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  1. Beautiful car. I love the paint and the attention to detail. What scale is this? I am guessing 1/16 with the detail. if it is 1/25,that would be incredible.
  2. That is one incredible model !! you should enter it in as many shows as you can. I wish I had 1% of the talent you have. Paint is superb !! Thanks for posting pics.
  3. Hi Jeff, love what you did with this. Where did you get the engine parts? Piston and rod? Thanks,George
  4. This was my favorite car of all time. My mom and I got it off the showroom floor in Cocoa Beach, Florida. It had a 440 6BBL,Automatic and we drove it daily for 8 years. It had about 128K miles and ran like a top. It was stolen and used for parts in a chop shop. I still have the thin manual just for it and the sales Order for the sale of it to us. This was in Miami and my mom drove it every day to work at Westland Mall in Hialeah. We lived on 46th street and NE 2nd Avenue. So many great memories and fun. I also had a '62 vette( piece of junk).
  5. Thanks for starting this, Tim. I am going with real on this one. I don't think anyone would do this with PS.
  6. Hi all,what happened to the Real or Model as part of title of section? Not everyone has the knowledge to use the ID part.At least you can make a guess on R or M. What does everyone think or just kill that part? George
  7. Hi all, I am looking for the instructions for the ProModeler 69 Dodge Daytona Charger kit Number 85-5946. I looked at the link that /harry posted and it is nearly empty.Moved somewhere? I also looked at the Hobbyco. site,but,it is nonexistent now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance,George
  8. Fantastic job on this kit !! Color is spot on.What did you use for color and masking?
  9. Our little Jazzy,rescued 7 months ago when she was 6 years old.
  10. gbdolfans

    Munsters Koach

    Hi, I have an AMT Coach. I painted the body( not very good).Kit is complete with instructions. I would like a dragster or funny car. Trade? or? George
  11. Hi Bill, even though I don't post a lot,I come here at least 1-2 times a day. I always enjoy your comments and opinions. You have a lot of good things to share and I for one am thankful you are here. did someone upset you? If so,they are not worth talking about. They are 1 lug nut short of a set. I have learned a lot from you !! George Bluhm
  12. Thank you so much Richard !! You made my wife's day and therefore made my day easier !! I don't know how you got it so quickly,and,thanks again !!!
  13. Hi all, my wife and I got this puzzle and we can't find where it is. It is a Pastime Picture Puzzle.It was put out by Parker Bros and the company was around from 1908 to the 70's. The title can't be read and no clues. It is 255 pieces. Any ideas???
  14. Here is a pic from story on wikipedia.
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