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  1. pjtoys added a post in a topic My own 3x6 ft garage diorama 1st place IMPS 1996   

    there is probably over 1000 items in that are scratchbuilt, probably well over 2000 hand tools filling up toolboxes n lying around scattered 
    if you could even buy all the other stuff that was not scratchbuilt today thats in it it would cost you a good guess estimate of $10,000. there is a lot of diorama items in it that is no longer available to buy at any price
    in the office there is a tiny scotch tape dispenser with real tape on it. i made my own roll of 1:25 scale tape. at a contest i would sometimes show people that little cool touch. 1 time unknown to me i showed a person who happen to be a judge that i could actually pull tape off. later after the contest he told me he loved that tape dispenser so much that for him made him pick my diorama for best detail not too mention all the other cool details. like dog poop etc
    i have been on tv twice with it, i have been paid to put it on display more then once. 
    when i called the museum to ask about displaying there after i told them the size and how many awards it won they said sure bring it over sight unseen
    met couple playboy models who was really grooving on it at a car show it was on display at . the car show promotor actually brang them over to me because they liked it so much and wanted to ask me ?'s about it needless to say  i really enjoyed that lol who knew that any playboy model would like it that much
  2. pjtoys added a post in a topic My own 3x6 ft garage diorama 1st place IMPS 1996   

    yes i still own it . it is on display at don garlits drag racing museum.
    yep it sure was big enough to present some difficulty in transporting around the country. i made a false floor to slide it in to in bed of my truck

  3. pjtoys added a topic in Dioramas   

    My own 3x6 ft garage diorama 1st place IMPS 1996
    not sure if the pics will post but here goes 
    here is my own garage dio, it won like 221 awards across the usa in les then 2 years, before retiring it  including 1st place in diorama class at the  1996 IMPS convention in Norfolk VA
    best detail, peoples choice, judges choice etc and even 2 NNL  contests
    3 x 6 foot diorama n yes very expensive to build if all items were bought at full retail prices back then

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