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  1. "Too Many '69 Camaros and '32 Fords!"

    I don't know the model car market half as well as most of you, but I can say there is a similar argument in the model aircraft realm, in which almost every other kit is an F-14 Tomcat, followed usually by F-4 Phantoms and F-16's. As far as modern stuff, I was very pleased with the quality of the 2006 Mustang that I converted into the Death Race warrior-machine.
  2. '75-ish Plymouth Fury engine color?

    Fantastic advice I can definitely use on some of my stuff, thanks! Although for this one, I can get away with a close-approx mix, as the bottom will be road-dusted and mudded. Basically just enough of the color to be peeking out from the underside dust....
  3. '75-ish Plymouth Fury engine color?

    Perfect, thanks! Not worried about the top of the engine, as the hood will be "welded" shut for Sheriff Little's car here...that heavily-wired-and-detailed engine bay I did this summer for the General Lee was a one-time deal, believe me!
  4. '75-ish Plymouth Fury engine color?

    Great, thanks much! Well, all except my already-done Dodge Monaco which I did in orange....GRRRR....
  5. '75-ish Plymouth Fury engine color?

    Gonna create one of these (pic below). Can't seem to get a straight answer on whether to use orange or blue for the engine block. I'm leaning toward blue....?
  6. 1961 Lincoln restoration

    Dang, but that's nice!!! Especially love the stunning interior!
  7. '76 VW Rabbit

    Dang....I think you absolutely nailed it!!
  8. Customized 1940 Ford sedan - more Trophy Series fun

    Wow!! Definite standout even with the colors alone!
  9. 1970 boss 429

    You said your first in a decade? Wouldn't know it; very well done! And yes, very authentic color! Brings back childhood memories.
  10. My Ultimate General Lee in 1/25

    Thanks guys, I really appreciate all the kind comments for such a cliche subject!
  11. 1968 Dodge Charger R/T

    Nice build of one of my all-time favorite cars!!
  12. 1971 chevy impala resto

    Wow, that brings back memories!! Really like the work you've done so far. Always love these resto projects! Our family had a '71 4-door for several years; it was our first car with A/C. I don't suppose they make a 4-door model, do they?
  13. '76 VW Rabbit

    Oh, wow, neat one! I remember the short craze of those things...along with "Le Car"....
  14. My Ultimate General Lee in 1/25

    Thanks! Truth be known, I almost didn't bother with the horn, but boy, am I glad I did....
  15. 64 Impala Lowrider

    Oh, by heck that's an impressive build! And authentic; I work in the Spanish barrios of South Tucson and believe me, this one would be much admired there!!