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  1. Hi David, I wouldn't mind doing that other than I would not want you to be upset about what you get! I do have a couple things that might interest you, an unbuilt 53 Ford convertible from Lindberg, a 32 Ford coupe that is the Boyd Coddington issue from AMT with the oversize wheels, this is unbuilt also and I think is the MPC Milner coupe. I also have a bunch of detail parts packs that I posted in the trade section awhile back, if you can take a look and see if that is of any interest. I may also have some planes, any particular scale? I will be leaving for vacation in the morning so if I get a chance I might send some pics tonight, if not I will get back to you the beginning of the week! Thanks! Phil
  2. Ok let me take a look and see what I got.
  3. I’m interested in it, what would you be looking for?
  4. David what would you be looking for in trade?
  5. Looks great! Very nice job!
  6. Very nice model, good choice of the colors also! These kits are very tough with all the flashing but look nice when completed. I finished this same kit this past year and I’m not sure I would tackle another!
  7. Completed another great trade with Bigtruck, thanks Ken!
  8. That is what I am looking for! What would you be looking for in trade?
  9. I’m looking for a couple of the early 1980’s AMT NASCAR kits, these are the kits that do not have an engine, they only made a few body styles, a couple Gran Prix’s a Thunderbird and maybe a Regal and Monte Carlo. These are very simple kits with one piece chassis. Also would be interested in the MPC southern stocker Monte Carlo. Built ups and parts kits would be considered also. Lots of stuff to trade!
  10. Mainly detail master and replica & miniatures. This includes 2 packs of barrel valves, 3 pcs total 3 packs resin calipers ,9 pcs total 5 packs various wire and hose 1 pack vented disc brakes 1 pack headlight half moons 1 flex fan kit 1 pack wheel weights 1 pack performance scripts 1 McGee blower strap and valve cover decals 1 model car garage engine dress up kit 1 pack gauge faces with decals 1 partial 57 Chevy foto etch 1 distributor kit I am looking for parts kits built ups or anything unusual, 1/25 or 1/24. Would really like the 1970 Ford 4 wheel drive from mobius or if someone has a Renault Gordini !!!!! Any offer considered! Want to trade as one lot, Thanks!
  11. Super nice build! Love the paint work!
  12. Yes that is the interior that came with the kit, it’s really nice and could easily be used for a lot of other projects!
  13. Thanks! Appreciate the comments!
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