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  1. Monty, you can sit there an listen to all these opinions, or you can do it right, CALL a pro in to help. If you ever have to go thru even a small house fire, well you know.
  2. I think the Revell T-Bolt kit has some nice Ford type wipers.
  3. Molded in 5 colors. body is blue. https://www.autoworldstore.com/product-p/amt1176m.htm
  4. One thing I've learned when doing window trim is to not stop in the middle, start at one end and go in one smooth stroke all the way to the other end. Then do not touch till dry.
  5. https://www.ratwax.net/ I have used this with pretty good results.
  6. H E L L I quit..........................................
  7. Man, you need some BIGGER tires on the rear... Great scratch building!!
  8. Just what does "Street Stock Strip" tm mean? Its not street, its no way stock, I guess if its four wheel drive it could blast down the strip.🤣
  9. I think it was at Hobby Lobby, but then its been a while.
  10. I've been using a Decocolor pen for some time now and really can not see the difference between it and BMF on small stuff like trim around windows and small scripts. But it looks a bit smeared on large parts. Plus its never has dried up or puked on the paint.LOL
  11. "Debating on whether to paint the cage body color or gloss black " With the black interior, I'd say body color. Build is coming along real nice.
  12. Some great suggestions guys, like the root beer idea, Snake, never would have thought orange, but it does look like it when you take out the dark shadows in the art work.Think I might try mixing some brown with some orange and see what happens. Thanks
  13. If you were going to paint this the color on the box, what color would you use? Thanks
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