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  1. Another legend gone. I was in shock to hear this yesterday morning. We’re all losing a little bit of our youth years of music and Hollywood everyday. So sad. RIP Meatloaf. The angels welcomes you to the Paradise by the Dashboard Light of heaven.
  2. Walmart has them in a 5 pack undershirts Fruit of the Loom and Hanes brand. All sizes available including kids sizes. LOLOL!
  3. Check out the other items he’s selling at ridiculous prices... https://www.ebay.com/sch/asantiss/m.html?item=393832423039&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.m3561.l2562
  4. The whole Martin Luther King holiday weekend irked me. Saturday found both my truck and my son's car won't start due to temps dropping to double digits during the night. My son's car was jumped and started up. My truck? forget it. AAA tried jumping it and it wouldn't start - frozen fuel line because it was totally my fault. I shoulda gassed up my truck Friday night since I had very little gas in my tank. Stupid me... Dry gas was out in all my family cars by Saturday night. Sunday came with temps in the 20s enough to try to start my truck up. Nope. Called AAA again and they jumped it. Started righ tup!! Yippee! left it to run for awhile. Started up my son's car and it started up. Left it running for a few minutes (15 minutes), and turned it off. Ran errands with my truck, came home. went to move my son's car. Nope. Would not start.. AGAIN!!!! Bro-in-law told me probably a dead battery. Screw it, it's getting late and dark, Worry about it in Monday morning. Sunday night predicted 3-6 inches of snow by Monday. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse... snowblower wouldn't start - manual and electric start!! Had it tuned up last month. Called the service guy I took it to 4 times. Tried everything he tells me to do. Says he will stop by Tuesday to figure out what's going on. Monday afternoon I called AAA.... again only this time told them I may have a dead battery and wanted them to test it. They came, tested it... Yup.... dead battery. Replaced it on the spot and my son is responsible to pay for new battery. $!80 car battery. Oh well, not my money to spend. Tuesday came (today) service guy shows up, tried starting it up and whattya know... it started up. My wife called me at work and told me I had left the fuel switch on OFF position. DUH! No wonder! When they returned the snowblower back in December after the tune up, they must've left it on Open position. Typically when I'm usually finished snowblowing my driveway, I shut everything off, including the fuel switch. It threw me off when they left it in the open position and I got frustrated why it wouldn't start! I feel like an idiot. LOL!!!
  5. This has been thought of in my mind for some time off and on within the last few years. Built and partially kits will most likely will be tossed. I will put a word out to my son and my nieces and nephew if there is a favorite built model kit I've done they'd like to have, to take it. Unbuilt kits, I will direct my family to post in a couple forums I belong to the members there to sell or give it away, Most of them are aircrafts and car kits. Who knows, it may be at a time where I can no longer build models that will be given away or to sell.
  6. Yeah... Tamiya do make the Motocross and other bike kits nowadays. Scalehobbyist has them. I'd love to get the old vintage motocross kits from the 70s and 80s. I wouldn't mind those larger scale motorcycle kits like the Vintage trikes and CHP Harley Davidson kits. Those were fun to build back then.
  7. Got a response on my offer of $10. He declined it ROFL!! I counter offered for $20 with a note informing him good luck finding a fool who's willing to spend his asking price on a diecast toy. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! I know he will decline my offer but will be curious to see if he responds with a note. LOL!!!
  8. The seller upped the asking price now to $70,000. I just put in an offer of $10😂
  9. He’ll be waiting a long time until some fool snatch it up as a “bargain”... Someone like me ought to put in an offer to the seller and see what his response would be. 😏
  10. Cheap RWD cars? Hardly.... a 2022 Chevy Camaro can set you back upwards to $64k brand new. I hardly would call that cheap. Even the Ford trucks can run as high as $60-$80k depending on the package you get. Even the new Ford Mustangs can run upwards to &47k. BTW... just for laughs.... y’all got it all wrong..... your European automobiles have steering wheel and the wrong side, drive on the wrong side of the road and y’all talk funny! ROFLMAO!
  11. I know they’re German. Buy they sure l try to look like a luxury ricer. LOLOLOL!
  12. I may have spares as well. Let me know if you still need what parts.
  13. I might have either what you’re looking for. Let me check later and I’ll get back to you.
  14. For the love of God.... why do they try to turn Mercedes and other imports into hot rods? They’re built to be nice automobiles, not hot rods. The lowering the stance, high performance engines, narrow tires on fat rims isn’t pleasing to the eye. Leave them as they are. Just another attempt to be luxury ricers. Did I mention I hate ricers? LOL!
  15. Looks like a job for the guys to investigate at AUTO / Biography......
  16. If anyone has a spare that’s willing to part with. If not, I will accept a copy if anyone can make their own decal sheet for the Monogram Fast Buck Kit. I have the re-pop of same kit as Jinx Express. Want to build the Fast Buck version.
  17. Andy X... the idiot nut who bragged about scoring a huge vintage model car stash on YouTube won’t sell? I don’t even listen to him anymore since he acts like his method is better than everyone else’s. Arrogant POS. As one poster mentioned, he’s using acrylics. Any orange peel I’ve encountered (3 or 4 times myself) has always been with enamels. Never acrylics. A number of factors causes orange peel. Climate, spraying too thick, rattle cans not mixed enough, etc... My issues had always been climate when I spray outside during warm weather and/or spraying too thick through rattle cans. I’ve quickly learned to slow down and spray in several light coats. Let each light coat dry between coats until you achieved your desired coverage.
  18. I use that same Satin Canyon Black often and never had an issue with it. It usually dries and cured enough for handling after 24 hours. No tackiness whatsoever. I’ve used it straight out of the rattle can and decanted for airbrushing. Now Krylon paint... I hated it and won’t use it again. Cheap garbage paint no matter what. I guess it depends on the individual and climate. Who knows.
  19. Oh wow. Didn’t know that he passed away. Didn’t see anything in MSN or my local news site. Another legend gone.
  20. I have. Used their Gloss Desert Rose on my ‘55 Chevy Bel Air back in 2020. She sure looks purty in that color. http://www.spamodeler.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=4738
  21. Interesting. I use Rustoleum paint and primer in one rattle cans with zero issues. My Primer colors are usually white and grey. I’ve used their satin black, flat black, canyon black and Desert rose colors.... again, with zero issues. Have you tried decanting? I have and it does spray far better through an airbrush than straight out of the rattle can. Something to think about. I’m not a big fan of Krylon rattlecan paints because they changed their formula the last time I used them.
  22. Happy New Year! Hello 2022 Bite me, 2021.... LOL!
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