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  1. Blasphemer!! Yer right, that beautiful Ford engine deserves better!! All kidding aside, I would never put a Ford in a Chevy.. That 56 is going to get a nailhead if I can find all the parts...
  2. Progress made😎 Man I really need a better camera...
  3. Thinking along these line's http://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/classic-cars/rare-find-1955-chevy-convertible-powered-by-a-427-ford-engine/ar-BBB4r7D?li=BBnbfcL:p3: But I could just put that Cammer in the Talledega 🤔
  4. Thanks Kevin. Snake, working on it, just haven't decided what engine to use yet.
  5. Thought I'd post this one up, it has a good chance of holding my interest. First started this build in 1992, first model I ever cut the doors and trunk lid out. {And the last} Lost interest and its been in the box ever since. Well I glued the doors and trunk lid shut and now I will try to continue, wish me luck!! Mountainman
  6. I've not completed a model in so many years I lost count. Simply because I was hung up on the details. A few weeks ago the wife asked to see something new that I had done. Well dear, there is nothing! And the conversation went on for twenty minutes.. So I wound up agreeing to build what is in the box, with "some" options, and I have to tell you, its hard but its coming around and I like it.............I call it modified parts box customizing...........As Snake would say, Model on!!!
  7. Need the two "Flashback" decals. Thanks,
  8. That has turned out really nice, love the colors.
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