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  1. Custom Mike added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I tried that first, two days later I had splotchy chrome!
  2. Custom Mike added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    You can only use a water-based clear on the Molotow Liquid Chrome markers. I've brush-painted some Createx and Vallejo Clear over it and it worked fine. My next experiment will be to airbrush the Molotow (once I get my refill bottle that is!) and airbrushing the clear. Brush-painting the clear proved they are compatible, but brush marks in the clear kind of ruin the chrome!
  3. Custom Mike added a post in a topic 1971 Dodge Charger X2   

    Jason, get a can of Dupli-Color Primer/Sealer and you'll have no bleed-through, I used it on the Revell '77 Monte Snap kit (Molded in red), painted it with some Pearl Green nail polish and a White vinyl top, and it came out with zero bleed-through.
  4. Custom Mike added a post in a topic Honda Civic Si   

    Nice start Chris, and a great color combo. Having built this one (And re-built it to correct this mistake!), I can offer one big piece of advice. Cut the side windows loose from the front and rear windows, then trim them up to fit flush in their openings. If you don't cut them loose, you'll end up with problems getting the chassis and body together properly, my rear bumper wouldn't go on right until I did this. Everything else on the kit is awesome, fix that one problem and you'll have no other issues!
  5. Custom Mike added a post in a topic 69 camaro   

    Anthony, I opened up both the stock and RS grille for this kit using 80 grit sanding sticks. About 3 hours worth of work, but worth it. The RS grille gets very fragile once you open it up, so go slowly, otherwise you'll break it like I did!
    Opening kit grilles tutorial
  6. Custom Mike added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Instead of trimming the tip, pull it off the marker (It pops right out with ease) and drop it in some Acetone, it'll clean the blockage out overnight. Pull it out and let it dry for a few hours, pop it back in the marker and you're good to go!

    And the 4mm is great for bumpers! This is from the Revell '66 GTO kit, the one the chrome is always rubbed off of. I stripped it, painted it with some House Of Kolors Black, and used the 4mm to re-chrome it!

  7. Custom Mike added a post in a topic 1929 Model A Roadster ArtDeco/Coachbuilt/Streamliner   

    Wow Eric, this is awesome! I love the idea, and using every tool available is pretty cool too, can I borrow your stuff for a few decades...
  8. Custom Mike added a post in a topic FM3 Panther Pink 70 Challenger   

    Thanks Dave, that's a brand we don't have here in the US....but I'm sure I can locate one just as bright if I search long enough around here!
  9. Custom Mike added a post in a topic FM3 Panther Pink 70 Challenger   

    Very bright! Who is the manufacturer of the nail polish, that's my kind of color, screamingly loud!
  10. Custom Mike added a post in a topic 1969 Chrysler 300   

    Now that looks nice, how much did it set you back?
  11. Custom Mike added a post in a topic MPC 69 Barracuda   

    No matter what color you decide, there are a few issues to handle if you want it to look good. The first is taking care of the bumpers, they have gigantic ejector pin pads on the mounting tabs that will cause the bumpers to droop downward severely if you don't remove them. The second big issue is the grilles, they need a bit of massaging to get them to fit properly. Nothing major, but I've rarely seen anyone take care of those two problems, and the builds always look bad because of them.

    BTW Harry, that's a beautiful example, i might build another one just to duplicate that car!
  12. Custom Mike added a post in a topic "Up In Smoke" 64 Chevy Impala   

    If it's the new-tool Revell kit, it comes with a very nice 327....or 283, or 350, or 400 small block, they're all the same engine!
  13. Custom Mike added a post in a topic '65 Plymouth Satellite...The One That Got Away   

    The door panels look great Greg, and I have a fix for your non-sticky foil. Get yourself a bottle of Microscale Metal Foil Adhesive. paint the adhesive where you want the foil to stick, let it tack up for a few minutes, and apply the foil as normal. You can also use regular old Aluminum Foil instead of BMF. But the cheapest foil you can find (It's thinner) and you'll be set for a good long time!
  14. Custom Mike added a post in a topic Custom Clinic Photo Contest   

    Yeah, I love the fact that my last name is wrong (It happens all the time by the way!), but how he turned me into Ryan is beyond me! I got a good laugh out of it, it's not like 12th place is going to get me anything other than a couple of pics in the magazine. But in the Honorable Mention section he gets my name right for my other entry....go figure! 
  15. Custom Mike added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Custom Clinic Photo Contest
    Hey Harry P, got an issue with the issue! I took 12th place...but my name isn't Michael Sargis...or Ryan! How do I get this corrected?
    PS...I would post a picture of the page, but I can't post pictures here again!
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