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  1. Well it looks really good!!! I'm trying to get better at that kind of painting so thank you.
  2. Alrighty thank you so much, I'll be sure to incorperate that into my body paint jobs
  3. How did you do the stripes so small??
  4. Alrighty, I'll be sure to try that.
  5. Thanks, and where do I get this polishing product? And whats the name of it?
  6. Soooooo a question about paint..... The yellow on the hood and the yellow on the body are different shades. I put another layer of paint on the body to try and even it out, as that's the lighter of the two. What else can I do to improve the look, and make it look really glossy??
  7. Thanks!! I'll look into it!!
  8. Alrighty thank you so much!! I'll be sure to try that.
  9. Thanks!! I'm thinking about doing the crusher camero with black racing stripes. It'll be a yellow '67 camero with a big block engine with a blower.
  10. Thanks!! I really put a lot of time into that interior, it was veeery stressful but so thrilling to see the end result.
  11. I know right?? Thats's a cool car and all but I wanted to be original.
  12. Thank you and I do use Tamiya 6mm for masking. I'm thinking about using the 2mm bending tape for trim and such. Thoughts??
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