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  1. That looks awesome! Great work!
  2. I don’t have the radiator but I have the steering box, Pm me your address and I will mail it to you. Phil
  3. Completed an awesome trade with Exotics_builder! Great trade and would trade with anytime! Thanks!
  4. Thanks guys! Appreciate the comments!
  5. I will try and post one for you. The engine is not that bad looking, has a lot of molded on detail and the distributor has plug wires molded on. I really didn't do much to the engine or under the hood.
  6. This one I just finished up! It is the 1/22 scale Hubley Packard roadster. This was built for an upcoming club project, our club members all write down what they would like our annual club build to be and we throw them in a hat, this years winner was anything Hubley! I had a couple metal Hubley kits floating around and also a couple 1/24 scale plastic kits, I decided to do the metal kit since the club member who suggested that we do these builds only the metal kits! This was at times fun and other times extremely frustrating, but overall it looks ok! As always comments and criticism are always welcome. The pile of “junk” beside it is almost all of the flash that needed removed! I figure I could use it in a diorama or something!
  7. Great looking model! Love the stance and color!
  8. I have one of the AMT open road campers if you are still looking for one. I was just looking thru this thread and noticed you were looking for one, the one I just recently got has an issue with the body but is unbuilt and in painted. If you are still looking pm me and maybe we could work out a trade!
  9. That is really sharp! I wonder what roof could be used, maybe the custom clear roof from the 64 T-Bird would be a decent starting place!
  10. Completed a parts trade with Bucky, great stuff and quick shipping! Would trade with anytime!
  11. Hi all, I have a couple things up for trade, the 60 Plymouth wagon is almost complete,missing the front and rear bumpers and steering wheel, I am sure it is missing some other stuff as well. Has the glass, the body is unused and in great shape, the hood is cut out from a promo and will need a little work to fit. The 57 Buick bumpers are resin, not sure who’s they are, backsides are a little rough. The front bumper seems narrow and does not fit the body I wanted to use them on, the rear is fine. the chassis is from a Jo-Han promo and includes axles, wheels and tires. i am looking for some long shot stuff, any parts for the Charlie Allen saddleback dart funnycar, any built up glue bump junker 68/69 javelins. will consider anything, let me know what you have!
  12. Keith, interested in the Jo-Han GTX bumpers, the ford truck grille and the Bonneville grilles. Let me know what you are looking for, lots of stuff to trade! Phil
  13. Hi Dave, I would be interested in a set of decals for this. Where would I be able to purchase a set? Please let me know ! Thanks! Phil
  14. I got the parts the other day! Thank you! They are perfect! If you need any parts please let me know, I have a lot of stuff!
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