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  1. Depends on what you can afford. So many good choices yet it’s something you’ll have to live with. Any rough terrain will be hard on any suspension system no matter what vehicle you choose. There’s no such thing as a bulletproof vehicle.... except a tank or military vehicle. LOL!
  2. Yup. I found out the hard way when I first bought this kit way back in the late 70s early 80s. It fought me all the way when I didn’t care about building it seriously as a kid. I have a plan to fix the doors on this one just as I’ve done to the ‘57 Ford Fairlane kit - glue them shut. Aside to the hood, the trunk I’ll keep to open and close.
  3. No kits in my local Walmart yet. Maybe in late summer or early fall.
  4. Cops have no sympathy funeral or not. LOL!
  5. There’s always Roku too. You can buy either a smart TV with Roku already installed or get a Roku box.
  6. Can we all borrow your wife to go ballistic on our cable companies rates for better deals? We’ll buy her lunch. LOL!
  7. Wasn't that a Party by The Irish Rovers. Listen to the lyrics... LOL!
  8. I have Spectrum cable and internet provider. My bill is over $200 / month and I don’t even have HBO, Showtime or Starz included. They screwed us over by taking those away to cut cost. I call BS on those greedy SOBs. They don’t want to help give you a good deal for the money.
  9. Funny... I checked my local Hobby Lobby and their stock aren't on clearance nor any model kits. I wonder if it's a regional thing.
  10. Bumping this one. I'll accept tail lights and stock bumper from a '56 Ford truck if need be. I'm not too picky.
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