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  1. Sorry to keep beating this dead horse! What about this (below), the AMT 68 Shelby? Could I build the intended vehicle (second pic below) with that, or would the Revell 68 still be the best body to use? Apologies if this is a naive question....
  2. Ok, so basically for the Mustang the best bet still seems to be to take a 68 body and put it on a 67-everything-else, yes?
  3. Yep, y'all have got me convinced on the 66 GTO instead, very thankful for that! Now to decide which Mustang....
  4. Ok, then from the pic just posted before your post, along with the profile view I posted on Friday, could I achieve that using the '66? Since the grill and headlights won't be used?
  5. Lovely work, looks great! You definitely tackled that one very nicely. 👍👍 Maybe the question I should ask is, since the target build appears to have had the grill removed and the headlights blanked over, would I be better off using a '67? Are there any other details I should take into account that would need changing?
  6. Doing "Lucifer" from the Dukes. Gonna need some guidance on the wheels it seems, wonder where I can score those types?
  7. DOH!! ....okay, like i said, it was a naive question.... 😁 ..but to be fair, it didn't really say on the box top
  8. Naive question now....are these two basically the same kits? I see the grill and wheels are different, but other than that? EDIT: Second photo deleted out of original poster's pure embarrassment
  9. Thanks guys.....Brian, the 68 Mustang does have to be a 68, I'm afraid.... has anyone had success with, say, taking the 68 body and kitbashing it with the 67 'stang to achieve a 68 with better details?
  10. Curious what the best kit options are for both a '68 Mustang fastback and a '67 GTO? Thanks!
  11. For your amusement. Back in '77, my folks' early 60's Plymouth Savoy totally died. I was 6 but I remember it well. What I didn't know at the time was my folks typed up an obituary for the car (without publishing) to amuse themselves. They even listed our other car ('70 Cutlass) as one of the survivors. Enjoy!
  12. Tim Sherry decals, got 'em years ago. Tough to find, well worth snagging them if you can ever find them. Thanks Gustavo!
  13. Wow!! I really want to thank you all for such an abundance of ideas and options, I'm glad to be learning from the best!
  14. Yep, second place I went looking was in Scalefinishes. Might be in there somewhere, but I didn't find it. Actually found what I'm talking about, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-rrI3qjWQc
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