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  1. 70's Plymouth Fury front end?

    Okay, so I tried bidding on a couple of 75 Roadrunners on The Bay and was horrified by the prices, as most of you knew before I did. So I took the above pictured resin set, and tried to adapt the Monaco kit front panel for the resin lights and grille. First, removed the chrome. Second, see the top view of the grille, how it's mis-shapen badly: The grille and light openings were completely opened up on the kit, then styrene strip added to fill the gaps to fit the resin bits. Still some refining to do, will come with priming and light detail sanding but it's basically there.
  2. 70's Plymouth Fury front end?

    Yeah, I contacted Missing Link some time back and he told me it was gone, kaput, because it had sold poorly. Magister I also looked at, just not the right pieces I need.... So I did something different, using some of what is shown above, but adapting the Monaco kit itself to take it. Wasn't easy. I'll post photos soon...
  3. 70's Plymouth Fury front end?

    No, didn't even try because the header panel is undersized to the kit it's supposed to be for. Saw the vertical divide right away, trimmed it out and then discovered the size problem. I'm just about out of decent options.....
  4. 70's Plymouth Fury front end?

    Yep, that's the one I have, but first the main resin bit is too small, and second the grill won't even fit the opening if you see above. Third, the grill itself is warped in a sort of "S" when viewed from above.
  5. 70's Plymouth Fury front end?

    Honestly I have such a limited idea of where to check since I'm mostly an aircraft builder....which is why I'm in huge appreciation of any direction you can point me in.
  6. 70's Plymouth Fury front end?

    Just contacted them, wrote back within minutes (great service to be sure!) saying they used to do one, but it sold poorly, so no longer....
  7. 70's Plymouth Fury front end?

    Thanks! If I can just find a junked one I'll be in business.... wonder what the chances of that are?
  8. 70's Plymouth Fury front end?

    I've started a conversion to build Sheriff Little's Chickasaw County patrol car from the Dukes of Hazzard. I'm using the MPC Dodge Monaco body with the AMT '71 Dodge Charger chassis/engine/suspension/exhaust. I do have a resin headlights/grill panel to convert it to a Fury (along with bumpers) but it's pretty undersized. What options are out there to make the Fury front end?
  9. "Too Many '69 Camaros and '32 Fords!"

    I don't know the model car market half as well as most of you, but I can say there is a similar argument in the model aircraft realm, in which almost every other kit is an F-14 Tomcat, followed usually by F-4 Phantoms and F-16's. As far as modern stuff, I was very pleased with the quality of the 2006 Mustang that I converted into the Death Race warrior-machine.
  10. '75-ish Plymouth Fury engine color?

    Fantastic advice I can definitely use on some of my stuff, thanks! Although for this one, I can get away with a close-approx mix, as the bottom will be road-dusted and mudded. Basically just enough of the color to be peeking out from the underside dust....
  11. '75-ish Plymouth Fury engine color?

    Perfect, thanks! Not worried about the top of the engine, as the hood will be "welded" shut for Sheriff Little's car here...that heavily-wired-and-detailed engine bay I did this summer for the General Lee was a one-time deal, believe me!
  12. '75-ish Plymouth Fury engine color?

    Great, thanks much! Well, all except my already-done Dodge Monaco which I did in orange....GRRRR....
  13. '75-ish Plymouth Fury engine color?

    Gonna create one of these (pic below). Can't seem to get a straight answer on whether to use orange or blue for the engine block. I'm leaning toward blue....?
  14. 1961 Lincoln restoration

    Dang, but that's nice!!! Especially love the stunning interior!
  15. '76 VW Rabbit

    Dang....I think you absolutely nailed it!!