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  1. Well…I’ve managed to get some of the ripples sanded out of the body but lots more to sand. I’ve been working on the engine, I’ve improved the oil filter , which was just molded side ways to the block, got a start on an air conditioner compressor bracket and re worked the distributor to accept RB Motion spark plug boots. A lonnnng way to go!
  2. I used an old Chain Gang to build this several years ago
  3. I’m looking for some ac and alternator brackets for a 1/8 trans am. I wouldn’t even know where to begin
  4. So, can someone help a non tech guy out and explain just what I need to do to have parts printed that I’m pretty sure do not exist in scale anywhere? Are there folks out there that create the print files? And how would I find these people if they do exist?🤔
  5. Ok really hope someone brings out a sheet because the kit decals are not correct
  6. Awsome build!!! Nice to see it in yellow! I’d like to build the SS hatch as well. I’ve always liked Toms designs and this was his best imo. Nice job!!
  7. After seeing Plowboys Vette I thought I’d share mine built a few years ago. Same story as his, I built many of these as a kid !! I used aftermarket wheels, Otaki or something, and used some chassis parts from a more modern kit and the engine from a Monogram Chevelle. Painted with Tamiya clear orange laquer.
  8. So I’ve been waiting along time for this kit, I missed it when I was a kid and have been wanting it ever since and I’m 55 yrs old…so… Its everything I figured it would be, I knew it was gonna have some issues,but that’s ok. The big disappointment is the decal sheet. The bird on the hood does not match any photos I’ve seen for any color Trans Am. On top of that my kits decal sheet with all the pinstripes got smeared during printing. I’m hoping ROG will replace. Anyone in the States with experience getting parts from Germany please let me know how it went. Here is the very first mock up. I can see minor warping of the hood, and rear bumper,spoiler is gonna take some work. Over all I’m happy with it.
  9. These are in stock at megahobby.com mine is on the way!!
  10. I’d like to see some detail parts printed. I’d also like to see a replacement for that horrible plated part that Revell used for the gauges.
  11. Well…I can’t seem to get that link to work
  12. This has been on the back burner until I can get decals for it…unfortunately the ones listed in this thread are not currently available. I would love to get back on this…hmmmm🤔
  13. Well, I’m not convinced we will see this kit in US anytime soon so I’ll pay what I have to .
  14. They have the Revell 1/8 TA up for presale. I’m considering ordering there but if you know a better site that has it for preorder that would work!
  15. Anyone in the US ever order from this place https://www.models2u.co.uk/index.html ? Reputable???
  16. Last time I simulated concrete for a diorama, I used plexiglass. I used a scribe to carve in cracks , seams , etc, and painted it a tan/beige/grayish color and used thinned Tamiya smoke for oil stains. I’m sure others have better methods but that worked for me.
  17. With the fact that Revell is releasing the 1/8 Trans Am kit , I’m betting lots of folks are gonna want to paint it black. I’m considering doing mine in black but only if I’m comfortable that I can lay down a perfect black paint job. Can any of you that have tips for that perfect black paint offer up any advice? Brand of paint, polish you use, clear coat????? Thanks in advance!!!
  18. I’m really stoked about this release, I’ve wanted one of these for a long time but didn’t want to pay eBay prices for one. I see that it say decals for 3 versions. Curious to see the decal sheet.
  19. I did the rubbings on this car by dabbing different colors on the body and dragging it with a wide flat brush
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