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  1. Plugging away at this ghost busting hot rod! Cut out this body detail to be relocated later. Then used some new bench tools to open up the rear quarters for the big drag tires. Never cut tire openings before. It's far from perfect but it's something I can work with. Need to adjust the ride height but she has the basic stance. Trying to keep the transformation simple but I'm getting fun ideas along the way. Also, my daughter has jumped on board and added more work to this project. 😄
  2. Well, Looks like I will be getting some new Nascar kits to build!
  3. Here's what I came up with at the bench last night.
  4. First time building a drag car. I had a Castrol Funny Car kit that I wasn't really feeling but the engine was perfect to spice this build up. I'm just mocking it up and not sure how much of the engine to show through the hood. The more cool engine bits are seen the more I have to make the rest of the underhood look functional. I really like the big coils on the front of the engine but would it be weird to cut an odd shape hole to fit tight around just the engine that sits above the hood?
  5. I like your progress. That color will be perfect for this car.
  6. I'm interested to see how well this Protar F40 body goes together. Yet, exhaust system, all one piece.
  7. This car looks so good in colors other than red I'm surprised we don't see more done in unique colors. I have plans for a blue one as well and downloaded that same picture for reference. ? Really liking your progress and eager to see more!
  8. Does anyone offer a 4x4 conversion for Revell's 97 Ford F150 kits?
  9. Only one this yeah. Very busy with the new house. Built a mashup of movie concept Bumblebee and Transformers Edition Camaro.
  10. I've actually been into finding old kits lately that I enjoyed building before. It feels good re-building a kit that you remember being fun. Also seeing if it was as good as you remember it. It is good way to get a visual mark on your progression as well. A few that I've completed. (even have my original builds to compare) Aoshima / AMT Back to the Future Delorean. Monogram / Revell 1:32 Ferrari F40 Jeff Gordon Dupont Monte Carlo
  11. Your F40 is looking great. Keep up the awesome work!
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