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  1. Shooner added a post in a topic HELP...CUMMINS ISX ENGINE   

    What pics would you like to see? any angle or any particular area?
  2. Shooner added a post in a topic HELP...CUMMINS ISX ENGINE   

    What year of ISX? I can send you pics from the parts manuals or copies the brochures
  3. Shooner added a post in a topic Bumpers   

    try these websites



    Hope it helps
  4. Shooner added a post in a topic Cool Hot Rod seen on Ebay   

    Can you fill me in about this speedo you talk about? lol. Yea open exhaust is alright, and you don't need to have cats on to be legal.
  5. Shooner added a post in a topic Engines   

    Thanks Jim
  6. Shooner added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Hello, I bought a resin 3406 online a couple years ago. Now I can't remember where I bought it from. I was wondering were to get another Cat engine? Thanks
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  7. Shooner added a post in a topic Lowering a pete 359   

    on the steers cut off the blocks between the leafs and axle. this will lower it a bit, you can also modify the axle by making the spindles higher. For the drives cut the airbags and the support for the torsion bar. The bags on the Low leaf suspension are smaller that what is on the model.Don't cut too much at the start, take your time and get things where you want them to be. Again on the steer axle you can bash 2 front axles to make the spindles sit higher and even out the stance. That is my 2 bits. If you need some pic's or guide lines check out the Eaton website, they have fairly good parts drawings. I will post a link tomorrow when I'm at work and am on the site.
  8. Shooner added a post in a topic 1957 chevy stepside   

    Thanks, the only problem I think I'm having is the scoop for the blower is a little to long so I'm not able to shove the engine all the way back. I'll have to mock up the fire wall and set the cab/interior down on the frame. Thank you for the input.
  9. Shooner added a topic in General   

    1957 chevy stepside
    I'm building a 1957 chev stepside with the engine out of the Revell street burner 1979 Z28 Camaro. My problem is that I've located the front engine mounts from the Camaro into the Chev, but the clearance from the front of the engine to the hood doesn't leave me room for a rad. Anyone attempt this, or does anyone have ideas? I'm going with more of a street rod/ sleeper look to it (you know blown daily driver lol). All input and suggestions are much appreciated. Thank you.
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  10. Shooner added a post in a topic Caterpiller   

    2010-2011 Cat will be back, they are working on building their own truck. They have agreement with Navistar to use part of Navistar's plant to build these trucks. Cat is going to use as much of their own designs as possible, no farming out body designs etc. The engine is going to be Cat, so they will be back in the "game". Cat is taking some time away from on highway engines to look at the global market.This is what a Cat rep told me a couple weeks ago at our open house at work.
  11. Shooner added a post in a topic In Progress KW C500   

    Great idea if you need any ref pics let me know I'll try and get what your looking for, have usually one of these trucks in our shop any given week
  12. Shooner added a post in a topic What's Everyone Profession,etc..job,   

    Parts man currently working for Kenworth.
  13. Shooner added a post in a topic A Little Help/guidance   

    Thanks, I've done a couple searches online but end getting die-cast versions. Maybe I'll try some different wording.
  14. Shooner added a topic in General   

    A Little Help/guidance
    I was wondering if anyone knows of any farm equipment model kits? I kinda have the urge to build an older tractor (Case IH or John Deere) . Thanks.

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  15. Shooner added a post in a topic What's Your Background Noise?   

    I enjoy basically all music depends on the mood or job at task.But lately I've been listening to Old Time Radio programs like Amos and Andy, Unsolved Mysteries, Aldrich Family, well you get the idea. It gives me something to fill the void of silence and a chuckle here and there.