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  1. gbdolfans added a post in a topic Model Roundup   

    I've ordered several times from Jack.He is very fair,and,great to deal with.
    I always get my order quicker than I was thinking it would get here.
  2. gbdolfans added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Ideas for wife to sell her nature pics???
    Hi all, I am looking for sites or ideas for my wife to maybe sell her pictures.She is very passionate about nature and her flowers.
    There are many great photographers here and thought this would be a good place to ask.
    We use a Coolpix S6100 with 16 Megapixels.She has had many people say her pics are beautiful.
    Any help and links would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. gbdolfans added a post in a topic If you could only build one more model kit, what would it be?   

    I would pick the 1/16 scale Garlits,dragster in full detail. It would take me probably 20 years at my skill level.
    As to why, I love the Diggers,met him many times at Miami Hollywood Speedway in the 60's and 70's.
    And I know I would still be around that long. Although, with my back pain,maybe not so sure.
  4. gbdolfans added a post in a topic Today I pray for Harry to get better   

    Amen and "May God Bless"
  5. gbdolfans added a post in a topic Some builts   

    Absolutely LOVE the Gasser!!!!
    Great work on all of them.
  6. gbdolfans added a post in a topic Auto ID #303   

    this is a joke,right?
  7. gbdolfans added a post in a topic Harry in hospital   

    Great to hear you are getting out of the big "H" soon. I know you will miss the late night nurses visits.
    I hope you have someone to help you at home.
    Positive thoughts sent your way and "May God Bless"
  8. gbdolfans added a post in a topic I am in the hospital   

    Hope you feel better quickly.
    the inmates are running the asylum while you are laid up and it is not the same.
    We need you on your feet soon to take charge again..
  9. gbdolfans added a post in a topic Harry in hospital   

    I hope you get well quick,Harry.
  10. gbdolfans added a post in a topic Harry's birthday   

    Happy Birthday Harry. I hope you have many more.
    To steal a previous post, just put on a LBT CD or DVD and enjoy!!!
  11. gbdolfans added a post in a topic World Series   

    I'm going to get the warmest jacket I can find because something is freezing over.
  12. gbdolfans added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I found this at our HL.I have been looking for these for a long time.

    It has 4 different detailers and grit along with 5 replacements bands for each.
    Used my 40% coupon.
    I'm stoked!!!
  13. gbdolfans added a post in a topic Yet Another Hobby Lobby Clearance Post..   

    Went today and mine had no kits on clearance. Guess the store is too new.
  14. gbdolfans added a topic in General   

    Engine with no cam!!
    Hey all, what do you think of this.Kind of cool!!
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  15. gbdolfans added a post in a topic Magazine subscriptions   

    It is my understanding that people working for the USPS do not make minimum wage.