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  1. gbdolfans added a post in a topic MJ Engines   

    What engines are we talking about? Any other pieces?
    Link would be great.
  2. gbdolfans added a post in a topic '74 Vega Bruce Larson USA-1_FYI Reissue Update   

    Such negativity!!
    I for one am happy that they are delaying it to get it right!!!
    Every time a new kit is released,there are the ones that nitpick it.
    This shows Round2 is trying to give us a good product.What does it matter that it will come to us late.
    If they had said it would be released in 2018,then it would be ahead of schedule.
    I for one will buy at least one of the kit,enjoy it when I get it,and applaud them for it.
    Just my $.02
  3. gbdolfans added a post in a topic Revell 2016 releases   

    Casey,Thank you for the link also.Now I am going to have to get one.
    Or 2,or3...
  4. gbdolfans added a post in a topic 1962 1/24 scale Corvette   

    Absolutely awesome car!!! Love the color and details.
    Please post more!!!
  5. gbdolfans added a post in a topic Tom Daniel Dragon Wagon   

    Very nice job on this.I did one many years ago and it sure didn't look as good as yours.
    Welcome to the forum and keep building.
    You are off to a great start and if you have any questions of need any help,JUST ASK HERE!!!
  6. gbdolfans added a post in a topic Charger Mystery ? Solved   

    Harry,I think he meant the model used the stock bodies,not the 1:1 cars.
  7. gbdolfans added a post in a topic dashboard   

    Tom, those look great!!
    Is there a link to where you get yours,or just do a google search.
    Also,Tom,PM sent.
  8. gbdolfans added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    filling and smoothing seams?
    Hi all,I know this is basic,but,I have trouble with it.
    I hope to pick the brains of the builders here.How do you go about filling seams,smoothing them,etc...
    What do you use,when do you use it.
    Is there a difference if the seam is on a straight line,on a rounded surface or curve.
    • 2 replies
  9. gbdolfans added a post in a topic T.V./Movie Cars (show em')   

    Dave, bored?? are you kidding!!! Keep them coming.
  10. gbdolfans added a post in a topic VIVA LAS VEGAS 2015   

    Simon,the link worked great. I will enjoy looking at your pics.
    You have a good eye for photography.
    Thanks for posting the link.
  11. gbdolfans added a post in a topic VIVA LAS VEGAS 2015   

    GREAT pictures Simon. Do you have a link to see more???
    Thank you for posting.
  12. gbdolfans added a post in a topic Barnes & Noble and MCM   

    I went to the store(B & N) today.There were none on the shelves.I asked at Customer Service(??) and a lady said they don't order titles at store level.
    They are ordered by a buyer and she would pass the request on to her manager.This is the store in Asheville,NC.It is in an area called Biltmore Park.
    Not related to the attraction.Based on my experiences with this store,I'm not holding my breath.
    The store number is 2326.
  13. gbdolfans added a post in a topic Hello from SC   

    Hi Brent,welcome to a great place to spend quality time!!!
    There is so much Fantastic knowledge here and people willing to help in many ways.
    I used to go to Simpsonville quite a bit when Golden Strip Hobbies was there.
    Is there anyplace in that area to get stuff???
    Do not hesitate to ask questions and invite comments.
  14. gbdolfans added a post in a topic "Frantic Ford" Mustang Funny Car   

    Bruno,great job on this kit.I have 2 that I have put off building.
    Yours have made me want to put them on top of stash.
    I can smell the nitro now!!! Love it!!
  15. gbdolfans added a post in a topic Is this too many models   

    Great collection you have!!!
    But,too big!!! You can send me your Mopars and Drag cars and make the wife happy.
    You know the saying,"Happy wife,happy life!!!"