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  1. JTninja added a post in a topic Audi R10   

    I lucked out really, I took MG Browns advice and contacted Milan Tomasek, who happily re-sized them for me to 1/24 and made them for me. They turned out really nice, a combo of decals ranging from the 2003-05 Champion cars. Im taking the intrustion sheet online and changing it to show my Champion decals instead. Pure white sounds good, I dont plan on painting for another week, so no rush

    I agree about an R8 or Spyder kit, those cars are amazing...
  2. JTninja added a post in a topic Audi R10   

    Hehe, just one more question. I ended up getting the Champion Decals, but now I have to figure out a paint! What type of white should I use? Theres Pearl White (TS-45), Matte White (TS-27), and Pure White (TS-26). Any ideas? For those who dont know what type of car im thinking about, think of this livery:

  3. JTninja added a post in a topic Saleen S7r   

    I saw that one, but the one ive seen recently (but cant find now) was either plastic or resin, modelled in white. There was also the new 997 RSR posted as well...
  4. JTninja added a topic in General   

    Saleen S7r
    I remember a while ago that some company was working on a 1/24 Saleen S7R. Anybody know about this and whats going on with it, or perhaps a link? The S7R is one of my most favorite cars, and if we're going to have kits for cars like the CRX and Corolla, why not a Saleen?
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  5. JTninja added a topic in Auto Art   

    Racing Drawings
    Here: http://jttami1.googlepages.com/drawings
    and here: http://jttami1.googlepages.com/drawings2
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  6. JTninja added a post in a topic Audi R10   

    Thanks guys, I ended up ordering both the Dexter set and the Studio 27 set, ive looked at both and there are enough seperate details that I just had to get both I emailed Milan yesterday and im waiting for a reply, hopefully he can help me out here

    I let you guys know how everything goes and then I can start the build...sadly my C6R is still waiting on some body paint
  7. JTninja added a post in a topic Audi R10 TDI progress   

    very nice!
  8. JTninja added a post in a topic Audi R10   

    Thanks guys! Fixed my sig for you Crispy, thanks for letting me know! Brendan, I saw the Dexter kit the other day, any chance you know the differnece between that and the Studio 27 pe? They look very similar. As for the Champion livery, any chance that they can be found seprately?

    Thanks guys, hope to start work on it soon (paints are the hard part, love Tamiyas acrylics, but dont know how great substitutes they are...)
  9. JTninja added a post in a topic 1/12 Scratch Built LMP1   

    Very nice! Im a huge fan of the Le Mans styled cars, glad to see someone trying to build one in a bigger scale! I know theres a huge diecast of the #5 PCM C5R somewhere, like 1/12 scale...but its like $500! So which LMP is this going to be, im guessing the BMW V12? Would love to see the Audi R8, as thats the best Le Mans prototype ever! Hope your still working on this, would love to see more progress pics!
  10. JTninja added a topic in General   

    Audi R10
    Hey everybody!

    I got the Revell Audi R10 kit a few weeks ago, and im wondering how im going to do this. I used to build plane kits, but as im a teenager, and I have 2 younger brothers who dont understand the words "dont touch", most of my kits were never finished or the final product didnt last long. My first car kit was the Revell Corvette C6-R I got back in late June. Good kit, few problems, I have all the interior done, but havent sprayed the exterior (Dont know how to do it, my dad said I need primer). Thats almost done, and next is my Audi.

    I have all the refernece photos Ill ever need (huge fan of the ALMS, i go see the car in person again in october), so thats the easy part. Ive been looking around, and so far Ive found a detail set for the Audi by Studio 27. Does anybody know if this is good? I saw one go on ebay for $16 (lost in the last 10 seconds!), thought to pick it up, was wondering if anybody has used it yet. Are there any others out there, except for the Scale Motorsports one (cant spend $100).

    Also, does anyone know if and where I can pick up some Champion Racing decals from the Audi R8? Hopefully the years 2003-2005. I dont know if theres any out there, but Would love to pick them up

    Thanks guys!

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