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  1. Matte varnish will dull the shine, add layers until you're happy with the look. Be sure to let it dry enough between coats to check as the finish will change as it dries. Other alternative is a bleach dip like below and repaint aluminium.
  2. Yet you're breaking the rules and doing exactly that and pretending to be surprised after saying here's several of these rare kits that I don't even like and getting people saying I'll buy one ta. If you were abiding by the rules you'd be replying with sorry, I'm only putting on info no sales allowed I'll stick them on ebay etc instead of hey pm me to arrange a sale! The one thing worse than people who flout and wiggle round site rules are those who do so then act all 'who me?' and feign ignorance.
  3. Nice subtle 'for sale, send me offers' post there fella Page rules pinned post states no sales yet this is clearly fishing for offers and selling your surplus kits!
  4. Smart phone? If so use Google translate app, take a photo of the text and it'll translate to your chosen language, not perfect but typically good enough to get the idea of what it's telling you to do.
  5. That sounds interesting, i'll have a watch later as i'm up to my elbows in things for a week away with my son currently.
  6. Some time ago I filmed a how to thoroughly clean your double action airbrush tutorial as I saw so many comments asking how and thought i'd share my method which has worked well for me for the last 10 or so years leaving me a spotlessly clean brush in 10 min or less.At the time I was restricted by poor lighting, audio and average image quality so I thought it time to revisit it with higher er def video, better er sound and amazing CGI and special effects!(The CGI and special effects is not true though)Hope it's useful to someone.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcSBK0l5Lbw&t=2s
  7. That was a very tongue in cheek potted history of the autogyro. The original design concept is commonly attributable to Juan De La Cierva but this specific one is attributable to Wing Commander Ken Wallis and the bare frame version mentioned was touted for military use as a close distance observational vehicle. The mods were made specifically for the film and without considerable power modifications it wouldn't have flown were all the armaments real. There's no official take on Q branch's input re Little Nellie as it wasn't in the books, (the films being a bit more fantastical and 'out there' than the books ever were), but I like to imagine little back stories to film vehicles. Glad you enjoyed the build.
  8. Most recent build completed. Revell Crusader, 1/12 scale 'Amercan Chopper' style bike. Fun build, a few scratch parts like the HT leads and Brake lines, Paint is Humbrol 51, Sunset Red though over white primer it's more hot pink but I like, it, very hot rod and bright and noticeable. Build review here: And more info and detail image on the Blog post here: https://wordpress.com/post/miksmodelkits.wordpress.com/127 Crusader Chopper 1 by mike michael michaels, on Flickr Crusader Chopper 3 by mike michael michaels, on Flickr Crusader Chopper 6 by mike michael michaels, on Flickr Crusader Chopper 8 by mike michael michaels, on Flickr
  9. Look at the guys feedback and trading history. 1243 positive feedbacks, no negs or neutral within the last 12 months, 20+ pos feedback in the last month alone, AND he's refunded you in full, no quibbles. I'd say honest mistake which has been rectified at no loss whatsoever to you. Maybe you should take the post down or edit it, it seems somewhat unfair to tar him with a bad trader brush. Truth be told, that looks to me like a decal sheet and if you didn't notice yourself till you cut out some of the 'non' decals then it's even more likely he thought they were genuine decals and as another poster said, they could have been a printing error where the film wasn't applied.
  10. Thankyou, It's a really old Airfix kit, you do see the odd one on ebay but then there are some jokers too, one on there currently for £300+, crazy. Personally i'd say the kit, interesting as it is, isn't worth over £20.
  11. Completed the old 1/24 Airfix Little Nellie Wallis Autogyro. Blog review here: https://miksmodelkits.wordpress.com/2017/09/13/airfix-wallis-autogyro-james-bonds-little-nellie/ Youtube review and build here with more detail pics: ln1web by mike michael michaels, on Flickr lnnp2web by mike michael michaels, on Flickr
  12. Got to agree, i've done it before but only ONE pic, as an example/comparison/idea or to point something out. A whole slew of pics was unecessary and does take away from the reason I clicked this thread to read, I want to see what the OP does with the build, not a page and a half of someone elses. Does come across as hijacking another thread, one pic and even a clicky link to your build thread and i'd have looked and i'm sure others would or just start a new thread maybe? You'd leave a forum over something like this? It's the internet and everyone has an opinion
  13. I get whatever the local hardware store has in at the time or failing that if I happen to be in town, (it's rare being 75 miles away), I go to Halfords and get a can of theirs, (Halfords is a big UK motoring goods store). Best advice I could give is decant it and use an airbrush, it's thin enough that you can coat the model at low pressure and get a fine mist coat on before a couple of wet coats and no chance of flooding the model like with an aerosol designed for larger areas. Decanting is easy, covered here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqVnb7_FDrE
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