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  1. Metal and plastic. Yeah there’s a difference. Similar process. Well no ****. I can read. He was asking an autobody question on a model car forum. Similar but different process. Autobody work is more involved than on a simple model kit. But hey... each to his own. Let him take your advice. I could care less. Debate or ridicule me all you want but I would never offer advice for fixing his paint job on his 1:1 truck. Just sayin’...
  2. I’ll bite…. Pineapple Princess Luau Cha Cha Cha Boogie Bear
  3. I also have the color you’re looking for too.😃
  4. This forum is a model car forum, not a 1:1 forum topic. You have to go elsewhere to ask this question since this involves bodywork painting on your personal truck, not a model kit.
  5. YouTube video I saw used thinner, not acetone. I mostly use lacquer thinner myself for most of my airbrushing needs.
  6. I “might” have a bottle of it but will check and get back to you.
  7. I just watched a video late last night on YouTube on airbrushing nail polish. They come in enamels and lacquers. One point they pointed out you need a bigger needle to airbrush metallic nail polish. Definitely something I’d consider doing on my future auto kits.
  8. Time to tell the wife to stop enabling your adult children. Cut the cords and let them learn to how adult. I always like to tell my son this whenever he starts up....I brought you into this world, I’ll kick you out!
  9. Water isn’t the best option to put out an EV fire. I’m not even sure if foam helps either. This is exactly my point when it comes to EV fires and batteries. No one has any idea how to control these types of fires.
  10. I have used Gravity paints and they airbrush beautifully.
  11. Wow.... $13 on a rattle can of Duplicolor? Why not buy MCW paints instead? They have a wide range of colors of every make and years.
  12. Expensive repairs. Very expensive repairs than gas powered vehicles. Those repairs will exceed the value what you paid for your EV.
  13. I’m in 100% agreement with Ace and superdan. Diesel fuel supply is about to be shut down soon. What then? Snowplows, Amtrack, Fire engines, Buses and other essential vehicles won’t be able to do their job. You’re screwed. EV is not for everybody and these green nuts needs to get their head out of their…. well, you fill in the blank and think realistically and logically. Apparently they don’t or don’t want to. All this is going to blow up in their face. Sooner or later they’ll be protesting the environment is being polluted by dead EV batteries in landfills. So who’s the blame here? Look… I get it. Some folks like EV. I don’t nor ever will own one. I am 100% in support on HYBRID vehicles. This is a better win win for everybody. It’s bad enough new houses are banned from installing gas lines for heat or appliances. Even gas appliances are being banned. I’ve used electric stoves before and I can tell you I absolutely hate them with a passion. Electric heat is very expensive when adding operating cost on top of it all with electric stoves and dryers usage. What’s next? Electric airplanes? Yeah…. Imagine running out of juice at mid-flight and the plane has no place to go but down nose first or belly land on water or land (God forbid if you can find an open field to land on not over a city or town) because you can’t lower the landing gears due no electric power. I’d rather hear a rumble or growl on a muscle car/hot rod/street machine than a quiet EV car. Classic cars are meant to be heard not be silenced. Scott8950…. that’s the scariest problem. Nobody really knows what puts out a massive EV lithium battery fire. I can guarantee folks will die from serious burns in EV car crashes and massive lawsuits will follow. I fear for my son’s future and generations going forward.
  14. Geez... what gotten into Hollywood these days? Nobody can’t write an original screenplay anymore? There are plenty of books that can be made into movies. But remakes? I don’t like them. They always seem to leave out or make a drastic scene change from the original.
  15. Monopoly game board corner..... LOL! Good one.
  16. Typical Massachusetts drivers. We call them M@**holes. LOL!
  17. ROFL! Never said I didn’t like Hobby Lobby. Just stating my local HL has the same old stock aside from the 3 or 4 new released kits.
  18. I get a lot of inspiration/ideas from magazines (Hot Rod, Muscle Cars, etc...) muscle/custom car calendars, car shows, auto auctions on TV (Mecum, Jackson Barrett, etc...) Pinterest, online search images. There’s a lot of places to inspire ideas to your builds.
  19. I’m a big fan of his show. Love the hijinks between him and Tim Allen. Cracks me up every time. Sending wishes for a speedy recovery.
  20. My take... I disagree on all 5 points. This is straight up pilot error and/or reckless flying. The KingCobra was coming in fast on his turn and literally clipped the Fort in half. A B-17 Fortress isn’t a fast bomber but the KingCobra sure is since it is a fighter plane. This is a gut wrenching tragedy. Several people died, two WW2 era aircrafts no more. Plain stupidity for hotdogging during an air show. This now brings the total of flyable B-17 Forts down to less than 5. There are a total of about 10 surviving B-17s - most on static display or in museums. Will the investigation prevent future air shows from flying WW2 era aircrafts? No. But it won’t be too surprising they put a stop to pilots doing crazy stunts around other vintage aircrafts in the air. Don’t be a bit surprised they fault the pilot of the KingCobra.
  21. That’s was my point of my original post. Sure, HL does offer a few kits in their stores as found in online stores. Don’t get me wrong, 40% off sales is hard to beat. But they have the same old, same old boring model kit stock selections. Rare you might find something new. The Cocoa Cola kits are ridiculously priced compared to a regular version of the kit Meh... I’ll pass on those but each to his own if you’re a fan of Cocoa Cola special edition kits. They’re not my thing. Heck, I’m still waiting for HL to stock the newly reissued Streaker Vette. I’ve been waiting and hoping they restock the ‘70 Camaro Full Bumper version too. I doubt they’ll get either kits in their stores anytime soon. Oh well.... it don’t bother me much.
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