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  1. mellow mike added a post in a topic Vintage diecast   

    can offer these 1/20th scale lindberg kits...california highway patrol ford explorer,,,jeep grand cherokee,nissan king cab 4x4 SE V6...all are in good condition opened but intact...except ford has engine started but done very well...can not post photos,but you can easily find these kits online to veiw what they look like...can offer any 2 of these in trade for your cars let me know... they would make great kits for kids as they are big and made with hi-gloss plastic
  2. mellow mike added a post in a topic Vintage diecast   

    hello...what scale are these or how long are these cars and what kind of kits are you looking for
  3. mellow mike added a post in a topic 64 Ford Galaxie HT   

    hello...went thru my stash and found I have the 86 version from blueprinter with bags still sealed...will never get to it, what are you willing to give/trade
  4. mellow mike added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    67 bonnie ?
    have tried to buy one but too much money in promo or kit form...anyone know of a resin body of this car...with the great impalas of the same vintage it would seem this to be a no-brainer    thanx in advance
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  5. mellow mike added a post in a topic predicta needed for project   

    sorry saw no difference in my post and the one asking for 59 caddy conv, and one asking for tamiya scion XB...please feel free to delete my post if needed and accept my apologies
  6. mellow mike added a post in a topic predicta needed for project   

    ok...lets try this, looking for the following, predicta,any re-issue,mpc 57 chevy flip front-,amt new silhouette with new decals, lindberg 32 ford roadster or 32 street pick up   not 34...or most any older lindberg from 1975 on back, and johan classic cars, those like rolls royce or cadillac...have alot to offer but heres whats on top of pile  .......................sealed ford expedition police SSV sealed,85-1972........amt,49merc  sedan sealed 6815.........amt fruit wagon,build 2 cars sealed amt869/12.......amt 66 ford galaxie 500 sealed 31546.........rev. darrell waltrip monte carlo, chrome body, 1 of 5000 sealed 85-4112...............following are sealed inside and complete and not beat up,......rev enzo ferrari,85-2192.........amt 66 merc hard top, 38161........rev C-6 corvette racing 85-2016........revell 50 olds club coupe 2 n 1,  85-4354......let me know if you can help me , I would trade 2 for 1 if its a fair deal...I am not able to post photos at this time, but if you will send me a phone number , i can text you a pic or two.......if you are on the good trader listing  I would send you my stuff first just to try to earn some respect on this board...would also enjoy talking kits and see what your looking for... as I buy collections to get what I want then sell off extras at swap meets   thanx for you considerations    Mr. Mellow
  7. mellow mike added a post in a topic predicta needed for project   

    sorry have none of those right now...looking for a more recent re-issue as I am cutting it up, but thanx for responding
  8. mellow mike added a topic in Wanted!   

    predicta needed for project
    hello...new to this board but have tons of trading stock including old airplanes and lots of cars, can we make a deal?...would prefer a   kit ,any re-issue but would consider a nice built-up....what are you looking for?
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  9. mellow mike added a post in a topic TRADED   

  10. mellow mike added a post in a topic TRADED   

    hello...totally new to this,but would like to have this kit and have beverly hills kit from a few years ago,still sealed to trade...you still interested?