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  1. Grab those bargains off those racks... (HL sale)

    Yeah that didn't come across quite like it was supposed to. Within the selection that is on sale, most are in that price range.
  2. Grab those bargains off those racks... (HL sale)

    Stopped by Hobby Lobby tonight and they are clearancing a bunch of kits. Most automotive kits going for $6.75 - $7.50 each!
  3. What would YOU like to see as a model

    I just want a solid, accurate 1969 Chevelle.
  4. Ferrari F40- Fujimi 1/16

    Definitely excited to see this come together. Very nice work so far!
  5. AMT 1/20 '93 GMC Sonoma 4x4

    This is just their Syclone kit with a lifted suspension and without the Syclone specific body cladding.
  6. AMT 1/20 '93 GMC Sonoma 4x4

    I'm a huge S-Series fan so I'll be able to look past the scale. Had the bright blue release of this for some time now and it looks like it's well made. The only thing stopping me from building it is that i wanted to do a white Baja S-10 and scared I'll never keep the blue from kreeping through. I have the Chevy grill and engine. Interesting note on this kit is that it has the Syclone engine.
  7. Testors Spray Can seeping, anyone else have this happen?

    I've had it happen to two cans of Testors.
  8. How do You Say 1:1?

    I'd just say "Full Scale".
  9. Ferrari F40 - Fujimi

    The work bench is packed up at the moment. Had to tear down some walls in the house so put everything away to keep it safe. Hopefully be back at it in about a month. I was moving stuff around in the basement tonight and really wanted to sit at the bench and do a little work!
  10. Oh yeah, this will be in my stash when it comes out! Goofy tires and all!
  11. Ferrari F40 - Fujimi

    Finally made some progress on this build just in time to pack up the bench in preparation for more house construction. It's a pretty nice kit so far. Lots of prep work on the body. It's solid but lots of seam lines to clean up. I'm also filling in the extra vent on the side of the engine cover. Most progress was made on the interior. The dash and seats were masked, sprayed with textured trunk paint, then painted. The dash was painted Testors Panzer Gray and then a light mist of Battleship Gray. Photo etched pedals from one of my many F40 detail sets. The seats were painted Testors Italian Red, detailed, then coated with Flat Clear. The decals were taken from an unused F40 kit in the stash. Also sanded down the shift gate detail and added a photo etched piece after the texture and paint. Once the house is done being taken apart and put back together I'll get back to this build!
  12. Very nice work so far. Those body modifications are really cool.
  13. Bumblebee - 67 Camaro

    This is awesome!
  14. Whooooo! Look at all those parts! Very excited to follow along as you build this. Your engine assembling looks good so far, keep it up.
  15. Fujimi Ferrari F40LM

    Man! I got a blue one in the works and your's is making me shy to show it. That color looks like it's going to be awesome once detailed! The interior and engine look great as well. Love the color combo in the interior.