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  1. Wow I did not know that Mike! MPC seemed to come out with that kit in only 1967 for the thunder Charger. Would be fun to make it if you could find it. (lol and afford it) Very cool to know, thank you.
  2. Had this kit from 2002 and working on it now. Its not like the new release from AMT and only has the clear windshield, but easy to add a little clear orange from Tamiya to replicate Barris's version, not the one from the movie. Only 2 tone as well. Similar to what was just sold in 2015. Doing a bit of work on the engine and chassis as well at the moment. Yes I know the one from the movie and the one recently sold was a 273, but hey, its going to be a bigger engine in my model! Would like to switch in a better chassis as well like the Revell 68 Dart, but I dont have one in stock and trying to keep it affordable. Im doing it my way, no matter what but any suggestions are welcome....even if I dont follow it, lol!
  3. My son's first model

    Wow that is an awesome build for a 5 year old! I bet its his favorite now with soon to be another kit! There is a bond that can never be replaced!
  4. RIP Toys R Us

    Yes of course, thats my point! That is whats happening now. I've been working all my life since the 60's and as soon as the net showed up you can see this happening with-in the last 10 years or so. So much worse now than ever before! When you said "they'll be brick & mortar stores for awhile" and go with the flow, made me think all is fine and this is just a passing fad. Yea there are brick & mortar but it will only be maybe pizza shops and CVS's to get band-aids and stuff very soon. Dont quite your day job and save your bucks is my point! Your gonna need it.
  5. RIP Toys R Us

    To quote from news reports about that situation.... "It seems likely we're about to see lots more bankruptcies like Toys 'R' Us, which means trouble for low-wage workers." I agree with you HO...kinda... but really, it will be much heavier and sooner than you think.
  6. RIP Toys R Us

    Please guys, hold your super fast palm computer device (cell phone) in your left hand and point to any store these days with your right hand and think. The webs gonna stop every kind of retail... eventually. All of them.... Goodbye shack, hobbyshops, Toys-r-us, Sears, etc... Goodbye to you all! I have no Idea why this pi**** me off but it may look ok for us to do this with web purchasing and waiting for the mail to get stuff, but something is gonna kick us in the ass because of it down the road.
  7. Old Hobby Shop Photos

    Love the ads, but the camp pic.... so true on something we will never see again being we a bit older we will not see it, but for young kids now, you have to ask yourselves why. To bad video games they play are so enjoyable but they give you nothing! That is one part of family values that has turned into garbage.
  8. What Pleased You Today!

    Not much!
  9. 1950s in the USA

    Great photos, was a young kid at that time. Thanks!