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  1. Same here. I’d love to get a cabin up in Racquette Lake in some quiet cove in the Adirondacks with a little private dock. Nothing like the idea of waking up to the sounds of loons calling in the mist whilst drinking coffee in the early morning hours. That’s sounds so peaceful.
  2. Better yet, what happened to those old molds too. Surely they’re stored somewhere in warehouse waaaay in the back or destroyed. After awhile, the molds do get bad and the reason there so much flash on the sprues. Take the Revell 1/48 scale Black Widow kit for example. They are the old Monogram kit. Got it for Christmas last year from my son. Worked on it for a bit and it was horrible fit. Even the figures had the looks of being suffered through famine. Certainly not like the original Monogram kit which was a joy to build.
  3. Wow... I have never heard of Odds n Ends paints. Those round Pactra bottles cool. I’ve seen them in the square bottles but didn’t know they came in those round bottles. I do remember seeing Boyd’s Colors by Testors back in the 80s. Such a shame back then, there were a lot of choices of hobby paints to choose from. It would great to see someone resurrect and bring back all those colors of yesteryears again to the hobby. Let’s call them Vintage Colors.
  4. Utica Greens with hot peppers too....LOL! You’d be crapping lava soon enough.ROFL!
  5. Here’s the thing.... not everyone owns a snowplow or hires one every winter. Come down Central New York when we get heavy snow. Let’s see how fast you can finish shoveling a sidewalk and a 2 car wide, 2 1/2 car deep driveway with snow pushed in the driveway from a snowplow. LOL!
  6. Heh... don’t shop at Pottery Barn. Hate that store and the missus knows it. Yet, she spends $7000 on a couch and chair. Cost $200 for delivery. WTH!?!? Now she ordered a ottoman that’s gonna cost another $1400 with shipping. Monday, she went with her two sisters back to Pottery Barn in Syracuse. Yup... you guessed it. She plopped $800 on a 5x8 rig, 2 pillow shams with pillow inserts @ $60 each, ( I told her you could have bought the same inserts cheaper elsewhere for half that price), 2 more decorative pillows for the couch at $40 each (a saving of $10 each) on clearance. Anything on clearance and if you buy it and don’t like how it matched to your furniture, you’re pretty much SOL. Meaning and clearance item is non-returnable. That store is expensive. Lamps start at $300 and up MINUS the shades. Never a sale and they rip you off by paying full price on everything. Did I also mention how much I hate Pottery Barn?
  7. While I never saw Days of Thunder because of the horrible reviews back then, watch Trading Paint on Netflix. Pretty good if you like super modified dirt track racing.
  8. You keep telling yourself that. Time to stop drinking the Kool-Aid and take off those rose colored glasses. Reality bites just remember that. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.....😜🤪
  9. Exactly. Too many yuppies who never got down and get dirty as a kid.
  10. Imagine a world of EV automobiles - a sure fire way to experience world wide brown outs. The Green backers and politicians has no say so what can be banned. Who says the ordinary middle class can afford all these electric automobiles when the starting price is around 50k and up? I certainly can’t afford it. I wouldn’t even trust buying used EV knowing I’ll get stuck with replacing the batteries that cost more than the car or worth. Screw that. In all honesty, I don’t see how these automakers can push the EV agenda knowing the average Joe can’t afford them. That will be their biggest downfall and go broke when nobody is buying electric vehicles come 2035. I even read EV are vulnerable while being charged by hackers. Don't believe me? https://www.autoserviceworld.com/ev-chargers-vulnerable-to-hacking/ If they simply push for hybrid vehicles, I’m all for it. While were here talking about electric vehicles, how about those electric lawnmowers and snowblowers? Both are crappy outdoor equipments. Had an electric lawnmower and hated it. Took a sledgehammer to it after one summer season and bought a gas powered lawnmower. Electric snowblowers wouldn’t be able to handle throwing heavy wet snow in wintertime. All pure POS....
  11. Sure, sure... let me how those EV work in sub degree temps in Canadian winters. You’re screwed, pal.... ROFLMAO! Next thing you know, they’ll have electric car charger stations that will charge you waaaaaaaay more than gasoline prices. Good luck with affording that. Even if you have your personal charging station in your own home and garage, I’d hate to see what your electric bill will be. LOLOLOL!!!!!
  12. I’ve seen the display at my local Post office. Have been toying the idea of getting a sheet myself.
  13. That’s cool! The last pic.... is the lid screwed on crooked or is it the glass bottle. Never knew AMT had paint. I love the color description.... Violet Fireflake & Green Fireflake. I assume they’re metallic colors.
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