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  1. Curious... what did you use to strip the paint? I’ve had good luck using the yellow can of Easy Off Oven Cleaner. Just let it sit for a day or two. Spray more if need be during that time.
  2. Now that is a classy looking automobile. Well done! I wouldn’t mind getting me one myself.
  3. Now that’s a hot mess. LOLOL! Whoa... that dash looks fantastic.
  4. That is a cool car. I wouldn’t mind doing one in 1/24 or 1/25 scale. Heh.... reminds me something Jay Leno would add to his collection.
  5. FYI.... I didn’t use the tires that came with the kit. I opted to use different tires from my tires stash. The rims were hand painted using the chrome pumped out of the Molotow Chrome Pen. Once they were done, I let them cure in a span of two weeks untouched until I was ready to install them on the tires.
  6. I bought this kit well over 20 years prior to getting married. My original plan was to paint it a Pearly white. Fast forward 20 plus years later, the paint job was meh... I didn't care for it. So... the body got treated with an Easy Off paint stripping bath, primed and repainted again. Then a road block happened. I was missing the rear tail light deack. Thankfully a member in a another forum I frequent in offered me a replacement part but first he wanted to mold another for his kit. Enough talk about her, it's now time to reveal her to the masses after 20 plus years of sitting in the box unfinished. A side note... check out the steering wheel color scheme. I stumbled across that when I was looking at interior shots of the real '62 Impala SS. I love finding these little Easter egg type details no one catches notice of. I think this makes the whole interior pop and stand out.
  7. I like the idea the interior sides are separate. Makes painting the details easier to do.
  8. Good to know. That’s high on my list for a must have.
  9. Following this one. I, too, want that kit. Hobby Lobby had them at one point so hoping they restock on them. Would be a bargain with a 40% coupon as opposed to Michael’s charging $30 minus their 20% coupon. That’s basically taking $4 off the price with the 20% and NYS tax added on. Not worth it.
  10. Now I gotta get me a Plymouth Duster model kit. Maybe do it yellow..LOLOL!
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