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  1. WOW!!! , JIM!!! Amazing work!! you are really impressing me with the stencil work .I Love everything about this build ,i think it looked great even before the paint.
  2. Thanks for the comments ,Scott and Jon ,do appreciate them!!
  3. I already know your a good builder,so this one is no exception,but that diorama is something else!!
  4. I really like the LSR cars! have a few on the go myself ,yours looks great ,like the color scheme ,particularly the red, what red is that?
  5. What an amazing build!! ,not sure how I missed it either ,your builds are top shelve for sure!!
  6. Thanks Ray ! , I like to build different ,not always some peoples cup of tea. lol!!
  7. Started as a glue bomb Chevy Luv , had the back portion from another glue bomb and married the two together ,thought it would be humorous to go this route with kind of of a golf theme.
  8. Okay ,you had me @ Vega ,but lost me with the FoMoCo power plant,lol!! Over all very nice build.
  9. Love the Vegas!! ,look forward to seeing it done ,looks like your on the right track!!
  10. Very fine build!! Dan!! Good to see your building ,nice touch with the Canadian flag on the surf board.
  11. You have my vote!! Really like where your headed!!
  12. Hi Scott ! ,if it's one thing i know about you ,is that you are a stickler for details!! this one is no different ,awesome work my friend!! Look forward to some of your other projects that i know your working on. John.
  13. Looking to order some tires ,would like to know what they are like to deal with and the quality. Thanks. John.
  14. Nice work marrying the 2 together!! Looks like something that could have been ,great execution!!
  15. I don't know how guys like you do it ,soo!! much detail!! just blows me away!! excellent work!!!
  16. Nice work on the paint!! ,picked up 1 myself ,thanks for the heads up ,have not opened it yet.
  17. WHOA!!! I'll be watching and taking notes on this 1 as well!! ,it's gonna be worth it!!
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