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  1. Somebody's gotta rattle their cages every now and then. LOL!! I know exactly who you're talking about. ... Tanker-Builder. Harmless actually.
  2. I wanted that bike when I was I kid in the 70s! Yeah, that really tears your heart finding out they were given away. Wow...
  3. Ha! FSM mods are too liberal and has become nanny bots when it comes to posting anything that deem too “offensive” to one member by the name of GMorrison. I was banned at FSM for the second time recently. Tim Kidwell couldn’t handle being called a hypocrite when I called him out. I guess they can’t handle the truth. Now to create another account under a different email....BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
  4. I regretted tossing my spare parts and tires box over 10 - 20 years ago. What was I thinking!?!?!
  5. They do have sales but you've got to catch find it. A couple days ago was the time you should have jumped on it. Be patient. They do go on sale often.
  6. You really need to look in Scalehobbyist website. Tamiya rattle cans on sale for less than $5. Tamiya primer on sale for $5.19 each. Hobbylinc are $7 for Tamiya primer and $5 plus change for Tamiya rattle can paints. Either place you can’t go wrong. Just saying... As far as Rustoleum primer goes, I have zero issues with them - especially the sandable primers. They have no grainy look and sprays really nice and smooth. Don’t get discouraged by Rustoleum. It has been my go-to primer for years. Now Krylon... I hate them and they’re pure garbage.
  7. FSM keeps getting smaller and smaller and the articles are becoming more repetitive and the contents boring. Oh wait... let’s not forget the moderators on their forums are pathetic. GMorrison acts like he’s a mod and constantly complains to the mods of something innocent offends him. I wonder how long it’ll be before FSM finally folds.
  8. Tamiya “ultra expensive and nearly unavailable”? How do you figure? My local Hobby Lobby doesn’t carry Tamiya paints at all. You want to see ultra expensive? My HL has Vallejo paints for $4.99 each. That is a total rip-off because most place sells them for less than $3/ a bottle. Try looking in Scalehobbyist website - Tamiya paints on sale for $2.39 each. As for primer, I use Rustoleum primer or Mission Model primer. You’re over-reacting a bit on not continuing to build model kits just because you can’t find the product you’re looking for. Look and shop around in various online hobby shops. You’d be surprise what you can find. You know you won’t quit this hobby.😆
  9. I swear you're tackling this like Shorty from Iron Resurrection. My grandfather owned both the sedan and station wagon Falcon when I was a kid. I remember the sedan was grey and the wagon was sky blue and white top.
  10. FANTASTIC!!!! Now who doesn't love an Impala? Classic lines and classic cars. I love them!!!
  11. I can't get on this site on my iPad. It keeps telling me Safari certificate for this site has been expired. It also tells me another site is disguising it as Modelcarsmag.com and is a threat accessing my financial and personal info. I can get on here no problems with my phone or computer.
  12. I have a set of GTO decals if you want them.
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