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  1. Well, I finished it over the last week. I basically didn't touch it since I created this thread lol. There's some smudges and lines I want to clean up, and I'm not really happy with the grey chassis but I think it turned out really well. Oh, and I think I lost the glass for the top. Might try to source some even smaller wires for spark plugs, but it's hard to find them with cheap shipping to Canada.
  2. Just some masking tape cut with a straight edge and a X-Acto knife. I made sure not to use the machine cut edge of the tape roll because it's pretty rough, make both edges fresh cuts. Just took my time to make sure it was all pressed into crevices. The front lower lip was pretty difficult, hence the smudges Are those thin stripes pretty uncommon?
  3. I found this website after Googling and stumbled upon Shelbytonas thread about the Daytona model he was working on. Unfortunately, his thread or project appears to be unfinished. I'm definitely going to use his photos as references though. I owned two of these cars in real life, both 1988's, both Shelby Z's, both white with maroon interior but one had a blue stripe. Anyways, here's the progress so far: The car: I'm choosing the striped one as my inspiration because I wanted to try painting stripes instead of using decals. This is also the first time I've used an airbrush, which I'm borrowing from my brother, and first time with acrylics. I think the bulk of the painting with airbrush is done, now onto the gluing and brushes.
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