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  1. Outstanding young man! &... he knows!! Thank you for sharing with me!
  2. If you'd like George....I have the body & grill for your kit that is missing. Make it a complete kit again. 😎
  3. Still lookin'!! I'm in search of more than one...have lots! to trade! ** 2 of the five ** preferred trade ( Unbuilt Meng F 350 1/24 ) for either one...no glue bombs plz.
  4. Lookin REALLY Fantastic Cruz!! .....even from my end of an Iowa corn field! Carry On!! & Stay safe my brother.
  5. Thank you so very much! Interested!! & Very much appreciated Steve
  6. I always read your stuff! But a question has risen...... Has all the wonderful comments pertaining to " the Lovely Mrs Snake" actually gotten you any benefit. ....or just keeping you from being in the doghouse? 😎 Keep on resurrecting them oldies my friend!!
  7. Not only is it gonna be tough enough to come up with (8).... but in 1/25 scale.... I presume ...isn't artillery (um... big guns) ... they're usually on single axles? Only idea I have is maybe collect up a bunch of Rommel's Rods.....but that's 1/24th. Good luck with your quest Tom!
  8. OK! I'm speechless..... Everything is RIGHT! about this ride. Magnificent build David!
  9. T Y!! They stock it...ordered 2 in case of another pandemic!!
  10. Good call! .....have not checked with them. T Y! I'll check there.
  11. Is that Parafilm you are using??? I'm all out of it....& have not been able to find it anywhere.
  12. Looking for rear chassis components....multiple builds inmind ...any help appreciated. ...notice I didn't use "bump"
  13. Ok, Mike..... Allow me to throw this twist on you.... your item hasn't arrived yet...that I am in debt to you already......how about you post up some items ...."you're in need of" for a current or future build....& test the waters as to ...that I, .... or someone else might be able help or per chance "you may already have what they have been searching for"... or previously posted years back. I concur with Tom....nothing ventured ...nothing gained! Ha!! & no listing fees! Kevin
  14. Well Thank you my friend! ....with all the talk of the upcoming F- 85 convert......I'm feeling pretty good about a hardtop. 😍
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