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  1. Joe I have a bumper and taillight from either a promo or early kit, there is a glue mark on the taillight, I also have a new bumper with out taillight. Let me know if you still need and which one and I can send it out!
  2. Thanks for the comments, I had been looking for a Gordini for a couple of years ( a fairly reasonable one) I finally scored it a few weeks ago and am thinking of making it as a companion to this!
  3. Tom, thanks for the info, this had the interior. Back then I can’t imagine the boxed version was that expensive, I think it’s funny they wanted to do a cheaper kit! I just checked the bag kit does not have an interior!
  4. That is awesome! Now I need another builder! What chassis did you use?
  5. It would be cool if these molds were around and usable, I have seen a resin one that is “gasser” style that looks cool! Man it would be nice to get a case of these for $10 now!
  6. Thanks for the comments guys! Misha the sunroof is stock to the kit. I got this in a trade on the forum here, it was in really good shape! I was curious because this has what I think is acetone glass that has shrunk and yellowed, a few weeks ago I picked up another of these unbuilt in a bag so I assume that’s pretty old! The bag is sealed but there is no glass in it, I guess it didn’t come with it so this build could possibly be a promo?
  7. Hi all, this is the 1/24 Hubley kit of the Renault Dauphine. Built curbside style with no real modification other than wheels and lowered some and a couple things added in the rather plane interior. This was a lot of fun! Let me know what you guys think, comments always welcome!
  8. Neat box! I am surprised the tooling survived in useable condition, wonder if it was reissued before. Thanks for the info!
  9. I almost got the stage coach and might go back for it , do you know the origins of this kit? I really don’t ever remember seeing it!
  10. I saw this thread the other day and decided to stop on my way home from work, the Ollies near me had the 1/8 scale Lindberg T bucket for $50, I picked it up cause I didn’t think that was to bad, they also had the CuttySark and a 1/16-ish stage coach with horses and a confederate and union set of mounted soldiers. Both of these were a larger scale, I don’t remember the stage Coach or the civil war kits but they didn’t look bad!
  11. Just finished 2 great trades with Phirewriter and SamIam, both great guys and would trade with anytime! Thanks!
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