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  1. 24 hours?!? Heck, I can get one done in 45 minutes to an hour f I build straight out of the box minus the paint jobs. LOL! The Stealth would be a good candidate. I'll be watching this one.
  2. Not all AMT kits are the worst. Let's not go down this road bashing AMT kits again. If you don't like AMT kits, don't buy them again. Just don't bash them on here. We had another thread that got shut down over it.
  3. No need to wait for 40% sales on model kits. You can use their 40% coupon if you go to the Hobby Lobby website on your phone, click on Coupon to take to store.. It will bring up the barcode for 40% coupon. I'm surprise folks here don't realize you don't need to wait for a sale on model kits to get the 40% off.😏 But you can use it for other model related tools and paints though. I've saved tons of money using the Hobby Lobby coupon through my phone. Of course, you can't use the 40% coupon on sale items.
  4. Scalehobbyist sells them for less than $21 (regularly $16.49 each)... On sale for $14 and change now. Just sayin'.....
  5. Just wait til you decide to do a '60 Impala SS. 😁
  6. Looks good. I agree it is time consuming and with a bit of patience, it’ll come out fantastic. Yours came out just that. Well done !
  7. Just got caught up on this thread. I quit!! 🀣 Seriously, you got mad skills and a master...
  8. Very nice! I agree. You gotts love the black with red interior. Whats there not to like? Well done, sir!!!
  9. So the only fit issues were the rims and tires? Other than that, it looks really nice. Have you tried using white wall tires from another source?
  10. Well, I do have that pink '57 Chevy lowrider kit in the original shrink wrap. I'm not ready to build that kit just yet though.
  11. God, no! Why would anybody do that to a Corvette!?!? That's auto abuse. Lol!
  12. Yeah... holding up to a lamp light.for a few minutes then turn off the lights in a dark room. Fun indeed!πŸ˜†
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