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  1. I hate BAD drivers !!! I was stopped at a red light at an intersection. I looked at my rear view mirror and saw 1 of the new Porsche Carreras coming fast. He came up to the light,touched the brakes,( his brake lights blinked), and he sped right thru. If there were any cars coming from either side,he would have hit them. At the speed he was going, there would be serious injuries. I could not see the driver as the windows were too dark. I wish I could have gotten his plate number, or if the police were around. My wife said she wished he would wrap it around a tree. It would serve him right.
  2. Hi Snake, I showed my wife the pic and all she saw was her Nikes. Does she know the name or where she got them. She likes the color and the Velcro. If not,no big deal. I tried to send message,said you can't receive? Thanks,george
  3. May he rest in peace. My wife and I saw him at the opening of the Orlando Arena. He was there with Dolly and the Oak Ridge Boys. What a concert !! Yes they sang "Islands in the Stream"
  4. Hi, you might make the plug wires a little longer to add some droop in the wires. Look at images on google and you will see that most wires are not that tight from distributor to plug. Just my 2 cents.
  5. I stopped by Lowe's today and picked up a shop light fixture.When I got home,I took it out of box and saw it was missing the socket piece that the bulbs go into.there were 3 in place on unit and 1 missing. Now,I have to go back and return it and get another one.this is their fault and no quality control. They should give me something for the trouble,but,I am sure that is not going to happen.
  6. Well excuse me for trying to bring some laughter to here. Just because it is click bait,there are some weird planes that I bet most here did not know about. Sorry about the thread !!
  7. I think this is a great topic and there are some strange planes. Also good for a chuckle or two. https://www.moneypop.com/business/the-worst-planes-and-helicopters-ever-made/?utm_source=gd&utm_campaign=hjm-dm-us-n-sm-0-191206-mp-gd-b4&utm_medium=US-All&utm_content=blank&utm_term=blank&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIpZj22YfW5gIVQxB9Ch3INw3eEAEYASAAEgKAt_D_BwE
  8. Dave, I am sorry to say that the ads are getting to be too much. I got an ad for the Squatty Potty for kids. Also there are 3-4 ads per page on a thread. Is there a way to reduce the ads and not lose too much revenue? I might have to start using an ad blocker.
  9. This belongs to a guy that owns a n auto shop near me. I have more pics. 65 fairlane 500
  10. Hi again, 14 out of 16 qualifiers were Camaros. There was a Mustang and a Dart also. I think it has to do with aerodynamics and they run a GM 500 engine. That seems to be the combo of choice now. I remember the old days of Pro Stock with Fords,Chevys and Dodges battling it out.
  11. Hi, the top speed for Top Fuel was 334.40 MPH. Funny cars were faster. John Force hit 337.33 and Robert Hight hit 335.07.
  12. Hi all,I have a friend that has this 55.I would like to build one as close as possible.choose files... Click to choose files Which kit would work best?
  13. Casey, thanks for letting me know the differences in the kits. They are not a deal breaker for either kit. Joe, Yes,I am just wanting a decent kit. Thanks to all replies !! George
  14. Thank you very much,Joe. That is just what I am looking for. Now to go to the Bay to look for one. George
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