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  1. painted corvette atomic orange, home made decals and license plates and wired the engine bay, some what.
  2. definitely a 67, left the vent windows off, i like that look better, peace
  3. http://i1365.photobucket.com/albums/r749/cgvette/100_1150_zpsuyrcdkoz.jpghttp://i1365.photobucket.com/albums/r749/cgvette/100_1159_zpsdrztihlb.jpg]
  4. i airbrushed house of kolor purple and gunmetal metallic, not really. i airbrushed folkart craft paint and added candy to both metallic colors, to give me a custom color. top coat was cleared with krylon. this illustrates how these cheap paints can create quality paint jobs, not to mention how safe they are compared to other paints.
  5. cgvette


    i did a similar one about a month ago...check for comparison
  6. cgvette

    32 ford

    candy yellow, rc lacqer.
  7. cgvette

    32 ford

    candy yellow, rc lacqer.
  8. cgvette

    1941 willys

    thank you doctor cranky and all those who have posted their comments, much appreciated, peace.
  9. love it, keep up your good work.
  10. cgvette

    1941 willys

    i used nail polished and added spark plug wires...
  11. i used cheap acrylics craft paints (airbrushed).
  12. willy painted with nail polish, need to complete engine and some chrome foil. the chevy truck is a 1972 with a 95 chevy short bed, i believe...
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