fury with an up top but that suffers from the same problem. Not sure if that would even be a close fit.
  7. Thanks for the tips guys! I will take a look at the forum for the repairs and do the search Snake suggested. The windsheild is cracked and I always have trouble getting a nice fit with using clear sheet plastic, it never sets in the frame right for me, I have seen some of the members do their glass with sheet plastic and it looks awesome, mine not so good! I have repaired a couple hardtop promo windsheild pillars with making a mold and using some chassis or interior plastic from the promo melted in MEK and its worked pretty well but with a stand alone windsheild frame I'm not so sure!
  8. Its the Fury promo, its pretty well beyond repair with pieces missing. I am not sure if the hard tops and convertibles shared the same frame and glass. I thought someone would know on the forum. I have heard that the 65 Satellite has some roof problems but it I was thinking that might be the best option, also not sure about the width.
  9. Hi All, I am thinking of attempting to repair a 65 Johan convertible windsheild frame and wanted to ask what kit might possibly donote the correct frame and windsheild. I was thinking the Moebius 65 Satellite but was not sure if the real cars shared the windsheilds. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  10. Made a nice trade with mariojr, shipped super fast and well packed! Would trade with anytime!
  11. Wow that is awesome looking! Could you please give some more details on the build? Is that a resin or a modified AMT body?
  12. Good tip on the Charger bumpers though! Thanks!
  13. These 4 are the Williams bros kits I have, they all are sealed inside with decals and instructions!
  14. Looks fantastic! Love the engine, wheel and color choice!
  15. Bigtruck (Ken) Is a great guy to trade with, well packed, has great stuff, ships fast. would trade with anytime!
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