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  1. Hi Brandon, I have a used front bumper/grille and a used rear bumper plus the Revell Torino magnum 500 rims you are looking for,check the picture to see if you are interested!
  2. Looks fantastic! One of my favorite models and 1:1! Great tip on the decals! !
  3. Mine arrived yesterday 11/20 in Pittsburgh!
  4. Thank you! I hope they continue putting out more stuff from this era, I like the older NASCAR kits, I'm going to try a Monte Carlo next!
  5. Hi all, this is my third NASCAR build, this is the Salvinos Olds that I just finished yesterday. It’s not completely correct as I left the drivers side window net out to see the interior better, I also used the chrome wheels cause I thought they looked really good on it! I certainly am no expert in NASCAR kits and I have heard a lot of bad things about this kit. Overall I didn’t think it was that bad of a kit, some places it was engineered really well and others not so well. I enjoyed building this and was pretty happy with the overall results! The decals were really nice but using decal set is a must! The bumpers are the upgrades and these came in the Petty Monte Carlo and I was really surprised to see them in there, they required some trimming to fit but are much better than the originals. Comments and criticism always welcome!
  6. David there were a lot of fit issues, mostly no positive location points. The glass that came in the kit did not fit at all and had vent windows molded in! The body on the inside had some thick mold issues in spots, they needed cleaned up, not a big deal but a pain. The tail lights have always been terrible in these kits, I heard the original issue had good tail lights but I have never seen one, I ended up filling mine in and adding strip plastic for the chrome. I guess it has to do with tooling from 69 , it’s easy to get spoiled with some of the new kits that go together really well.
  7. Thanks for the comments guys! I hope Revell updates their 68 to a 69. It would definitely be a better kit!
  8. This is my first completed model of 2019 and it fought me the whole way! Not really that pleased with how it turned out, this is the most recent issue of this from AMT and it is a tough kit. Comments and criticism are welcome.
  9. Just finished a trade with chasracer, all good! Would trade with anytime!
  10. Great looking model! Love the “burnout”!
  11. Ken, nice work on this it is looking great! Can’t wait to see it finished!
  12. Like you said these are pretty expensive when mint. I have seen a few and very few for sale on eBay around the $200 plus! I would have liked to have been able to replace the body and just keep it that way in the collection. It would be pretty neat to build it though!
  13. Yeah, it’s doesnt really have any structure to it, there is some dark coloring on top of the box so who knows maybe it was stored in an attic!
  14. I will check this out! I thought another possibility since the warping might straighten out with building and the grille installed I could "replace" the cowl area with a donor. It sure which approach I will use. Thanks for all the input!
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