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  1. Awesome job! Looks great! That is almost a perfect match to the factory Lucerne Blue, good to know. I love those old Monogram kits too. They can re-release more, I won't mind. Especially the 70 Malibu SS454, the 69 GTO Judge, 69 Dodge 440 6-pack, and 70 Plymouth GTX just to name a few.
  2. Nice job! That blue really stands out nice on that car!
  3. Excellent work! Surprisingly I don't remember this scheme.
  4. Outstanding! Great color and paint work! Phenomenal job on the trunk, looks real.
  5. Another nice clean build with great detail work!
  6. Outstanding detail work and a very clean build!
  7. Excellent work! Always thought this was one of the sharpest schemes from the early 90's.
  8. Pretty cool little Honda with a classic Shelby paint job. Well done!
  9. Great work! Looks very good in that color combo!
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