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  1. I did the rubbings on this car by dabbing different colors on the body and dragging it with a wide flat brush
  2. This is my Holy Grail kit!! As I understand it the ‘79 was made for KB Toys stores and sold only there, then Monogram kitted the 80 after that, but I could be wrong.
  3. Used the chassis in these kits to build this using a Revell body if memory serves correctly.
  4. Why can’t you airbrush inside an apartment…I did it for years next to an open window with a window fan….maybe not the best thing but it worked.
  5. Another small update…the grill and bumper are finished, grill got pe screen and headlights from The R/M 29 Model A, on the bumper I filled the the lights and smoothed it all up. Both are ready for Alclad. I also finished the cab interior.
  6. No it does not need to be thinned….. and really whatever brush you use to blend or wipe it doesn’t really matter as long as it’s wide enough to create whatever look your going for
  7. Wow!! I may need some of those air horns!!
  8. I have no answers to those questions…I didn’t make the video….only putting it out there for informational reasons. The point is the tanks are not aluminum.
  9. If anyone is curious…turns out they are not aluminum….kinda disappointed…not my video
  10. Awsome build!!! Love every thing about it!!!
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