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  1. I got the clear on today, it's not knock out bright and glossy, but I wasn't expecting that with these colors, or the Clear Varnish(In the background of the first two pics here) I used. I will let it sit for a few days and then wet-sand, polish, and wax(which based on previous uses of the clear, should brighten it up a bit), before taping off the trim for the chrome process. I two-toned the interior yesterday, and added the foil on the trim, and brush painted Molotow Chrome on the door handles and window cranks today. I also detailed the dash today by brush painting Molotow on the insert. I painted the gauge background black, lightly brushed some Molotow onto the numbers and script, and touched up any excess afterwards with Tamiya Panel Line Accent.
  2. Thanks! I will if I can remember, lol. It will consist of taping off all of the trim, painting it gloss black, and then airbrushing the chrome. It will be the first time since I got back into the hobby 4 years ago that I will not be using Bare Metal Foil for the trim on a build. Barbatos Rex on youtube has a great video on using it.
  3. This one I'm excited about. My favorite Corvette! I'll be in for two or three of these if I can set aside enough money when they finally arrive, lol.
  4. I'm hoping they give us a re-issue based on the pics posted by Robert. If so, I'll be needing at least two. I'll reserve judgement until more info is available though.
  5. I'm with you, I'll get one just because it has a different hood, and I do like those dog dishes!
  6. LOL! Thanks! The beauty with craft paints is that if it would have pulled any paint up, a scrub in some water would have removed the rest, and I would have been able to re-paint as soon as it was dry again. Still a risk, but I've worked with craft paints a lot and have never really had a problem with tape lifting off the paint, even after a few hours.
  7. Looks good! Definitely on my to get list.
  8. Got the custom mixed Orange on the '55 this morning, I guess it's more Orange Sherbet than Creamsicle, lol. It's a little bit lighter than I would have gone, but it's my wife's color choice and she loves it, so that's all that matters. I think I'll use Green Stuff World Chrome for the trim, so lots of masking coming up Monday or Tuesday.
  9. I just masked over it. It dries pretty fast, and I made sure not to press too hard on the tape when masking. Turned out great with no lift-off.
  10. Looks great! My favorite body style and color for a Corvette!
  11. I managed to get the body in Stynylrez White Primer on Wednesday, then wet-sanded the primer coat yesterday. It might be kind of hard to see in the pics, but I got the Pearl White (actually Anita's White Metallic craft paint) sprayed on today. I put four coats on the roof, trunk, and rear 1/4's. I also put two coats on the rest of the body and hood hoping it would help as an undercoat to the custom mixed Pearl Creamsicle color I hope to spray on tomorrow. I also got the interior sprayed in a custom mixed Beige color, and I really like how it turned out.
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