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  1. gbdolfans added a post in a topic garage diorama fully detailed and fully scratch build ...   

    Great looking Richard!!! The attention to detail is amazing!!!
    I tried to start at page 1 to see how you started and there was no pics or links.
    Do you have a link to the pics??
    Thanks and Again, incredible build!!!!!
  2. gbdolfans added a post in a topic Hello from Western North Carolina   

    Welcome to a GREAT forum!!! I also live in Asheville.Nice place but expensive to live here.
    I wish we had a good club here.I am looking forward to seeing your builds and ideas.
  3. gbdolfans added a post in a topic OLD MAN'S MAGIC DUST   

    Hi Virgil, All I can say is WOW!!! Donn's work is wonderful to look at and his work is FANTASTIC!!!
    I have one question for Donn,if you can,please.
    where did he get the Ragin Cajun decals,or did he make them.
    I have a friend in New Iberia,LA and would love to do a car and send to him.
  4. gbdolfans added a post in a topic 70 Superbird   

    GREAT looking car,Cesar!!!! Your attention to detail is awesome.You did a very nice job with the engine compartment details.
    I have one to do and I bookmarked this as a guide.
    My mom(yes,mom) and I were the original owners of one just like yours,including the 6-bbl.I still have the bill of sale.
    It was the same  color combo.What color did you use for the body???
    Unfortunately,it was stolen 8 years after we bought it.It was a daily driver with about 128K miles.
    I loved to do the work on it.(What I could) Plugs,points, oil,etc....
    The only suggestion to you is the black areas on the nose,around the headlights were FLAT black,not glossy.
    GREAT build and yours will inspire me to do mine.
  5. gbdolfans added a post in a topic Take a moment, for remembrance and reflection.   

    Let us not ever forget 9/11 and 12/7.Many Americans lost their lives on both days.
  6. gbdolfans added a topic in General   

    RIP Justin Wilson
    I have not seen any post on this yet.
    Indycar driver Justin Wilson succumbed to injuries from a wreck at Pocono this past weekend.
    He was hit by debris from a wreck in front of him.In the story,they said Indycar was going to review safety,including the use of canopies over the cockpit.
    In NHRA,there are teams in Top Fuel that have them.
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  7. gbdolfans added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Yahoo home page
    Hi All,what do you use as a home page???   I have used Yahoo for a long time.They just changed it and it stinks!!!!
    what other good homes are out there and easy to use.
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  8. gbdolfans added a post in a topic Just an offer   

    Hi Gary,your pics are fantastic!!!!
    Is there a way you can post a link to your pictures??
  9. gbdolfans added a post in a topic 65 Galaxie d   

    Great color combo!!!!
      Love the color.My wife has a ton of those Folkart,but,I don't use an airbrush!!
    Very nice shiny finish and great attention to detail!!!
  10. gbdolfans added a post in a topic Real or Model #234 Finished   

    I voted real,which means it is a model.
    Good one to guess. some things say real,and,some cry model.
    This is a tough one!!!!
  11. gbdolfans added a post in a topic New Site/Forum Look   

    I like the new look.I don't see the birthday section and the new post section.They were on the right side and I guess I will just miss them.
  12. gbdolfans added a post in a topic H.O. trains   

    Dave,that diner is fantastic!!! What scale is it and scratchbuilt or kit??
  13. gbdolfans added a post in a topic "Wanderlust".   

    Great job on the Camo!!! Did you use brush or mask and spray? Airbrush?
    Terrific lettering and a very nice build.You and her would be proud!!!
  14. gbdolfans added a post in a topic Going in for surgery today...   

    Good luck my friend. Hope you have a speedy recovery and get back to building and posting!!!
  15. gbdolfans added a topic in General   

    Nice Truck!
    Hey all,now this is a truck!!! It is Comp racer Shaun Vincent at the NHRA Summit Racing Nationals,held this past weekend.
    I just thought it was a cool pic!!

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