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  1. I really liked seeing the pic of Bob Clidinst... Do you have any idea what became of his long tern 1/8 scale Offy project? He brought it to our club meeting (CCMC) one night and it was absolutely amazing... I sure miss that guy..
  2. Looks a little like my old car...
  3. Watchin this one closely.... My first car was also an Antique White ‘62 Galaxie 4 door sedan with a 352 and Ford O Matic with Blue vinyl interior. I drove that car about 4.5 years... I’ve owned a total of three over the years including a Chestnut convertible like my model. Who did the resin body..?
  4. I’m curious, Did they address any of the sink holes that were present in the older issues of this kit?
  5. Thanks for all the kind words guys... These old cars are out there. Much like Mr. Obsessive, I prefer to build convertibles with the uptop. it give them so much more character. I’ve got about 10 other builds currently in the works with uptops and I’m planning some unique color combinations...
  6. This has been a very long term build that was finally finished on 8-30-2019. I got the car years ago as a stripped kit that had never had any fender skirts or other custom parts applied. The car had a great windshield header and the car had freshly redone chrome... I used a modified ‘63-‘64 Chevy uptop and a set of the new AMT Firestone Champion Deluxe tires. Otherwise, the kit is 100% box stock.
  7. I like it...! One of my favorite cars..
  8. Keesee17

    1955 Dodge

    I like it..! I’ve got the kit from R&R and wondering if it may be lifted from the same casting.... I saved your photos to compare..
  9. They missed several details on the latest Hemi Cuda kit so I’m not expecting a lot of this one...
  10. There’s not one kit in the bunch that I’m interested in... If Revell wants to do something to kickstart sales theyg could do a few modified kits starting with a nice ‘57 Nomad, a convertible version of the ‘60 Impala, and a 1950 Ford panel delivery truck from the pickup.... I understand they are wanting to generate some quick revenue to try to establish profits quickly but they should realize that anyone who wanted a Foose version of their kits already has a plenty.. Its high time to bring back the original edition of the ‘65 Impala, ‘68 Firebird, ‘67 Charger, ect... Maybe put a few new parts in the ‘36 Ford, ‘39 Chevy kits...It will be interesting to see which tool they plan to use for the AAR Cuda kit since they’ve screwed up every attempt so far the do one right...
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