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  1. If anyone's used part of their AMT 2005 300C and didn't need the wheels/tires, I'd be thrilled to give them a good home! Got some auto parts for trade (not many but some) plus lots of Aircraft-related goodies. Contact at jollyrogers5 at hotmail. Thanks!
  2. Thanks! Closest I've found is this (see link), but definitely not exact....including concave vs convex shape.... https://uscp-ua.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=62&product_id=726
  3. Are the wheels shown on this Hollywood BMW 740 available anywhere outside of purchasing some rare and exotic full kit?
  4. Thank you! The main bodies of the arms came from the Datsun Monster Truck Wrecker kit; only one arm per kit, but I found a guy on Ebay who was selling several in one batch. Still had to modify the details and scratch build the ends. I've got Tony in mind for the big central beacon if I can't find something to scratch build it with (nothing like spending shipping for a single item the size of a thimble....)
  5. Very useful and helpful information, thank you everyone! I have a much better idea of what I'm doing, I think, especially not being knowledgeable in this area (I mostly do aircraft). I'll give you a sneak preview of my project, COMPLETELY scratch-built except for the yellow of course....the winch was quite a bit of educated guessing based on bad photos.
  6. Nice work on those Mark! Yes, the first two pics show something similar to what I'm looking for, namely the one coming off the very center. Then when I go through the dozens of stills I've taken from the show in my research for this, I often find contradictory info...which is par for the course when one is dealing with Hollywood props. Here are a few more showing what I though I was looking for....there is a single chain coming off the middle, with one large hook stowed along the back to the left. And then, with what you just explained, I re-checked and found two chains coming off the bottom corners of the sling, on the last photo here.....not like the other pics. Grr...
  7. Been totally scratch building the wrecker end of a GMC-based tow truck, and have two questions. 1) What guage chain should I look for? I'm considering either 13 or 15 links per inch, but hard to be sure without seeing it in person (trouble with online purchase) 2) Are there charts/illustrations/photos which show where the chain should connect? Most photos do NOT show it coming from the boom arms, until I see photo #1 here. Photo 2 shows it hooked on the body below it and not connected to the booms at all. Tough to scratch build what one cannot see.
  8. Looking for recommendations as to where to find metal cable to simulate that used on older model Tow Trucks. In this pic, there are two basic sizes: the single thick one going from the winch up through the tow booms, and the fine ones which support the booms at various points. Online source, or something from a Michael's/Hobby Lobby etc? Just don't know where to begin looking....
  9. Hoping someone might have an image showing the end of the V-shaped bar protruding from the back of this Holmes (?) wrecker. Forgive my not knowing the terminology. I've got a clear view of the hinged attachment points to the back of the rig (top of the "V") but not the apex, which would be the very rear of the whole thing when it's extended in back. Hope this makes sense....
  10. I was wondering about a sort of saddle tank arrangement, yes. mchook, I saw that, terrific work, I was glad to see I wasn't the only one who liked the GMC version. I tracked five different tow units used in the series, and that one for some reason is my favorite.
  11. Jeez, I'm glad I asked.....I almost messed this up badly. Thanks again!?
  12. IN the cab??? Holy smokes.... Glad I asked; thanks so much, I appreciate it!
  13. Working on a partly scratchbuilt GMC tow truck, subject shown here. Where would the fuel tank be exactly, and are there photos to show the arrangement that might have been used? In the second photo, right side, you can see the fuel door is the cap just behind the driver's door handle. Thus, I'm assuming the fuel tank would not be behind the rear suspension as usual in a pickup. Apologies if this is considered common knowledge; I usually do aircraft.....thus I defer to y'all, the experts!
  14. Ah, yes I do see that...but the cab, interior and chassis would be the same plastic? Or different mold? That's really all I'd need....
  15. Anyone have the instructions to the AMT 71 Charger? I only need to see the section for putting together the suspension/exhaust with the chassis.
  16. Fell in love with this beast from Season 1 Episode 4 the very first time I saw it; had no idea it was the same car which appears at the very end of the opening credits of the show jumping over Rosco's car. Very ambitious build, detailed in my build thread: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/150471-lee-1-wreck-doh/
  17. Grateful to have finished this beast in record time... Re-chromed the bent bumpers and other parts with Alclad, and was lucky to have located the proper wheel hubs. Also broke the right door handle to match the real thing. Wide tires from the MPC Sheriff's Dodge Monaco. Windows tinted with Future floor polish and food coloring. Sheet metal for the front and back from a disposable roasting pan from the Dollar Tree. Airbrushing dust and dirt all over the chassis and bottom of the body. Only regret is the wide tires stick out too far....and yet wide tires were used....but I just draw the line at redesigning the suspension that drastically. Enough is enough.
  18. Thanks! Yes I'd also heard about the cinder blocks being scraped, but the problem is all the primer-colored-scraping so visible in the episode is gone in the actual wreck....this leads me to think maybe the light gray scrapwork was really gray paint brushed on, and washed/wore off as it sat in the junkyard for decades? Maybe the cinder block story was not necessarily a paint damage thing, but a structural damage?
  19. Final bodywork touchups and priming, and ready for paint. Tough to match the exact color, since in the episode (the way I'm making it) it was disguised/obscured with gray scratchwork all over it, and the recovered wreck was apparently quite weathered and faded. Did the best I could. Finally settled on a mix of 5 different blues and greens. It's actually darker than the photos show.... I settled on: 2 parts Testors Gloss Dark Blue (#1111); 2 parts Testors Dark Beret Green; 1 part Model Master Dark Sea Blue; 1 part Testors Gloss Green; 1 part Gloss Light Blue.
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