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  1. DrSprue added a post in a topic 1979 Firebird Formula?   

    Oh thank you guys for responding (so sorry Im replying a bit late, I wont go into why..too embarrassing really) but yes "kelson" for that style of the that Revell and IMSS for your idea about a bit of scratch in that area that could be done. (wow your older firebids are so nice too) So right about not having that car in 79 and being a formula too. I did a bit more research and kelson I found that model and it does have a removal hood. 
    (See the image I found on one site at the bottom that was a side scan)

     I think ill take that revell #6222 up above (If I can find one) and the same scale revell 6220 (below) if I can find that too and do some scratching and sanding!

    Even if the hoods are a bit off, Ive seen some of you really good car modelers take the hood and do some scratch stuff to them. Like a transplant of the center sections. Thanks for all your reply's tho, it helped me quite a bit.
    I think for the time being that Im still a bit new coming back into the hobby so I'll build some kits I do have in my stash for some practice. I am almost finished with that countach you see in my picture and maybe another one for good practise. Thx again! 

  2. DrSprue added a topic in General   

    1979 Firebird Formula?
    OK guys, Ive gotten a few late year 1970 Firebirds and found 1 that was a 78 and a 79 but they were all Trans Ams.
    I am looking for a kit for a 1979 Firebird Formula and looks like a  Trans Ams but the difference is the scoops on the hood and no side vents and lower body's a bit different. 
    I did find a 1976 Firebird Formula by MPC made in 1976 that was close but different front end (three years earlier obviously), but im sure hard to get for that long ago, and no reboxes it seems since then.
    Here is the 1979 Firebird Trans Am

    Here is a 1979 Firebird Formula

    Any recommendations on what do to make a 79 formula from a kit or by hand? The two hood scoop formula Firebird '79 is what I had once.
    Never really did scratch or anything but open to it.
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  3. DrSprue added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Hello from New England
    Away from modeling for about 25 years or so, seems youtube and a closet full of models brought me back. Mostly static rocket related kits, a few cars and such... really need to be started and many finished!
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