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  1. That looks really good! I'm interested in what you used.
  2. I like the skirts myself. Gives it a nice mean look on the white wall tires. But hey, either way it'll look cool.
  3. That is way cool! Very creative. Although I’m not of Chip Foose shows but prefer Iron Resurrection a whole lot better.
  4. That is waaaaay cool!!! I love it!!
  5. BlackSheep214

    53 Chevy

    Bravo!! I love the patina look. I've always wondered how to do it.
  6. Did this kit come with gold chrome? I know mine did when it first came out. If not, then it's a rarity to find one with gold chrome parts.
  7. Here's the AMT '55 Chevy I did back in spring... Desert Rose Metallic and White
  8. Oh man, I haven't seen that kit in years.
  9. The AMT '55 is a good kit. Give me a chance later to post up some pics.
  10. Definitely on my want to buy list! Now if Revell can bring back the tri five Nomads...
  11. A hour ago while on my courier run. Both vehicles at same location.
  12. I had that kit in my teen years. Now I want to have another go at it if I can find one.
  13. I use Q-tips and use them often. It's not uncommon I use on average up to 10 Q-tips on a single kit when working with Bare Metal Foil. Save your money on Tamiya brand Q-tips. Buy a box of ordinary Q-tips at Walmart. They last longer supply-wise and cheaper too. Also, buy those gold bladed Z series #11 Xacto blades. Walmart has them in the Arts & Crafts department or Hobby Lobby/Micheal's. They are extremely sharp and will cut BMF with ease.
  14. Those are fantastic! I definitely see the difference! I don't mean to stray away from the OP's original question but I do have one question. What would you suggest for a base coat for Candy Apple Red? I know there are a few candy colors out there - and red being the most common one. My thinking silver or gold base coat would work just as well?
  15. Picked up the '64 Plymouth Beldevere kit for $17.99 with the 40% off. Figure I'd get it since it comes with the slant 6 engine option.
  16. Funny... last night I found the same exact kit on oldmodelkits website. https://www.oldmodelkits.com/index.php?detail=48006&page=8&cat=Military Aircraft&manu=Monogram&erl=Monogram-1-72-Boeing-B-52D-Stratofortress-with-Jet-Sound-PA215
  17. Yeah, their WW1 aircrafts don’t take up much room on display shelves. That’s why I love to tackle a WW1 aircraft kit and challenge myself to doing riggings. Other than the 1/32 Sopwith Camel, I’ve got the 1/48 scale Stearman to try riggings.
  18. I don’t think it’s a shifting from model cars to aircrafts. I started out doing autos and gained interests in aircrafts as well - WW2 to modern jets. I tend to take breaks from certain genres of model kits be it aircraft, ships, armour, or autos/trucks. It keeps my creative juices going without getting bored sticking with one particular genre constantly. Most of my stash are aircrafts and a couple of armour kits. I a man slowly building up an auto stash and been wanting to get a few Navy ships as well. One particular ship model I’d love to get my hands on again from my youth years is Jacque Cousteau’s Calypso Research boat. It included a helicopter, shark cage and shark.
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