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  1. Looks great Mike! I like the wheel and tire choice, and that purple looks excellent. I have that purple too, and have a project in mind for it but it probably won't be this year.
  2. That's a nice color, bummer about the decals.
  3. Very nice! I really dig that roof!
  4. The cost of shipping alone, both to get stateside via shipping container, and once in the U.S. via truck, is going to drive the prices up a tidy amount. One of the Round 2 videos mentioned the fact that the cost to ship a container increased from around 3K for one to around 15-18K, and that was last year before the Russia/Ukraine situation. Then factor in the rising cost of materials that the plastic is made from and we're unfortunately going to see the big price increases. We can only hope that if/when the war in Ukraine finally ends, for more than just this reason, and Covid backs off enough to reduce the shipping container dilemma, we will see a return to more reasonable prices for not just our hobby, but for all of our daily goods that have skyrocketed recently. I have a bad feeling that even if gas and shipping prices go somewhat back to normal, we may not see any price relief.
  5. Well done and a nice paint job! Black is the hardest to get to look smooth.
  6. That looks pretty spot-on! I love that body style and have owned two in my younger days, a white one that got street machined and a black one that was left factory stock.
  7. The Clear Orange over Bronze on the spoon looks fantastic!
  8. Like Carl and Mike said, paint looks good to my eyes. I kind of like those Krylon Short Cuts paints, although all I've used is the Flat Black and the Gloss Clear.
  9. Looks good, and nice job on the hinges. I have that kit as well, but the trailer is marked for a different project.
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