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  1. Even though it is “done”, I still have some details to take care of, but here it is, my 1968 Mustang CJ Tasca drag car.
  2. Sorry for the late response, yes, it is that kit.
  3. Yes, I did a search. I have the AMT Street Rods issue of the 1963 Corvette and I want to build the drag version and I want to know if anyone else has built that version. In the instructions they mention having to “enlarge” the wheel openings to fit the slicks, which to me means doing a radius of the wheel opening. However I saw the picture here and it makes me wonder if that is even remotely necessary. What I want to avoid is making a model that looks like the wheels don’t fit, I’ll never be satisfied with it, and will thus be driven mad until I change it or blow it to smithereens.
  4. Pretty much why I am doing it the way I am, once bit twice shy.
  5. Nice, looking forward to seeing it done.
  6. Best Mercedes Benz I had was a 1970 280S, worst was a 1988 260E, my 280 got stolen and one of the happiest days I had was when I took the license plates off the 260.
  7. My factory drag car in progress.
  8. Sweet custom with great chassis detail.
  9. Jo-Han made such great kits, I wish they were still producing.
  10. Wow, that's amazing, never saw one of those back in the day, lots of coupes with vinyl tops, but never a RR.
  11. Dog dish wheels look so right on those cars.
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