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  1. I am humbled guys!! Thank you! John, my pleasure. Steve.....will shake your hand in person this weekend? ..... really!...just still trying to fit in around here!
  2. Snake have you considered one of those ultra violet glue pins?....(laser bond...I think? ) ...can manipulate its shape or placement..."until " you hit it with the light.
  3. Sorry Bill !! What I was thinking I had extra was for a Roadrunner....me bad!
  4. Let me check Bill....do some digging & get back @ ya
  5. Khils

    1960 Nomad

    Badly warped, left side bumper missing,grill portion looks usable. ..PM me if you'd be interested. Kevin
  6. I have an extra of this ......if you can come up something I don't already have...message me your availables.
  7. I am interested In the 340 Duster.....if you'd please! LMK. what you have in mind.
  8. I am humbled!! Currently traded with Exotics_Builder (Gerry)....we both got what we were looking for & more! I now have a very cherished friend Whom is welcome to anything in my parts stash!
  9. NOPE!! Didn't hesitate for a second. I just bought it for the parts "I" needed. Hopefully, someone here will need what is left, for theirs!
  10. I had NO luck! ....best wishes to your adventure!!
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