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  1. Ok , I'm on board! Looks great!! I have always liked your subject matters.
  2. LOOKS FANTASTIC!!! I'll be watching ," love Vega's "!!
  3. Check out a dollar store , got mine there. Here in Canada , it's a "DOLLARAMA".
  4. OUTSTANDING WORKMAN SHIP!!!!!!..You sure have a knack for these kind of builds!! , looking forward to your next project.
  5. WOW!!,,LOVE IT!!! , I got a Vega in the works , similar to what you have ,great job on making your own decals as well!!!
  6. AWESOME JOB!!! From paint to finish!!!
  7. This is like 3 builds in one!!! All amazingly done!!! , i always have been a fan of your work ,this is no exception!!
  8. Good to see you're still at it,Dave!!!..weathering really sets this build off,,i really like it!!!
  9. Hey Doc!!! Great!, to see you are still at it!!! I really like this project!!
  10. That is insane!!!! I have something similar in the works except mine the rear wheels would steer ,it's in the stalled process, ,I'm digging your concept ,great execution!!!
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