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  1. Excellent work on the wheel wells, and I'd say you captured the funky paint scheme pretty nicely!
  2. So far, so good! I know you plan on the original paint scheme, but what about the engine and chassis? Stock or something more?
  3. Very nice for a first build Louis, and a great kit to start on. I built one about 10 years ago and had problems with the rear bumper fit also, but mine was related to the side windows. I rebuilt it a few years ago and cut the windows loose, trimmed them to fit flush, and it went together beautifully the second time around. Remembering to wash the body was something I learned the hard way, just like you did. It'll become the first thing you do eventually, but you've got to train yourself to do it!
  4. This should be an interesting build, and you're using my favorite filler too, I'm in!
  5. This is one of those kits I never bought, looking at the three you've done, i wish I had!
  6. Looks good so far Mike, and some great mods so far. I just picked this one up today, mainly for the tires! What did you do to the body that needed correcting? I may go Pro-Mod, or factory stock Road Runner, I'm not sure yet. But it'll get the same engine swap you've done for sure!
  7. Super clean work Bob, that looks awesome! Seeing the body color on the blower, bug catcher & valve covers reminds me of why I always thought it looked cool...when you can pull it off like you did, it's a killer touch!
  8. This must be an older build, or you've imitated the way we built 'em before PE parts and aftermarket stuff, just use what's in the box. Very nicely done either way!
  9. If those are home-made decals, I need to know how you did it so cleanly...they look better than most kit manufacturer's decals! Oh, and a nice touch with the point in front of the 44, very cool!
  10. I feel fortunate that I have a relatively close (78 miles away) Hobby Shop that is 100% old-school. Hayes Hobby House in Fayetteville, NC, is absolute heaven. RC, Trains, and model kits, and a staff that is incredibly good with what they sell, because they are actual builders, not just people out to make a buck off of you. If you're ever in the Fayetteville, NC area, stop on in and tell 'em Mike sent ya!
  11. Thanks guys, another way to empty my already pained wallet! Oh, and my name isn't any of the ones listed there, it's the tiny name above the link to my Fotki page. I posted all those names just to poke at the powers-that-be over having your name on your profile. So I made a bunch of names up and put 'em there for fun...and I find it hilarious that I've been called Olaf a few hundred times too!
  12. Looks good so far, this one is on my must-have list!
  13. Looks like a good start. Where did you get this kit from? A buddy in High School had a Red & White one, I'd love to replicate it!
  14. I screwed up many of that Corvette kit when I was younger (And they were cheap!). I picked one up from a buddy still sealed about ten years ago, just gotta find the time to build it!
  15. The under-hood detailing is beautiful! Where did you get the air cleaner from, I'd love to use that on one of my builds!
  16. I learned how to drive in a White '66. Three on the tree, straight six, no power steering or power brakes...lots of fun! I'll definitely be buying one or two! Any idea of what kind of engine(s) planned yet?
  17. Nice! Ollie's has been good to me too, I snagged three of this kit. One may be the Sox & Martin, but if your ragtop goes well I may copy your idea! Did your have the horribly bad slicks in it too? I opened one up and saw those, looks like it's time to buy some of the AMT Part Pack slicks
  18. Another beaut David, how many more do you have to drop on us, and what's on the bench?
  19. History in styrene, and well built too!
  20. Man, do you have the market cornered on obscure kits or what? This is he third I never knew existed before today, how many of these rarities do you have?
  21. This is another one I had never seen before today, wild!
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