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  1. '76 Cadillac ElDorado

    Looks great! Did you paint it or just polish the plastic?
  2. I got these from Fireball models, they are 69-70 Pontiac hubcaps. I know they are not correct for a 67 but I really liked them and thought they looked great. They are really good quality and very reasonably priced and they do come with a set of center decals.. They are just hubcap style so you do need wheel backs. He also offers some other Pontiac wheels!
  3. 1964 Cadillac Eldorado

    Wow! Looks great!
  4. AMT Craftsman 65 Chevelle

    What are you looking to trade for?
  5. A quick update on the progress! Went with a new color, the side chrome is closer looking but not really accurate.
  6. Wanted, Chrome outside door handles.

    I just got some of the Fireball resin door handles and they are really nice, a little Molotow chrome and you'll be set!
  7. Starbird`s 65 Grand Prix

    Cool! I like the radiused wheel well very well done!
  8. I never realized that the front wheels are too far back on the Hemi Hunter. I forgot about the missing front bumper! I guess it could be done but it would be a ton of work! To much for me!
  9. Could you get fairly close swapping the front end from the Hemi Hunter onto a modern tool Duster? The taillights would be a bit of a pain but is anything else that different? How close are the interiors? I have not seen this tried, what else would need done? Not sure if I would have the skill set for that! Unfortunatly I had a built up Demon that I bought for $2 and sold it for just a little bit more on ebay when they started announcing that it was going to be reissued.
  10. My built kits

    Brian could you please PM me an address you can receive mail at ? Maybe a family member?
  11. Any one have any interest in these 1/43 built ups from AMT? Both look complete and in decent shape. Always looking for 1/25 parts built ups etc.
  12. Ford 5 Window coupe

    Awesome! Love the color!
  13. Fireball Modelworks

    I checked out some of his stuff and he does some different and interesting subject matter! The 1974 Town Car is really cool! When I was around 18 one of my buddys family owned a couple funeral homes and depending on who drove that night he usually had the "old" funeral car which was a 75 Town Car! I never thought about it but that might be a pretty neat build if one comes up again! I didnt think the prices were that crazy but I guess with it being just a body and bumpers it is a little high.
  14. Fireball Modelworks

    That is a nice wagon! Alot of the quality of 3D printing has to do with the machine as expected, I have a friend at work that has a printer he bought and he printed me a few things and they are pretty decent. His does not have a good "step over" in that at his machines best setting its around a .004 or .005 step. and his flat facing has a lot of patterning on it. He told me there are some machines that he looked at that print in a resin that achieve a much better finish than his. As this gets better we may start seeing all kinds of different body styles! The only down side will be that there will be to much stuff to buy!!!
  15. Fireball Modelworks

    I just got my first order from fireball model works, some wheels and dog dish hubcaps along with some full Pontiac wheel covers and some door handles. Great stuff and I will be ordering more! From what I understand and please correct me if i'm wrong, he uses masters from 3D printing to cast in? The comparison between the kit carb and resin carb shows how much more detail can be acheived in 3D printing versus the injection molded kit carb. To get that kind of detail from a injection molded part might not be impossible but would be very expensive, using minature/micro tooling to cut the mold would require a lot of time, time that a company I'm sure is not willing to invest. There is always talk in my feild of 3D printing taking our jobs etc. I am a machinist but no longer run machines, but the down side of 3D printing currently is it also takes a long time and depending on the machine and media dictates the "smoothness" of the part. I think that in the future these printers will become a lot faster and produce a better finish. I think they will be a huge part of the hobby world in the future.