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  1. Thank you guys! Great info Mark! I will definitely check out your suggestions! Alan thanks for the link, I usually hit ebay for the parts guys when looking to complete and original factory stock car but never thought about doing it for a funny car chassis! For that price I went ahead and got it, looks like a lot of the same parts adn that's a pretty good deal!
  2. I just picked up a built up/parts kit of the MPC Dick Harrell F/C, something I have been looking for for a long time. I remember my older brother letting me "help" him with this kit and how I thought it was the coolest thing! The first thing is the original body molded to look like fiberglass on the inside? The parts are molded in red but the "tin" work for the interior is molded in white. Also is there any other more readily available kits that use the same frame and suspension parts? They are there but are in pretty rough shape and it would be great to have clean parts! Would the Polar Lights chassis be correct for that era F/C?
  3. I saw the prototype/test at the Detroit show and the taillights look like the did some work on them but not sure, they looked good to me! They also did some work on the grille and they said it will have clear headlights! They tooled up some dog dish hubcaps as well!
  4. That is cool! Excellent work!
  5. Thanks Pierre, I have seen your builds and I would definitely consider you an expert!
  6. Thanks guys! Dave that is pretty cool you did work on this, I had a lot of fun building this and it went together great! Have several more to build as well!
  7. Hi all, this is the Moebius Hudson Hornet Tim Flock kit. I have only built a few NASCAR models and really like the vintage subjects and hope they come out with more! I really liked this kit and thought it went together well. I couldn’t find the correct blue so I got close, it’s a little lighter but I think it looks ok! I made a couple mistakes such as putting 2 of the pure lube decals in the wrong place and I didn’t remove the backup light moldings from the rear, the instructions recommend to do so but overall I am very happy how it turned out! Comments always welcome!
  8. Thanks for the kind comments! I really enjoy doing this kind of stuff and hopefully my skills will improve along the way!
  9. Ok. Thanks for letting me know, I wasn’t sure what it was!
  10. I have a question with the notifications here. When I post a topic sometimes I get notifications that someone reacted to a post. When I click on the notification it takes me to my post but there is nothing from the user who reacted to the post. My question is what am I doing wrong that I cant see what they reacted to? Is there something else I should be opening up and looking at? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  11. Hi all, this is a “phantom” what if 77 Monte Carlo. This started from another project that I wanted the roof for and I didn’t really want to toss the rest of the body so I figured I would use a Johan Cutlass roof from a lightly damaged promo. That was my first mistake! After I had the roof molded on I thought it would look cool with the vent style side windows on the Chevelle nascar kit so I dug up one of those and instead of replacing the whole roof I thought “I’ll just cut out the side windows” Nothing like making a lot more work for myself! I also added some IROC Camaro hood louvers. I was going for a factory prototype style that Chevy may have built. Overall I like the way it turned out even though my bodywork and scratchbuilding skills are no where near what is on this forum. Comments always welcome!
  12. This weekend is Three Rivers Automodelers 43rd annual show and swap meet! Pittsburgh PA Sunday September 25th at Castle Shannon Fire Hall, 3600 Library Rd (rt 88) Castle Shannon Pa. Great show with contest and lots of vendors! Some pics from last years show!
  13. Mods please delete these have been traded! Thanks!
  14. Yep that’s them! The one body was more of a replica the second body seemed as “ sorta kinda like it” not exact but close! Thanks for the info!
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