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  1. From my understanding these two are the same kit. Looking at the parts layout on the back of the AMT box it even has the extra offroading parts. Also, they are basically a lifted Syclone.
  2. I'm a bit of an S-Series fan so i geeked out over some of these offerings. Have the GMC baja pickup that i swapped with a Chevy grill to do a proper Baja S-10. Also have their mid 90s ZR2 pickup to build. The kits look really nice.
  3. Love it! Great color choice and very clean build. That red one looks wild too!
  4. It was a great show! Had a good time seeing and talking to some of you. Kiddo decided hanging out with grandma would be more fun but allowed me to bring her rainbow chevy. Yeah i watched that Van Halen pickup spin around for a good while checking out the details.
  5. Plans changed yet again. Ugh the suspense! The goofball and i should be there.
  6. This is a really cool build! We'll done!
  7. Well, wife made other plans. Maybe next year friends. 😮‍💨
  8. Got a little time this weekend in between getting ready for a work trip. Enough time to get some red down on the Mustang. Plus some spoons to test clear coats.
  9. Very nice work as usual. I really like the updates. Those Luminas still look mean.
  10. It's a long shot as I haven't seen one in a long time but on the hunt for one of these kits. I have a good selection of kits I'd be willing to trade. Sports cars, muscle cars, Nascar, exotics, some trucks, and some sci-fi.
  11. Every once in a while i get some time on the Xbox. I started playing Horizon 4 but mostly plug away at Horizon 3.
  12. Finally building at the new house. Claimed a little corner of the basement for my workbench. Going to be using Revell's 2006 Mustang GT kit to build a replica of a friends car. What I'm aiming for. Got a little color on it. Trying to use what I've got at the bench so tried "Wimbledon White" for the primer color. Not as gold or green as the factory primer but I think it'll be convincing under this small car. Using Dupli-Color cans as I don't have the booth and airbrush set up at the new house yet. Overspray pattern is a little heavy out of the can but again, it'll do just fine on a build that will rarely be flipped over. And white primer getting the body parts ready for some bright red paint. You can see the one sink mark I found on the driver door. Other than that the parts were really good.
  13. Rusty's MGD cars were one of the best looking on the track back in those days. Your build really does it justice. That black finish is flawless!
  14. Great build. I really like the updates you did to this kit. They really make your build stand out from the rest.
  15. Excited for the show! I missed the last two years.
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