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  1. Looking to trade this unbuilt R & D unique duece frame kit. Looks complete and comes with instructions. I do not think anything has been started. Always looking for 1/25 parts, built ups, kits or what ever you got! This is my first time trading and I have no problem sending this first.
  2. Info needed on Buddy Bakers olds colors

    Thats a cool site! Thanks for the info it had everything covered that I needed!!
  3. Hi all, I need some help in building the Buddy Baker 1977 Olds NASCAR from Salvinos. I have read all the plus and minus's about the kit but I cant find any information on the engine color, chassis/interior color. I have done some internet searches but I cant seem to find any pictures or info for this. Any help would be appreciated! I am going to just build this out of the box as a shelf model for display and wanted to at least have close to the correct colors! What I have put together so far has fit really nice! Thanks in advance!
  4. Nice job! I really like the rally wheels and white walls on the van. Was that custom made decal multiple pieces? You did a great job with it!!!
  5. Ford dump truck

    Thanks! I appreciate the kind words! The kit is rather difficult to build, there was some twist to several pieces and there is no floor other than the interior tub which makes for rather large gaps in between. Good luck with your project, they are neat looking trucks just a lot of work! Maybe you could swap some parts from the new Mobius 4 wheel drive.
  6. 1961 Pontiac Ventura

    Thanks for the info. I checked it out and thats a very helpful tip with the glass! Ill be sure to check it out as Im working on mine!
  7. 1961 Pontiac Ventura

    Great looking Pontiac! Any other issues with the build? Was the window too tight of a fit? I'm asking because I want to start mine soon!
  8. Ford dump truck

    HAHAHAHA! No he wants cash! He said his "customers" always pay.........or else!!!!!!
  9. Ford dump truck

    I'm not sure but he sells the dump bed and all his other stuff thru ebay so I would think he does. I know he takes paypal. Nice stuff at a reasonable price!
  10. Ford dump truck

    Thanks for the comments guys! This was built for my model clubs theme build. We try and do 1 theme build a year for our monthly contest. Everyone writes what they would like to see as the theme and throws it in a hat. This year "Dump trucks" was picked out of the hat!!! Anyway this was my first build of a light commercial vehicle other than some custom pickups. The name on the side is the club member who is a cement contractor and he was the one who threw dump trucks in the hat! And as I was looking at the pics I noticed I have the Italian flag on the front license plate upside down! I'll have to fix that!! Overall a very fun build that got a lot of looks at the club meeting!
  11. 59' Bubble-top

    Looks awesome! I really like the way you worked the top into the trunk area!
  12. Really cool! Fantastic weathering!
  13. I am calling this done! I had started a few threads on the dump bed in the resin truck section and thank you to everyone with all the good info I got!! The basic kit is the recently re-issued firestone pickup that a friend gave me cause he pirated some parts for a build he was working on. The dump bed is from BCS trading, an ebay seller with great products at a very reasonable price! Overall it came out ok although I really am not happy with the color choice for the cab or the paint job itself. The truck kit itself isn't the greatest, typical of the era it was made. I may still do some details and maybe some weathering. This was built for our club common theme night. Comments welcome!
  14. Awesome hope to see you there!
  15. Here is the show flyer, I apologize for the poor quality but I was having trouble getting the pictures/scan on the site. Any questions please ask and hope to see you there!