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  1. Got this in an old built up I won't be using....PM me if you interested.
  2. .........one of the lyrics ....made a major impact to my teen perspective in life. "You'll neverfind your gold on a sandy beach, You'll never drill for oil on a city street I know you're looking for a ruby in a mountain of rocks......But ,there ain't no Coup de Ville hiding at bottom of a Cracker Jack box!"
  3. RIP! Wolf with the "red roses" A very significant part of my teen years!
  4. This seller has all of your request.... Peterbilt 352 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Model-Truck-Parts-AMT-Peterbilt-352-Pacemaker-Cab-and-Grille-1-25/185245752135?hash=item2b2181db47:g:8hkAAOSwHnxgf9BF&pageci=4de270e5-dc8d-4d95-b691-8184f3544a9e&redirect=mobile
  5. Not Fred Cady ......but will this help ya! https://www.ebay.com/itm/CD-3734-C-42-Swede-Savage-SCCA-Plymouth-Baracuda-DECALS/224593953221?var=523396577770&pageci=6d82bbb9-f6eb-46d8-8868-6bb701f1cb4e&redirect=mobile
  6. Right back atcha!!! ...lets do it again sometime!
  7. I received my parts today from Steve ...(aka Rodent).... not only.... did he only require "parts karma" ...he went out of his way following up on the postal services complete failure to scan tracking of package from origin to destination. Steve! You, are absolutely golden in my book!!
  8. Yes......in multiple scales https://www.ebay.com/itm/CD-DC-1971-C-43-Richard-Petty-1971-Plymouth-DECALS/363429108423?hash=item549e101ac7:g:0CYAAOSwkf9gwRKP&pageci=80126f32-f1de-42e4-8d0d-6ebadf30c91e&redirect=mobile
  9. Ebay wouldn't let you show others his kind of seller ( I feel your pain...happened to me as well- different seller), nothing says you can't "call him out, here!" ...at least here some will know his ways.
  10. Mark, Included a pic from the '65 Chevy II Craftsman for your comparison
  11. Unsure of original kit date.....this is an original '65 Chevy II Craftsman...separate hood with engine plate.and Im leaning twords the altered wheelbase cars were its demise.
  12. Yes....yes I did. The year when I posted the thread.
  13. I asked about Paul over a year ago...477 views & not a single reply about a guy that helped so many people here with parts requests....Hmmmm....disappointing to say the least.
  14. Yeah!! I caught that too! 🤣
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