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  1. M1ks added a post in a topic Revell Chopper (Finished 6/15)   

    Cool stuff. 
  2. M1ks added a post in a topic Paint removal   

    I wasn't aware Dettol wasn't readily available in the US, it's rare that we have something in the UK that you can't get elsewhere, (apart from Hendersons Relish, the best fish n chips, steak, stew and soup sauce ever, ahhhh).
    As for an alternative, I truly don't know, I do know that the supermarket 'own brand' Dettol variants in the UK don't work the same.
    Had a quick look on amazon.com and you can get it on there though
    The one I use is diluted 1:1 with water and has been on the go for about a year now and I've just last week stripped a bike body and panels of cellulose primer with it so it will last a long time, all the paint that falls off settles as sediment in the bottom and you can filter this off but I've not done so yet.
    I'd offer to mail you one but with all the changes and restrictions applied since I last sent things to my friends in the US it'd likely be illegal being a liquid or more expensive than getting a bottle from amazon.com.
    I prefer Dettol over everything else I've tried, (I've tried oven cleaner sprays, horrible, choking fumes and watering eyes included, thinners, solvents and various other things, Dettol is designed as a disinfectant to be put on skin and though the smell is very 'medical centre disinfectant' it won't hurt you, whereas oven cleaners and brake fluid and such are nasty nasty chemical concoctions that you don't want anywhere near you if you can help it.
    As mentioned though, re resins, I've done little work with resin and it's best to test a small piece or one area to see if it reacts, if it's fully cured it shouldn't but best to check first.
  3. M1ks added a post in a topic Paint removal   

    Dettol works great on acrylic, enamel, cellulose (lacquer).
    See here.
    (Can be diluted 1:1 and still as effective)
  4. M1ks added a post in a topic OTB: Tamiya Yamaha YZR-M1   

    The Tamiya kits practically fall together , even the earlier ones, the Aoshima are a close second in assembly, sub assemblies is the way to go and testing things rather than following the instruction sheet to the letter, often the frame can be glued before fitting engines etc even in the steel framed bikes which allows filling and smoothing of seams before painting.
    Have a look for Tamiyas Honda CB750 and Suzuki Katana, they're  a common and cheap kit and while early examples, they do build very well, great to begin with.
    Nice paintpaintwork on the M1 btw 👍
  5. M1ks added a post in a topic Revell BMW Z1 Roadster 1:24   

    Thanks guys.
    The yellow was only a primer coat, if I intend to use a bright colour i'll use a white or yellow base unless i'm doing white then I prefer a grey base to ensure I get good coverage of the top coat. Their own Yellow for the production model was a nasty insipid washed out colour.
    Yes Fabbrica, the doors can be open or closed whilst in use and indeed operated on the move, (dependant on local laws re open cabins), i'd guess if you can drive something like a Willys jeep legally with it's open sides then this would be acceptable too. (unless you mean the model kit? in which case they're fully articulated as is the steering front wheels and boot and bonnet, (trunk and hood), see video 5 to see them operated.
  6. M1ks added a post in a topic Revell BMW Z1 Roadster 1:24   

    Thankyou, It was a fun build this one.
  7. M1ks added a topic in Under Glass   

    Revell BMW Z1 Roadster 1:24
    Completed 1:24 BMW Z1 Roadster by Revell.
    Not a bad kit but some trimming and cleanup to get everything to fit cleanly.
    I chose not to go with one of BMW's original colour choices as they were all incredibly bland and boring for such a quirky and interesting car.
    The Z1 was originally launched as a concept but interest and demand were high enough to encourage a small production run.
    Z1-5 by mike michael michaels, on Flickr
    Z1-3 by mike michael michaels, on Flickr
    More images on my flickr.
    Video of completed build and overview here.
    Video build series here
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  8. M1ks added a post in a topic eBay Scammer Afoot!   

    Seems people are getting a bit too carried away, as someone said on here, as a buyer you really can't lose out other than being without the funds for a couple of weeks and ultimately not getting the item, buyer protection is good, unlike items outside of ebay where paypal doesn't offer the same protection then common sense should prevail and you exchange cash for goods in person. (Craigslist or gumtree in the UK).
    The risk is higher as a seller when you get hijacked paypal accounts and new ebay ids bidding on high priced items, I had this not long ago with a a high end camera lens, I refused to sell because of the risk unless the buyer withdrew the paypal and paid by transfer or cheque or cash on collection simply because I knew it was too good to be true, cancelling the transaction, I relisted and got a genuine sale by someone who hadn't only just registered an account, claimed to know nothing of how ebay and paypal work then suddenly become suspiciously knowledgeable about paypals workings.
    Telling people if something on ebay is cheap it's too good to be true isn't sensible advice as sometimes you really can get very cheap batgains, I've had a good few and buyer protection is good as is paypals service and helpdesk too.
  9. M1ks added a post in a topic Honda CB750F Cafe Racer   

    Really well done. 
  10. M1ks added a post in a topic AMT Ford Capri 2.8   

    Thanks guys. 
    Makes me feel better about a build I wasn't the most pleased with. 
    AFX, that's exactly the same body as mine, I shaved and sanded the side repeater / reflector moulding off as that's not s typical UK thing. 
    The bumpers on your box art look way better though, shame I got the plastic bumpers. 
    When you get around to building it do several dry fits of the cabin tub, chassis and body shell, I had to use a razor saw to cut a 4-5 mm portion off the front to get it to fit. 
  11. M1ks added a post in a topic A couple of motorbike kits I've built   

    Thanks guys
  12. M1ks added a post in a topic Aston Martin DB4   

    That's very nice, like the exhaust detail.
  13. M1ks added a post in a topic AMT Ford Capri 2.8   

    Thanks, I feel like I could have done a better job with it though. But yes, those bumpers are horrible, the front especially looks like it's had the wraparound portions chpped off.
    Did you mean to link a Capri pic in yours?
  14. M1ks added a topic in All the Rest   

    A couple of motorbike kits I've built
    I build cars and enjoy them but bikes are my favourite kits, especially tamiya kits.
    Working on a Revell BMW Z1 currently but here are some pics of bikes I've built, a couple of them having been on escale previously when I was on there.
    Honda NR

    Revell Suzuki RG250 gamma

    Tamiya Ducati Panigale 1199s

    There are a few more pics on my flickr and build videos for the Panigale on my youtube if anyone wants to see more.
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  15. M1ks added a post in a topic Looking for escale and found this   

    That's great, thanks.
    I'll post a couple of pics of a couple I've built, the most recent was the Tamiya Ducati Panigale, a beautiful kit that builds well.
    I've just posted the Capri I recently finished which was a horible kit to build but am working on this that's going together much more nicely so far.