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  1. Looks great! Really nice clean build, and I really like the color.I agree on the wheels and ride height It would have been nice to have factory wheels and tires included in the kit, but I'm seeing the Foose kits are pretty much just dedicated kits with little extra parts. I did really enjoy building mine two years ago and everything really fit well, which was key as it was only my second build after a 20+ year absence for me in this hobby.
  2. I didn't know Rustoleum 2X primer was enamel. Back in August I primed 8 projects with the Flat White, Flat Gray, and Flat Black 2X primer and a couple of weeks later using the spray cans, sprayed Tamiya on 2 and Testors Extreme Lacquer and Model Master Lacquer on the other two with no problems at all. So unless they make 2X in enamel and lacquer and I used lacquer, there should be no problem. An example of one of the cans I used The cars I painted over the 2X primer with
  3. Nice job! And nice out of the box thinking, it looks sharp.
  4. Your fabrication skills and craftmanship is outstanding. Can't wait to see more!
  5. This is without a doubt the most incredibly realistic replica that I have seen. The details and machine work on something of this scale is truly amazing. You win model building!!! P.S. This should also be in Under Glass, as I don't know how many folks don't look under this category. I myself only look here every great once in a while. This deserves to be seen by as many eyes as possible.
  6. Outstanding work! And your details are amazing! Nice subtle changes to the backdrop also.
  7. Very sharp and very well done! I love these types of fantasy builds!
  8. Very well done! Finish is excellent and super job on the chrome trim.
  9. It's amazing the difference that a different colored base coat makes to candies and metallics. I've got a bunch of pretty spoons lying around from past and present paint jobs for comparison sake.
  10. Nice work! The charger stands out to me as does the color on the '29 Woody.
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