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  1. 1952 Hudson Hornet custom convertible

    Fantastic work looks beautiful !!!
  2. AMT 2008 Dodge Challenger promo kit

    I agree! They were so thin I didnt want to ruin them. If you look on the drivers side at the hood and fender you can see were I touched it up with some red paint, I tried cutting them and they just tore! I put solvaset to try and get them to snuggle then in the crack but they wouldnt!! Sometimes I just stop cause I'll only ruin it more!!
  3. Hi All, This is the AMT 2008 Dodge Challenger kit. This is the promo that is unassembled. Painted testors lacquer and U-POL clear from a can. I lowered the ride height and changed the wheels but otherwise thats it. Not a bad "quickie" to build, fits well and looks pretty good completed. The decals are super thin and I had a hard time getting them to stay in one piece. I went with chrome trim around the windows for a little bit of a different look. Comments and critisism always welcomwe. Thanks for looking!
  4. Thanks for all the nice comments guys! Hopefully I can get this done real soon!
  5. 😂😂😂 that's true but I was going for more of a " delivery" truck! I really didn't think about that at all!
  6. What's the One Part You Hoard?

    Unfortunately I hoard everything!!! I have the side of an original 62 Bonneville, just the side because it has a good rear wheel well and you never know when you might need that!! The problem is I dont know where most of it is!!!
  7. 1930 Ford Altered

    Love it! Cant wait to see more!
  8. Anyone make a resin 1 ton dump bed

    Thanks Charles, thats a good idea to look into the G gage railroading. Theres a big train hobby shop that might have some of that stuff!
  9. Styrene dump bed and parts

    I did notice a little bit of work needed on the edges, pretty minor though! I agree on the cost I would have more than $35 in material for the dump bed after several screw ups!! Plus time, I know that I enjoy spending time modeling but when it would take me as long as it would to produce a dump bed and then I would give up and then re-visit a year later, its well worth the money!!!!
  10. Anyone make a resin 1 ton dump bed

    Black might look good, especially with a little rust and grime. Nothing to heavy! I am hoping to get this cleaned up and primed soon. Not sure about the cab color yet or what type of truck, landscaping or plumbing or something else. Lots of possibility's! Does anyone know if any kits came with shovels, picks, or digging tools? I thought I had seen some before but the mind aint what it used to be!!!
  11. Styrene dump bed and parts

    How is the rollback? I think that is next on my list!
  12. Styrene dump bed and parts

    Absolutely! I want to get a few of his other offerings, he has a flat bed and roll back that I am interested in!
  13. Anyone make a resin 1 ton dump bed

    I do want to add wood to the bed sides, there are tail lights on it but I think I will update them and some other small details! I also have been thinking about painting, should I go silver or same color as the body? What do you guys think?
  14. Anyone make a resin 1 ton dump bed

    This measures 4 3/4" long which is roughly 10 foot. Width is 3 1/2" looks great sitting on the truck!
  15. I asked in another thread about a 1 ton dump bed in resin being produced by anyone, I needed one for a club project. In that thread Steve mentioned that there was a dump bed on ebay, however this was made of styrene and being sold by bcs-trading. I found it and it looked ok and he had 100% feedback so I put out the $34.99 with free shipping and got one using the "buy-it-now" option. I think all his items are "buy-it-now" as he runs an ebay store with the same name. Anyway it arrived yesterday and I am really happy with it! It needs some minor cleanup work and it can always be detailed more to suit your tastes. It took around a week to arrive, the tailgate works as well as having the lift mechanism underneath and working also! Everything is styrene and I am very pleased with the quality! Check out his store as he has a couple other cool things such as a couple of car haulers, a couple utility boxes, a couple towing setups, a flat bed, an English Wheel for dioramas and more. Prices are not that bad!