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  1. Regardless of the issues, it still looks pretty good!
  2. That's a great looking color! Can't wait to see it done.
  3. That's a lot of '32's and all of them very well done! Where did you find the girl with the dog in this one? My wife and I had a dog that looked just like it.
  4. Very nice! Sharp color and nice looking interior.
  5. Awesome!! I can't thank you enough for posting these. I was a very avid reader of Car Craft and Hot Rod back then and it both broke my heart and pissed me off royally that someone felt the need to steal this car. I'm watching this issue on ebay right now and hope to pick it up in the next couple of weeks. Thanks again for posting these pics.
  6. Turned out nice! I love these cars in 1:1 and built this kit in it's original release about 30 years ago. I have plans for three of them in the near future.
  7. Looks fantastic! The color looks great!
  8. Looks good so far. Nice job on the wheels. What color did you use for the body?
  9. Looks good. The snapper is a good kit. I bought the Build 2gether kit with both the snap and glue versions and have only done the snap so far.
  10. Looks great! Nice color and nice job on the emblems and wood grain.
  11. Outstanding pair!! I really like both colors!
  12. Sorry about that Philippe, I try to reply to everyone by name and wasn't sure 👍.
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