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  1. All i get is this when i click on them The URL contained a malformed video ID.
  2. sounds likes a cool project keep it up
  3. This sure is one sweeet ride!! I Love the paintwork on it well done
  4. I Started this well over a year Ago!! Shows ya how slow I am lol. Anyways, Since its gettin Cold out This will become my winter project. I already stretched the frame last year and that's about it. I still have to work on that a little to. It will end up a little lower in the front once i figure it out. I have stripped the chrome from almost all the tanks and stuff. Will be making my own stacks as well, but thats a ways off. Anyways Just wanted to share with you. Thanks for lookin
  5. Wow i've enjoyed this post from start to finish!! Keep it up its looking great
  6. Looks awesome my neighbor from the very close north Keep up the good work
  7. very cool keep it up love the stripes
  8. This is one awesome ride Uelder!!!! Ive always enjoyed ur work!!! Keep it up
  9. awesome paint work, Ill be following this one!!!
  10. Some progress Pics for you all, I got the body all together and the engine is almost done, Will be wired soon. I hope u like it so far. Amd im thinking about keeping the stance like it is Idk yet, what ya'll think
  11. Im with bob on this one. Ive been using these on my grills, dash board vents etc, panel lines, For quite sometime. I think i got every Size there is plus the colors. And he is right, Sometimes its the Chrome itself, Heres what i do, if it wont right in the recess of a grille cause of the film, Take a toothpick, and hit the recess back and forth a few times and its scuffed up enuff to use the pens Well happy modeling
  12. This is the AMt one, with 4 diff engine choices, the SB 327 normal aspirated, SB 327 Fuel injected, BB Drag Engine, and the BB 427. I kinda want to make it into a Pro Street type, But dont know where to start
  13. Here is my new project. This is my fav year vette. Once i found one i knew i had to build it!! Not much to look at but that will change
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