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  1. Yup. Hot Wheels Torino Stock Car. The hood scoop was the first clue I recognized. I still have all my old Hot Wheels cars from the 70's and 80s.
  2. I still have the old Pactra Dark Blue bottle. Paint is still good after all these years with what little I have left in it. Probably about 1/4 full.
  3. Between our kitchen reno, painting the kitchen, dining room and hallway, the time on the bench has been pretty scarce these days. I managed to hit the bench and got the engine together, the color red is a custom color I mixed using silver, aluminum, and red, Meh... looks good enough for me. Added a couple of modern parts from my little spare bin - air cleaner, and distributor. Air cleaner I have no idea what kit it came from but the distributor came from the '70 1/2 Baldwin Camaro kit glue bomb kit I had purchased at a small local IPMS show in Liverpool, NY 2 years ago. Valve covers and fan painted using Molotow chrome pen. Decals needs to be added to valve covers later.
  4. Remember the MPC Wheeler Dealer Monte Carlo kit? I have the Monte Carlo body with front and rear windshield parts intact and interior tub (minus the front seats) up for trade. Side note - the landau top came from the other Monte Carlo kit - Class Action Try finding a landau top nowadays. Body is painted gloss metallic black, trim using Bare Metal Foil and a spoiler on trunk deck. I had built this kit replicating how I wanted my '78 Monte Carlo to look like when I owned a '78 Monte Carlo in my early 20s. I'm not expecting much for a trade but offer me something. Will accept a spare parts lot of performance engines, tires, rims, engine parts, or whatever.
  5. I've got a sheet of stripes from the Revell '69 GTO Judge kit. I've already used one set and am looking to get rid of them if anybody wants them. Trade or no trade - no matter to me. I'd rather see them go to anyone who could use them than have them sitting around feeling neglected.
  6. Very nice work! I couldn't do that using BMF myself. Especially the lettering and circle trim.
  7. That is way cool! Yeah, I'd build me that in a kit. If you don't mind me asking g, what type of motorbike is it and what year? Still a cool thing to see.
  8. This morning on my way to work. Why in God's name would you do this to a perfectly nice Ford Mustang GT? And what's up with the "security" badge on the trunk face? I'll never understand why idiots do this.
  9. Oh cool! I wouldn't mind grabbing them off your hands if you're not going to use them. Not too often you find optional skirts on '57 Chevy kits.
  10. Yes you can... on 1 kit. For multiple kits, you will have to check each one out separately.
  11. Who doesn't love a '57 Chevy? I do!! Too bad the kit didn't come with skirts. Loving it so far!!
  12. Went to Hobby Lobby earlier this week with hopes of grabbing the new 1970 Camaro full bumper version during their second 40% all models sale. No dice but picked up this instead
  13. I'd love to see the guys from Iron Resurrection do one on their show. Oh man, it would be golden to see what Martin Brothers can do the "57 Olds 88
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