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  1. Toast added a post in a topic Pocher RivaRossi F40 Engine build   

    Any updates on this Scott?
    I just got one and am interested in seeing more of what I'm in for. I see what you mean by the detail, some parts are almost cartoony.
  2. Toast added a post in a topic huge crush on Jennifer Love Hewitt   

    Can't believe no one has mentioned Jennifer Connelly! She's my nomination.
  3. Toast added a post in a topic Blazerburb   

    Sweet 4x4!
  4. Toast added a post in a topic Little Mini Monster   

    Great idea and perfect execution!
  5. Toast added a topic in Wanted!   

    Back to the Future Delorean photoetch pieces.
    I'm looking for the photoetch set that is for the Aoshima Back to the Future Delorean. I already have the kit and would rather not buy a whole other kit just for those pieces.
    I don't know what they'd be worth trading by themselves but I've got a lot in my stash so if someone has them and is willing to trade I'm sure i can find something I'd let go of for them. 
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  6. Toast added a post in a topic DeLorean - BTTF - today they arrived in the Future   

    Sweet Deloreans! I always thought it would be cool to build all the versions of the car.
    Here's one I built about a month ago. Figured it was the perfect time to put it together.

     From the AMT release of the kit.

  7. Toast added a post in a topic Monster Energy Trophy Truck   

    Wherever it ends up, I'll be watching. Awesome idea! 
  8. Toast added a post in a topic The Skoal Bandit 1986   

    Love the Aerocoupe! And that green and gold color combo is classic.
    Very nice build.
  9. Toast added a post in a topic Back to the Future II Delorean   

    Thanks! It's a really fun kit to build, goes together well except for a few fitment issues right at the end. They don't take away from the overall enjoyment of it, just takes a little extra patience to finish. 
  10. Toast added a topic in Under Glass   

    Back to the Future II Delorean
    Figured the time was right to build this kit, I've had it in my stash for many years.
    AMT release.
    Actually was able to finish it in only two months!

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  11. Toast added a post in a topic Fujimi Enthusiast kit community build   

    Excited to see more progress on this!
    I've done very little work on the Countach. I started another project beside it and the new one really took off. Don't know why i haven't started a WIP thread for it though.
    F40 is looking good.
  12. Toast added a post in a topic Some more Round2 surprizes!   

    Koo Koo Kar?


    How'd that get past the printer?
  13. Toast added a post in a topic VW Baja Bug ready to race!   

    Love the color and the style. Looks like it'd be a fun ride!
  14. Toast added a post in a topic Let's Post Our Snap Kits!   

    Gotta love how awesome these simple kits can look!

    Here's a few of mine.

    Keep em coming!