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  1. t-lover added a topic in On The Workbench   

    New feller
    Hey y'all
    Doug here fresh from se missouri and I'm back full bore.
    I been a buildin for years. But now I have come to a turning point in my life. For so many years and all the cars I've built just set on the shelf and collected dust. Well it's time to start making money with my builds.
    I have just completed the (what I call) Model Shack. It's a 10'x12' building. I've added shelves and more shelves (can't have too many). For heat I built a little wood stove. I have two junkyard dioramas. One yard is dated way back in the 30s and the other one is for tractor trailers. What I do is junk out the cars and trucks, take pics and sell them on e-bay.
    People go nuts over them and the more nuts they go the more money I make.
    I have tons of antique fords plymouths and chevys. People are really starting to crave them rusted junkers.But here's the trick as these cars are coming extinct. I also do resin casting so I won't have to sell my masters. I love my model Ts as I used to play in them at the local junkyard with my dad when I was little. Well that definately shows my age HUH???

    Well thats basically my story and I'm a sticken to it. This so far is a great place to kick it down after a hard days work.


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  2. t-lover added a post in a topic New Guy - On My Workbench **update**   

    Hey Jason,
    Doug here from Missouri and a nube also. Just logged in and sounds like a great place to kick it down.
    Love the 55 and especially the 29. If I were you? I would give the cab a slight chop. Don't forget you're gonna lower it. I would think the cab would look awkward sticking up like a smoke stack. But on the other hand,come to think about it, it would be different though. Make a sketch and decide but br sure to let us know.