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  1. This weekend is Three Rivers Automodelers 43rd annual show and swap meet! Pittsburgh PA Sunday September 25th at Castle Shannon Fire Hall, 3600 Library Rd (rt 88) Castle Shannon Pa. Great show with contest and lots of vendors! Some pics from last years show!
  2. Mods please delete these have been traded! Thanks!
  3. Yep that’s them! The one body was more of a replica the second body seemed as “ sorta kinda like it” not exact but close! Thanks for the info!
  4. The last resin body, shorter one and the ElCamino have a trade pending.
  5. I have these bodies for trade, the 2 resins I do not know who made them. Both are Ford coupes but I’m not sure what year they are! The white resin one has a separate trunk that does not fit well at all! It is warped and “flatter” than it should be otherwise it’s pretty nice! The tan resin one is similar but a little shorter. It also looks pretty decent, not sure what either one would need for a donor kit. The El camino is an original AMT 64, this was stripped and looks ok, some paint still in the bed area. Has the hood and 2 dashboards. The 65 kit would make a great donor and only a grille would be needed. The 68 Charger is I think an original MPC, has the glass glued in and a chassis and dash from a dukes Charger, the drivers side A pillar is cracked but very repairable. Some stuff I am looking for would be 64/65 Valiant bumpers front or rear. Any interesting built ups, parts , kits, stared projects or ?
  6. Looks great! Nice touch with the color matching hubcaps!
  7. Thanks guys! Espo yes I did repaint it, this was the preprinted version black with flames and those flames gave me some trouble trying to remove them so I sanded them off and the caused the primer to really fish eye so I ended up stripping the primer and trying to clean off what ever residue I didn’t get off.
  8. Hi all, I recently finished this Revell snap kit. I picked this up for a couple bucks at an antique mall, took it apart a quick repaint and changed the wheels. A nice quick project! Let me know what you think, comments always welcome!
  9. Thanks Mark! That is the retail price on this kit also.
  10. Hi all, a friend from my model club picked up an AMT Graveyard Ghoul duo issue of the Munster Coach and the Dragula and he was asking about the boxes, one has the T number followed by the price and the other one just has the T number with no price. I thought that the one with the price would have been earlier but was not totally sure, anybody have an idea? Also what was the first time these were issued? Were they issued separate or together at first and if separate what was the first time they were issued together? Any help would be great and as always Thanks in advance!!!!
  11. Did a nice trade with BIGTRUCK, will trade with anytime! Thanks Ken!
  12. That looks great! I’m working on one now and they seem like really nice kits! Hope mine looks as good as yours!
  13. Yeah that makes sense, i have seen another Challenger 1 that was in California in a magazine but they could be the same car and they moved it to Florida, that was really cool to see and I need to find the kit, I built one years ago and I don’t think I can take it apart, it was a tough build!
  14. My wife and I were in Florida this past week visiting a friend and she got us tickets for the track tour of Daytona. Afterwards we went to the racing museum they have and it was pretty cool! This may have been posted before but I couldn’t find it, it was a small museum but a lot of cool stuff, I was surprised at what was there especially the Challenger 1 and the Blue Bird special. I assumed the Blue Bird was a recreation but not sure it looked really nice! If anyone has any info/ comments please let me know!
  15. Those first 3 photos look like a real vehicle, super nice work!
  16. Thanks guys! Yes this was a fun build! I built a lot of this stuff when I was a kid and doing this was a great trip down memory lane !!!
  17. Hi all, this is the AMT Der Beetle Bus kit, I picked up a couple of these at Ollies cause they were pretty cheap! This was really a pretty fun build and I thought it looked good! Let me know what you guys think!
  18. Rick are these plated in the kit? I think I might have a set but they are not plated and molded in white.
  19. I have 3 large scale kits up for trade, a 1928 Lincoln from Entex, mostly sealed inside with maybe a few wheels put together, box is really rough. A sealed inside Revell Challenger space shuttle that is sealed inside and looks complete and a Revell 1/8 scale Police Harley that is started, looks mostly complete, nothing is painted and what is put together is not “glue bombed”, might come apart easily. I would be looking for maybe some 1/16 scale Revell funny cars or dragsters, complete built ups are ok! Also open to any other interesting offers!
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