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  1. I totally agree with the exercise routine, I have had multiple health issues and exercising has kept them very managable, I work usually 6 days a week and try and exercise 7 days a week, no matter how tired I am I try and do something, a stationary bike, light weights or a heavy bag workout. It makes a world of a difference!!!!! The only thing I would also highly recommend is stretching multiple times a day, stretch your back and hamstrings. It really helps!!
  2. It was in the TV show and I think it was "huggy bear" who called it the "tomato " !
  3. Thats going to look great! Cant wait to see it finished!
  4. Beautiful model! Are you planning on doing it in the same color combo? Looks awesome! I wanted to ask what grille you used/are going to use?
  5. Let me know if you have found one, I have this. Not sure what kit it's from but it's generic, this is just 2 halves with wheels attached, missing a seat and the handle bars most likely are from something else.
  6. Really like the top and windshield!
  7. Hi all, I was looking at the Model Roundup website and noticed a 1976 Chevy sport 4x4 pickup. I wanted to know if this is a new tool, a modified re-issue or a straight re-issue? I do not recall seeing this around before. I remember Revell had a short bed chevy pickup in the Hot Rod series, is this that kit or maybe the original issue? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  8. The Cadillac kit is complete, this has the moving hopper chassis with it. The body is promo style with a non opening hood and I think it has "operating" headlights and taillights. They look decent. There is no interior and the glass is dark tint, almost black. The body however is very nicely molded and compares pretty close to the Johans. I was not sure if you were familiar with this kit and make sure it fits what your looking for. With that said, some kits I was looking for would be the new Mobieus service truck, a Salvinos Olds Nascar, any version, or a Revell 66 Impala. The Cadillac in my opinion is not worth an even trade for any of those kits so I could add something to sweetin the deal if needed. I also would trade for parts, I know its probably a long shot but you never know! I am looking for a 67 Johan Cadillac hood and front bumper, an MPC 67 Bonneville front bumper,. I am also always looking for vintage built ups or anything interesting you might have.
  9. I have the 1977/1978 Cadillac hopper kit from lindberg if you have any interest in that.
  10. Just got another box of stuff in trade with Bigtruck, great stuff as always! Thanks Ken!
  11. Wow! That looks fantastic! Beautiful!
  12. If you dont get rid of it to Renegade let me know.
  13. Completed a trade with Brudda, great kit! Would trade with again! Thanks!
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