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  1. 67 Biscayne

    Is the biscayne a little shorter in the quarter panels between the door and rear wheel than the impala? Or does it just look that way with the "shorter" roof?
  2. 67 Biscayne

    That looks great! Would this conversion also work on a 65 and 66 or are they different?
  3. KFS Holmes Wrecker Body

    Try looking on ebay for a seller BCS trading. He sells assembled items and I think he has some wrecker bodies. I am not sure what they are or what era they are but they are reasonable and are very nice. I bought a 1 ton dump body for $34.99 and it was really nice! I think he also has an ebay store under the same name.
  4. Anyone make a resin 1 ton dump bed

    Finally got some time on my dump truck! I painted the dump bed from BCS trading with no problems, a little light sanding was about all the prep work I did and also got some paint on it. I have a question about the forum, this thread started out as a question for a resin dump bed, I found a dump bed and have been working on the truck, should I move this to the truck workbench section? If so how? Or should I start another thread there?
  5. Asking for or receiving a model as a gift ?

    I love getting models as gifts! I always have a pre written list of new/current kits that I would like to have and just hand it to my wife or daughter and tell them to " surprise me"!
  6. Can anyone relate...

    I ike to build with paint details and maybe some scratch building as the mood strikes, but most of all I build for the fun of it! I'm not really that worried that my engine isnt wired or I might be missing some underhood details. I try to get a clean build with nice paint and nice chrome work. Its all about the fun!
  7. Audi R8 Mountain Bike Carrier

    Looks perfect to me! Awesome job and a pretty cool idea!
  8. Mazda MX-5 (Retro Flame Job)

    Awesome flame job!!!!!
  9. 1956 Chevy Bel Air-Badman bash

    That looks awesome! I agree this is easily the best looking build of that kit! I think I got rid af all my 56 Monogram kits but now I might have to get one again!!!
  10. 1956 Custom Nomad - MADE IN BRAZIL

    Looks awesome! Never saw one with the side chrome removed.... looks great, really like that look!
  11. Rockford files 1977 firebird

    Cool project, I have wanted to do this for awhile, will be watching! Looks good so far!!!
  12. Lindberg 72 Dodge Challenger

    Yes the tail lights need work. The head lights also need some work, I think maybe a little larger. What would be a good donor chassis? The new revell cuda?
  13. Lindberg 72 Dodge Challenger

    Thanks for the info! I thought my built up was an original MPC! I didn't think Lindberg/ Palmer did this kind of stuff back then, although maybe it's not that old just really dirty! That would explain some of the really generic stuff. I think it could still be workable.....maybe!!!
  14. I just got back from Ollies with a couple of goodies! One was the 1972 Challenger from Lindberg. I have always stayed away from this cause it looks pretty bad on the box. I think it was on the forum here somewhere that I read this was actually the MPC tool. With that in mind I picked one up and compared it to my original built kit. This is probably old news but they sure look the same to me! I think it could be a nice looking model with a little work. Check out the pics and let me know what you think!
  15. Beverly Hills Cop Nova

    Awesome! Fantastic job on the weathering and dents! Looks perfect!!