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  1. That looks mighty good. Just one thing, you have your distributor and rad hose in each others location...
  2.  "I'm thinking about making it a nitrous engine." Nothing wrong with that!!!
  3. What you are building looks awesome, in my opinion. I like the hood, but they do look better on Galaxies. Have you decided what engine is going in ? I'm building a 64 Fairlane with the all mighty 289...
  4. I do not have these seats in front of me, but try looking at the 63/64 Galaxies, you might be able to use the backs with the 65 uphostery.
  5. Hey, that 56 has been sold😝. And since we are in a big move right now, it may be months before I can get to ANY modeling. But I will be back😎.
  6. When did they put the left one in the kit? Not seen it before..
  7. This to me looks just toooo..... busy. Kinda fighting its self....
  8. Blasphemer!! Yer right, that beautiful Ford engine deserves better!! All kidding aside, I would never put a Ford in a Chevy.. That 56 is going to get a nailhead if I can find all the parts...
  9. Progress made😎 Man I really need a better camera...
  10. Thinking along these line's http://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/classic-cars/rare-find-1955-chevy-convertible-powered-by-a-427-ford-engine/ar-BBB4r7D?li=BBnbfcL:p3: But I could just put that Cammer in the Talledega 🤔
  11. Thanks Kevin. Snake, working on it, just haven't decided what engine to use yet.
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