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  1. John G - Retro Hobby Inc. added a post in a topic 1/25 MPC Bounty Hunter Mustang F/C   


    We recreated the Connie Kalitta Bounty Hunter kit from parts matching an original MPC kit. The front suspension parts are different from the Blue Max version, as is the gauge cluster and some other minor things. The front axle in the Kalitta kit was retooled, copied from an original part. If you all feel it really is too wide, I can look at having it narrowed for future production runs, but it may be too late. I hope you can work with it as is.

    John Greczula
  2. John G - Retro Hobby Inc. added a post in a topic New Zingers kits   

    Hello Ben,

    Thanks very much for the photo, this helps me a lot.

    John G
  3. John G - Retro Hobby Inc. added a post in a topic New Zingers kits   

    Hi Ben, this is John Greczula from Round 2 - would you please send me clear photos of this mismatched kit? If you can, it needs to be shot so that you can see that it's got a Super Semi lid mated with a Super Drag bottom - and that it's still sealed. This is the first I've heard of this problem, (I think!)

    Thanks very much for your help, if you can do it.


  4. John G - Retro Hobby Inc. added a post in a topic 2008 Kit Releases - Amt Mpc Polar Lights   

    Hi Rick,

    We don't actually have anything to do with RC2's building or the factory store in Dyersville. It's business as usual for the store as far as I know. I was just there a few weeks ago and it was packed with stuff.

  5. John G - Retro Hobby Inc. added a topic in General   

    2008 Kit Releases - Amt Mpc Polar Lights
    OK folks, you can see pictures of our release plans for 2008! Expect these kits to be available in September and October of this year...

    VISIT: http://www.autoworldhobby.com

    PLEASE NOTE: Box art and kit configurations are subject to change!

    No doubt, there are items on this list which have been out in the not too distant past, but we need to get SOMETHING out there for you guys to munch on while we continue planning. Even so, many of these first releases haven't been available since we were all youngsters!

    Here's the list:

    '51 Chevy Convertible
    Digger Cuda
    '49 Ford
    Hippie Hemi
    '60 Ford Starliner "2 In 1"
    Li'l Stogie
    Chevy Titan 90 Cabover
    1/25 Display Case
    Star Trek Enterprise - TV Version

    '70 Super Bee (MPC body tool with Ertl AMT Chassis)
    Rupp Super Sno-Sport Dragster 1/20
    Class Action '80 Monte Carlo with Trailer and Custom Chopper


    '51 Chevy Convertible - we just located the tooling inserts in Dyersville to bring this version back!

    '60 Ford Starliner "2 in 1" - while the tooling is not designed to make this a 2 in 1 kit, it is our hope that we will be able to include both stock and custom parts in this kit, along with nice "New Retro" vintage-style packaging by yours truly!

    '70 Super Bee - as the body for this kit comes from original MPC tooling, we wanted to give it the MPC branding back and I plan on creating a vintage style package for this one as well.

    Chevy Titan 90 - we are looking for the inserts for this version of the tool. Fingers crossed!

    Thanks for your support, hope you see something you like!

    John Greczula
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  6. John G - Retro Hobby Inc. added a post in a topic Amt - Mpc - Polar Lights: The Official Press Release   


    Yes indeed, I'm buying the next round - I hope you like MOLSON CANADIAN!!

  7. John G - Retro Hobby Inc. added a post in a topic Amt - Mpc - Polar Lights: The Official Press Release   

    Hi Dwayne,

    Wow, I feel awful just reading about the warpage problems now! Auto World didn't receive any complaints and neither did I directly at Retro Hobby. Even though we don't have direct control over the production in China, it's no excuse. What I can say is, moving forward, we will not be producing the kits through RC2's facilities, so I will do everything I can to try and eliminate warpage issues as I will have direct contact with the factory.

    Thank you,

    John Greczula
  8. John G - Retro Hobby Inc. added a topic in General   

    Amt - Mpc - Polar Lights: The Official Press Release
    Auto World licenses tooling for AMT, MPC & Polar Lights model kits, American Muscle/ Ertl Collectibles die-cast

    March 7, 2008

    South Bend, IN – Auto World (a division of Round 2, LLC) has signed a licensing agreement with RC2/Learning Curve Brands, Inc. of Oak Brook, Illinois. The contract will allow Auto World to produce and market plastic model kits under the well-known brands of AMT, MPC and Polar Lights. Also included are the rights to manufacture 1:18 and 1:24 scale die-cast replicas using the trademarks of American Muscle and Ertl Collectibles. In addition, Auto World will now be handling production of Custom and Premium promotional die-cast vehicles for RC2’s current C&P customer base, with sales continuing through established representatives.

    Thomas E. Lowe, President and Owner of Round 2, is now assembling a team of knowledgeable plastic model and die-cast specialists who are excited about this license opportunity and passionate about reintroducing these brands to their respective communities. Lowe states, “Our goal is to bring back many sought after vintage kits of all types from the AMT and MPC tooling banks, some that haven’t been available for decades. We've recruited model kit expert and creative designer John Greczula from Retro Hobby, Inc. to work with us. The American Muscle tooling bank has great potential, too, and Craig Flickinger, who was the Product Manager for American Muscle for several years, is on board to ensure that collectors are kept as priority one. Using our own production facilities, we will have the capability to adjust quantities of the model and die cast lines to satisfy market demand. We will not rely solely on old tooling, but will develop new tools as well.â€

    Further, Lowe states, “2008 is going to be a roller coaster ride for us as we prepare our game plan and get things moving. There is an incredible amount of information to be absorbed and organization that must take place. We understand the modeling and die-cast markets have changed and that several large mass-retail chains are beginning to turn their backs on stocking these products. We will try and slow that down by introducing new and innovative products, hopefully enticing them to support our brands. I learned a lot when I ran my previous company, Playing Mantis, and I intend to use all of my knowledge and contacts to the maximum. For me, it’s an opportunity of a lifetime.â€

    Tom Lowe and RC2 Brands, Inc. are no strangers to each other. Lowe, an entrepreneur known for his expertise in collectible automotive subject matter, sold his first company, Playing Mantis, Inc. to RC2 in 2004. Lowe founded Playing Mantis in 1994 and resurrected the classic Johnny Lightning brand, producing small-scale die-cast replicas and electric slot cars catering to the adult collector. Enthusiastic response resulted in phenomenal growth of the brand, and spurred Lowe to venture into other areas, including Polar Lights plastic model kits and Memory Lane seasonal product.

    Round 2 was established by Lowe in 2005 and reintroduced electric slot cars under the Auto World brand, an iconic hobby catalog trademark which Lowe purchased from Auto World’s founder, Oscar Koveleski.

    Round 2 is an innovative collectibles company located in South Bend, Indiana. Its family of brands includes Auto World, currently featuring X-Traction, ThunderJet and Super III 1:64 scale electric slot racers and racing sets; Forever Fun Holiday Collectibles, featuring detailed recreations of favorite holiday characters and EarthGlow Candles, featuring unique licensed candles and candle toppers. Round 2 is proud to add AMT, MPC and Polar Lights model kits, American Muscle and Ertl Collectibles die-cast to its portfolio of brands.

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  9. John G - Retro Hobby Inc. added a post in a topic Old Amt `49 Ford Kit Or Box Needed   

    Hi Joe,

    Please contact me offline at xeno@xenoweb.com


  10. John G - Retro Hobby Inc. added a post in a topic Old Amt `49 Ford Kit Or Box Needed   

    Hi George53,

    Gregg asked about this kit for me - would you please contact me offline at xeno@xenoweb.com.