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  1. The Tony Nancy 22jr kit also has some, they are plain topped though. I have a set that is like the 1:1 you show, on my FE. They are Cal Custom.
  2. Yes!! Now your talking, will cont. to watch this now. The Revell 68 kit has the turn signal hood, I'm using one on my 67, it has to be worked a bit but fits well.
  3. To be different. Isn't that what building a hot rod is all about?
  4. I think you may have missed a color🤣 Just kidding, very nice, I remember stuff running the streets like that..
  5. This is the suit you need to drive it.
  6. Google " southwestern style blankets" and you will find all types/colors.
  7. Thanks, I'll look for one of these kits.
  8. In search of this style air cleaner. Have stuff for trading. Thanks
  9. I;m sorry. but if I looked like that I would think I was an alien, Laughing so hard I just puked🤪
  10. the carpet monster finaly got me Did you vacuum, then tear the vacuum apart😁
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