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  1. Really sharp! I like that you have both hoods and the wind she tint looks perfect!
  2. That looks really cool! I always like seeing box art builds!
  3. Super nice! Love the color!
  4. That’s a project I started awhile ago, it’s a Revell 77 Monte Carlo that is kind of a “what if” street version of an Aero Coupe SS. I started with a Johan junker Olds Cutlass roof and then added the Laguana window louvers and some IROC Camaro hood louvers also. I tried opening up the grille for a “meaner” look but ended up breaking the top bar off so now I’m kind of stuck again trying to figure out what to do, any ideas?
  5. Thanks everyone, appreciate the comments!
  6. This is one kit that I wanted for a long time, I missed one of these about 10 years ago at a show unbuilt for $35, then as things worked out I got a really good deal on 2 unbuilts! I didn’t want to build either of those and one day I ended up with a built up that was pretty nice, then I came across this one and decided to try and put this together! So it does pay to have patience! So this was in pretty decent shape, missing some stuff with both the grille and rear bumper being broken. The engine was generic and pretty crappy, the frame was rough with holes in it and some glue damage. I found an AMX engine in my parts box and used that and just used a bunch of parts box stuff to finish it up! Comments always welcome!
  7. Just had a smooth trade with AFX! Thanks JC!
  8. Completed another great trade with Modlbldr! Thanks Tom!
  9. 70 GTO is just about my favorite car, had 2 of them when I was younger, really regret getting rid of them! Yours looks pretty solid other than the tail end, would have loved to have it!
  10. I also have a small built NASA shuttle and an unbuilt large scale Revell NASA shuttle if either of those interest you!
  11. Hey Jim I think I have a built Star Trek shuttle if that’s of any interest.
  12. They range from RC to static models, airplanes, ships and the cars all seem to be from the UK and seem mostly 1/32 scale. A lot of racing cars like formula one stuff and some rally stuff. If I get a chance later I will post some pics of them!
  13. They are 1/24 I think, not totally sure but they are nice, I grab them when I can especially at $10 each for these! He had a longer wheel base truck also and I didn’t get it so I went back and he already packed up for the day, man I was stupid!
  14. I have some car related books and some model magazines for trade. Not sure if anyone is interested but I thought I would post and see. I have 2 VW manuals a Bronco manual that my grandfather got when he got his new 73 Bronco! There are 27 issues of model cars which I think is a UK magazine. I also have 11 issues of a military model magazine. Let me know if anyone is interested! Thanks!
  15. Went on a weekend trip with my wife and the family and hit a couple antique malls and a large flea market in New York and picked these up, all of these were great deals!
  16. I agree! I was going to sand it off but I ended up leaving it on and I’m not really sure why!
  17. This is the 1966 Ford custom cab 4wd pickup from Moebius. This was built for a club project due in September that we display at our annual Three Rivers Automodelers show on the 26th. Our club project theme was any Moebius kit, our show theme this year is Compact cars. I am mostly happy with this, my biggest gripe is as usual I over weathered it, I am not very good at weathering but I like the slightly used look some times and I just keep going and before I know it I have an over weathered model! Some of the builders on here just nail it with the slightly used look and I just can’t seem to get it but I will keep trying! This went together well and has the Fireball Model works long step side bed which is super nice! I raised the suspension slightly and added some bigger tires. This is supposed to be a beater so the spare is mismatched the bumpers are beat up and crooked as are the taillights, I wanted to try and dent the body but I really don’t know how to do that and I really didn’t want to attempt it on the resin bed! For all the faults I see in it I am pretty happy with it and had a lot of fun building it! Comments and critiques always welcome! Thanks for looking!
  18. traded with ‘70 Grande and everything went perfect!
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