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  1. So many details here to admire! Just amazing craftsmanship and easily one of my favorite model trucks this year. Stunning work!
  2. Very tasteful color choice and a clean looking rig. Nice job!
  3. Super creative and a careful recreation of the original. My brother had one when we were younger. NIce work!
  4. Like many others, I too found this kit to be a joy to put together. Almost everything fit as it should and I would surmise that the parts that didn't fit well were because of my particular stage of modeling skill. This was my first time experimenting with oil pastels to weather and I hand painted the logo, as the decal I wanted to use didn't cooperate (I don't want to talk about it...). Stock out of the box! Thanks for looking!
  5. Astounding work. True craftsmanship right here! Wow!!
  6. That's a beautiful Ford, mrmike! I really enjoyed watching your build and how you eliminated the front axle. Also, I love the rims! Digging on the two-tone! I got one of these for Christmas and am looking forward to building it at some point as well.
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