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  1. Great Traders List

    Just traded with SCRWDRVR (Brian). Great trade and would deal with anytime!
  2. 73 Cutlass Supreme conversion

    Thanks for the pictures! This is the area (above on the yellow car) where it doesnt look right on my model. My roof is a bit wide at the base and I dont think I can correct it easily. I was going to try and file this shape along the bottom of the vynyl roof and the crease at the top of the rear quarter panel but I dont know if it will work.
  3. 73 Cutlass Supreme conversion

    That looks really good! The slope of your side windows looks much better than mine, I see what you mean on the rear window area and if you could post pictures of your Cutlass Supreme that would be great!Did you scratch build the bumpers? They look really good!
  4. 73 Cutlass Supreme conversion

    I did some more work on the roof, what do you guys think? It’s still very rough but coming along. I think I need a edge/crease at the top of the quarter panels where the roof flows into the trunk but not sure of a good way to do that. Any suggestions?
  5. Monogram kits to trade.

    Have 2 Monogram unbuilt 1/24 kits to trade, sealed inside. The GTX has an extra set of glass parts. looking for Foose Eldorod, trumpeter 64 Ranchero, or Salvinos olds or new Monte Carlo nascar kits. Also interested in vintage built ups and vintage parts or interesting stuff!
  6. 73 Cutlass Supreme conversion

    Thanks Patrick! Have not been able to get in much modeleing time in the past couple weeks, I did start looking at slanting the B pillar forward, I think that will help alot! I will try and get something moving shortly. I appreciate you showing interest, that will give me some motivation!!!!
  7. Great Traders List

    Great trade with Scott8950 would trade with anytime!
  8. 73 Cutlass Supreme conversion

    That was sitting there the whole time and I never saw it!!! Thanks for the help with this! Yes the Salvinos would need a lot of work but I thought about using the front grille area and the hood and front bumper only. The chrome on their bumpers is unreal, it would not strip at all! I actually had to sand it off as I was trying to reshape the rear bumper. Anyway, I was thinking of filling and shaping the side of the 75 to look more like the shape on the 77 and possibly use the Monte Carlo rear bumper as a starting point for the Olds!
  9. 73 Cutlass Supreme conversion

    It does look like it should be more slanted, I think I might try and shape that a bit better. Thanks for the tip!
  10. 73 Cutlass Supreme conversion

    When I leaned it forward I tried to keep the rear window the same, it didnt work out well! Do you think I should shorten up the rear window by adding plastic at the bottom of the window? That was my first thought. I havent looked much at the doors cause I was more focused on the rear roof portion but I will round the door corner out, that would look way better. What do you think about the shape of the opera windows? I dont want to overshoot these! A lot of this is learning for me, I would like to do a couple of other cars from the late 70's. The red Cutlass in the background I would like to make or at least attempt a 77 Olds 442 using some of the Salvino nascar body parts.
  11. 73 Cutlass Supreme conversion

    Looking at the photos the Cutlass certainly looks as if it has a more leaned back rear window with different shaped opera windows. I cut a pie shape out of the back and leaned it forward as was suggested here and stared to reshape the opera windows. I think it looks much cleaner and more like a Cutlass roof line! What do you guys think?
  12. Replica of Dad's 66' Pontiac Lemans

    The 67 was pretty easy compared to a 66. I ended up scratchbuilding them out of bits of stock. I should have put more time into the taillights as they are not that great. I may redo them someday. The only idea I can think of for 66 taillights would be to obviously smooth/fill in the GTO taillights and see if you could find a round part or round stock that you could match up to the radius in the outside end of the taillight panel then cut a pie shape out of the circle and sand to shape. It would be really nice if you could find a "ribbed" air cleaner or something that had concentric ribs/rings on it. A custom taillight lens might also work!
  13. Replica of Dad's 66' Pontiac Lemans

    This is the hood i was talking about, has two small holes that need filled and the peak in the center might need extended. Also it might need a little modification to fit the Revell body. Also here is a pic of a 67 Lemans I did, I also want to do a 66 as I had one when I was a lot younger!!!!
  14. Replica of Dad's 66' Pontiac Lemans

    For the hood I'm not sure if there is a resin one but one of the last AMT/ MPC 67 GTO's (I think red on the box)has a flat hood with a couple holes in it that might be able to fit with a little work. I'll try and post pics when I get home.
  15. 73 Cutlass Supreme conversion

    Patrick that looks awesome! I owned a 74 back in the day! The roof looks way better than mine I think I will try and lean the back window forward. Please post some more pics, I really like it!