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  1. I do recall someone here posting a thread on the real EMERGENCY Paramedic truck. A real piece of work to operate with no power steering and a beast to drive. LOL!
  2. I see tank track links and tank barrel in the military bag. The rest I can't make out due to glare on the baggie. Can you post a better pic of what's in there?
  3. Here's the thing... those were glory days of all model kits, accurate or not. MPC, Revell, AMT, Monogram, Jo Han and other classic brands were the norm back then. Paints were Pactra and Testors square bottles.
  4. I loved watching EMERGENCY on Friday nights! Wow... didn't know he was still alive. Sad to hear.
  5. I remember paying $5 for model kits 75 years ago. LOLOLOL!!!
  6. Same at my local HL. But.... Walmart restocked their model kits! More Grumpy’s Vega, ‘69 Torino Cobra Fastback and the usual stuff. Did saw they had the ‘70 1/2 Camaro Z/28 kit and both Cobra trike and Mailbike trike kits. May have to grab those two since they’re 6 in a series.
  7. That was a quick sale. Look in eBay and you'll understand why they’re pricey. Far and few nowadays...
  8. Majority of '72 Chevelle kits are $200 and up. Just saying...😉
  9. Good luck. Finding a complete kit are pricey - anywhere from $200 and up.
  10. Pretty much the same... Lindbergh kits. Won't be long til more kits arrive in November.
  11. Nope. Click on the link I provided. It is an actual model kit. Selling for $60.
  12. Or am I imagining it? Or do the Sci fi kit designers lost their creative juices? I mean, come on... who would buy and build a space ship that looks exactly like a dual action airbrush?? LOL!! I came across this in Lucky Models website. https://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=PSD-AMK-001
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