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  1. I got the parts the other day! Thank you! They are perfect! If you need any parts please let me know, I have a lot of stuff!
  2. Hi Jason, thanks for pointing out the address I posted, thought that I had Pm'ed that instead of posting. I edited the posting to remove. Thanks!
  3. Thanks Jason, let me at least send you the cost of postage. I appreciate you sending this to me! Phil
  4. I think that will work as long as the roof and glass are not heavily glued. I am putting the roof and windshield frame on a 64 olds body. What do you want for it? I have lots of stuff!
  5. Tom thanks for the photos and tips on the tires! I'm going to have to dig they my tire box and see if I have any of those!
  6. Tom, yes I “tried” to cut treads in the tires, they are just straight grooves. A cross pattern would have been nicer! What tires did you use on your Valiant? They look really good!
  7. Hi all, if this is in the wrong spot please feel free to move it! This is the AMT 69 Falcon modified stocker. Built pretty much box stock as a just completed never raced car! The only thing I did was to use an interior tub from the parts box since this kit doesn’t come with one. Overall I was happy with the way this turned out! I have the other stocker kits and look forward to building those! As always criticisms and comments welcome!
  8. Hi Jason, if you have one let me know what you are looking for, I have lots to trade!
  9. Brandon, let me know what you are looking for ! Thanks!
  10. I am looking for an AMT 65 GTO body, hard top roof and glass, any issue, would prefer new but gladly take used as long as glass is not glued in or easily removed. Have lots to trade, such as a AMT 65 Bonneville body unpainted. Lots of other stuff too!
  11. Hi Brandon, I have a used front bumper/grille and a used rear bumper plus the Revell Torino magnum 500 rims you are looking for,check the picture to see if you are interested!
  12. Looks fantastic! One of my favorite models and 1:1! Great tip on the decals! !
  13. Mine arrived yesterday 11/20 in Pittsburgh!
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