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  1. Geez, can't someone make a mistake!?! yep they can i make mistakes too i was just providing correct info on the kits. at the time i made my posts the info i read was not correct. geez cant someone provide correct info on a kit, older 70s 80s issued 4x4 kits are some of my favorites n i do know a lot about them. its also how i make part of my income
  2. well i copy pasted what you posted and you had before you fixed it and what i read when i made my post to correct info that was wrong honestly not trying to start nothing but this is what was posted by you up thread n it says the kit DID include chrome plated parts. "The Pink Poison version DID include some chrome plated parts, and I added an image of the bumpers and grille from my kit in one of the corrected posts. I think this is the only version which included the chrome plated parts"
  3. It would be nice if that push bumper makes it into the Jeep Kit. that particular bumper is in other revell model kits. it was molded in different colors blue yellow black off white
  4. "Wonder when the mass parts request will implode Customer Service from people demanding the advertised Chrome Parts" they will probably tell them it was a misprint n tell to go pound sand, its not like they are going to back n chrome 2 trees especially now after the fact with the $$$ trouble they are in. some people try to take advantage of things like misprinted boxes and really they should not do that . just like buying a used open kit off ebay flea market etc then expecting the model company to replace missing damaged broken parts for free
  5. btw fyi more info if your parts were revell factory chromed then there would be 2 parts trees that would have been chromed by them because the bumpers were on another tree, the bumpers were on the tree that has the frame n other parts, the grill came on the tree that has the axle parts n others
  6. "I also edited a few of my above posts to correct some misinformation about chrome plated parts. The Pink Poison version DID include some chrome plated parts, and I added an image of the bumpers and grille from my kit in one of the corrected posts. I think this is the only version which included the chrome plated parts, so maybe there's as story behind that decision. " a previous owner had to have those particular parts you have chromed then because i can 1000% assure none of the jeep honcho kits ever came with any chrome parts from the revell factory in the kit . revell did NOT chrome any parts in all previous versions of it. good way to figure that out is are all the parts on the particular tree chrome ? as there is plenty more parts on the parts tree besides a bumper grill your chrome parts would be on. like i said someone had those particular parts you have chromed only 3 of the vtg kits came with soft rubber wrangler tires/ the original kit # 7313, the jeep honcho racer version kit #7390, the dude version with camper top #7319 then there is the 1996 reissue of the original 1st version that comes with lettered tracker at tires, then u have the pink poison version and now this version makes a total of 6 issues on the jeep honcho kit all the parts in all versions were either molded in red black or white but there was never no chrome parts issued by revell
  7. RE "The seller who parts out a kit (hopefully one already started or missing parts " do you even realize how many sellers straight out lie about a opened kit. or are too lazy to check a kit or LOL pull the top of the kit box n look n they say ohh it looks complete about 80% of the kits that i part out r missing parts or damaged in some way, yep i do part out old sealed complete kits too. why not just like with real cars the parts are worth more in total then the whole kit is at least 30% of the kits that i buy on ebay are from sellers who r either clueless about models or flat out liars last week i bought 6 kits that were suppose to be complete from one of those little ole lady clueless sellers but guess what all 6 kits have issues missing and or damaged parts no decals etc i got them cheap but they were suppose to be complete but all 6 kits had issues n i was going to list them as open kits but not now but for most parts kits like them are not worth all that much as a kit but the parts are worth more $$$$ then if i was to sell them as kits so yep they r get parted out now i could always send them back not as described but thats just more wasted time effort too n all for nothing when i can make lemonade out of lemons
  8. On the subject of who is acceptable to receive an obsolete kit, I agree, that's really not my place to say. I personally cringe a little when someone chops up a vintage kit & customizes it, but that's just my issue. I have no say over what a person does with "their property" once it's in their hands, & that's the way it should be. If you want to sell them at astronomical prices, part them out, or bury them in your back yard for that matter, that's up to the individual. I believe we still live in a free country.........or at least some semblance there of. Steve One thing to keep in mind here, it seems to me: While someone else's practices when marketing old kits on say, eBay, may disappoint, even anger others, whatever it is that person is offering up is his/her property. When last I looked, anything that I own (or you all own!) is your's to do with as I (and you) wish, with no questions optional (barring anything illegal or immoral). And, that goes with such things as the model car kits and related stuff we all want to enjoy. If that means that someone is willing to "part out" a kit, even to the disgust or down right anger of others, it seems to me that is that seller's right to do so; and thus not really worthy of criticism based on the premise that someone else has been deprived of the opportunity to buy that kit (or old builtup) intact for themselves. In short, I am reminded of that old and trite cliche' from my boyhood years, which while probably not quite correct, goes "Possession is 9-points of the Law"--which old schoolboy pronouncement does seem to support what I said immediately above. I may well be as disappointed that someone else is parting out a desirable old model car kit that I'd love to have to build--but it's his, not mine, and it's his decision as how best to dispose of it for cash. Art posted December 22, 2015 haven't read every post or opinion... (but will probably wish I had...) The seller who parts out a kit (hopefully one already started or missing parts, but if not that's OK) makes five people happy, that's five projects that can be finished - the seller who sells the kit only makes one person happy. Price is what a buyer and seller agree - so no blame Posted December 23, 2015 You can blame the buyers or the sellers, or you can blame everyone or no one at all. It's all just the market operating as it was designed to operate. This is a hobby, it is not a life altering event if we don't get a kit or part we want! If you don't like a price someone is asking, don't pay it!! There are quite a few hobby dealers as well as companies in the real world that I don't like their prices or their business practices, I simply do my business with someone else without making any waves. 2 years later n all the posts are still on point
  9. Posted way back in dec by RIP Harry Posted December 22, 2015 I agree with what Art said as far as "parting out" kits and selling the bits separately. The person who owns the kit (or the parts) has every right to sell his merchandise as he sees fit. It's his stuff. You may not like the idea; you might not do things that way as a matter of principle... but you can't really fault the guy for doing whatever he wants to do with his property. If you disagree with the idea of parting out a kit, the best response is probably to never buy parts that are being sold that way. posted tom geiger Posted December 22, 2015 BINGO! Totally agree. The cranky guys are just ticked that they didn't think of it first! Posted December 22, 2015 On 12/22/2015 at 5:25 PM, Daddyfink said: There is no one to blame. The market exist, you can participate in it or not. Why is it always a blame game? Makes no sense. BINGO! Totally agree. The cranky guys are just ticked that they didn't think of it first! Posted December 22, 2015 BINGO! Totally agree. The cranky guys are just ticked that they didn't think of it first!
  10. "Nobody in their right mind would be listing stuff for outrageous prices. " lol i may not be lol but really why n hell not not if a seller can get those prices more power to them i say. we live in the usa n its still a free market country i have plenty of buyers even at my prices n many repeat buyers too i say nobody in thier right mind woulkd do all the work n would sell for el cheapo prices n lose money like the seller i posted n thats just 1 example of a seller on ebay above too there is plenty others too that r really clueless as to how much $$$ they lose https://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?LH_Complete=1&LH_Sold=1&_ssn=pj-toys&_sop=16
  11. "the seller can just re-list the same item over and over (for years) with no cost incurred " really there is actual costs incurred on ever item relisted by me or other sellers unless they never list more then 50 items a month n do not have a ebay store just 1 of my recurring costs that i have to pay ebay is $300 month, for the ebay store fee n trust me that is actual recurring cost to list or relist items every month
  12. "EBay created this problem by not charging listing fees or the starting bid amount fee (like they used to, back in the earlier days of eBay). If nobody buys their overpriced item, the seller can just re-list the same item over and over (for years) with no cost incurred. If eBay still had the old pricing structures, the seller woudl have dish out some money every time the item was listed and re-listed" ebay really is not like totally free to list. really it would be nice but your statement is not exactly correct as there is plenty of ebay fees to pay so please stop spreading false information about ebay fees not exactly sure but NON store sellers get something 50 free listings per month after that it is like 30 cents a listing but jmho if you are only listing 50 or less items a month say $10 n under you are just wasting your time and effort n are better off to throw it away or sell it at the flea market. in some cases sellers actually pay thier buyers and ebay/paypal to buy thier items. i recently checked 1 of 99 cent start price foolish money losing time effort wasting wannabee part time hobby part sellers lol he listed like 232 items for start 99 cent price in last 3 months n only sold 42 items for a total of less then $50 for all last 3 months of sales 232- 150 free listings =82 listings that he paid 30 cents a item to list = $24.60 n listing fees + another $5 in fvf on those total sales of $50 + u got ebays 10% on shipping cost n paypal also gets 2.9 % fees on total of payment n the shipping cost too +30 cent per item transaction fee = 30 cents x 42= $12.60 lets see $12.60 + $24.60 + $5 =$42.20 n that is not counting whatever the 12.9 % total of the shipping amount that ebay n paypal like to steal/take for doing do nothing at all in n anyway n shipping the few items he sold lets just say he charged $5 shipping x42 items sold = $210 s&H that he got x 12.9 % s&H FVF free=$60.09 more n ebay/paypal fees u do the math if u want but sellers like him are so very foolish n or both must not ever done the math because if they did they would not sell on ebay at those el cheapo prices but on a grand total of $50 in sales for 3 months of sales, it actually cost that seller $60.09 + 42.20 = $102.29 n fees to make only a total of $50 in sales not to mention his time effort to take pics, make up the listings, etc or having to have or buy boxes packing materials tape etc . besides the free recycled boxes i get i do buy like 5 different sizes of new boxes peanuts bubble wrap n tape too lol you cannot recycle tape hell even free boxes /recycled from various stores have costs time effort involved n getting them. because i have never had anyone drop off boxes at my warehouse or my home either. it costs me gas time effort wear tear on me n my car = then storing them n my warehouse too n thats a actual cost too because i pay rent for my warehouse really this is just downright 100% foolish way to sell on ebay n lol are actually paying the buyer n ebay/paypal for the privilege of selling your stuff u really cannot make $$$ on ebay selling stuff for under $10 cheapo prices n even especialy more so on under $5 items ebay is not all that easy to sell on n it sure is not free or or all that cheap to sell on if u really think it is then list 100 or more items, sell them cheap n see if u still think so after couple months
  13. A Tip For Ebay Buying

    "Lets not go through all of this again." well then people really shoiuld not rum thier mouth about me here then "Paul you were not mentioned by name," maybe not but we all know who he was talking about " It is well known that a lot of folks do not like the fact that you take rarer kits and piece them out. " define a lot. i have a lot of happy buyers, repeat buyers who actually appreciate being able to get the old vtg htf parts they need. even a few on this board have bought from me more the once "There is nothing wrong disagreeing with you" there is when people run thier entitlement issues mouths about me on a model car board trying to get people to not buy from me. "and there is nothing wrong with how you run your business." thats correct but for some cheapo want everything cheap people it is "Nobody said anything bad in these posts" 1 person did just by saying what he said he is trying to harm my business . "You do not have to come here and write pages of comments defending yourself every time you feel slighted." well i should not have to i still do feel the need to defend myself when people talk smack about me. i am not 1 of those bendover people "You obviously know you are not the most liked person in the hobby" only a certain segment of tighwad cheap broke people but not everyone does, some people have $$$ and are willing to spend it and those buyers are who i cater too. i let all the cheap price $ losing sellers cater to the cheap buyers "as you seem to search for yourself or keywords on the forums" not really i look at threads that interest me " almost like you are looking for confrontation." no not looking for confrontations at all but i wish people would just shut thier pie holes up about me "Your business practices are your own concern and I do wish that folks here would stop complaining about them." ME TOO !!!!! unless they walk a mile in my shoes and pay all my bills "All they have to do is not buy from you and move on." really thats what they should do but some people just cant help themselves "You continually commenting on every single post only makes things worse for both sides." maybe but still i will defend myself no matter who it is all the people who do not like me just get over it i have not changed how i do business or lowered my prices after all the years that some people here have talked about me or my customers. the day i die i will stop how i sell on ebay
  14. A Tip For Ebay Buying

    "There is a bed for the 69 chev c10 that the guy is asking 35 dollars plus for and no way will i put profits in his pocket for that bed when i can find it elsewhere for more reasonable" LOL go find one somewhere then. there only been only 1 listed on ebay since sep. and most likely you will not find one anywhere else either gsonruamfcbfd
  15. A Tip For Ebay Buying

    "Dont buy parted out kits from the guy trying to make a buck when you can still get the complete kit for about an extra buck in most cases (Y'all know whom im talking about?)" lol just cannot help yourself huh ? There is a bed for the 69 chev c10 that the guy is asking 35 dollars plus for and no way will i put profits in his pocket for that bed when i can find it elsewhere for more reasonable.... Or he parted out a 78 c10 original 2wd kit minus the 2wd front suspension trying to make a few bucks... ugh i cant stand him lol like we do not know who you are talking about . maybe i cannot stand certain people begrudging someone making a few bucks. maybe if you PAID good $$$ to list 9000+ items on ebay you would understand a little better that you cannot sell stuff for bottom feeder lowball el cheapo make a penny scream for mercy $$$ losing prices that certain people feel they are entitled to pay.