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  1. Bump this back up. Will consider other 1/25 trades....my discretion.
  2. Khils

    TPI engines

    FYI........the original '86 Monte Carlo SS included the TPI option......this kit is soon to be reissued or already is....Thankfully! ...this time it is molded in white
  3. Hey George, There's a noticeable difference in the two tubs I have....the '68 (bottom) 4spd & the '69 (top) auto, both tubs have clutch pedals with molded in consoles. I know the '68 is MPC......'69 unsure if it's MPC or AMT....both are rescued builds, down the to do list. -Kevin
  4. I have this kit (not same year your looking for) & a yellow '75 promo ....PM me if your interested
  5. Very impressive reward for a job well done! Truth to the old saying: even a blind squirrel will eventually find a nut! 😂
  6. Been alooong time since I've seen a stock-bodied "stock-car racing in NASCAR
  7. Congratulations Tom! ......(hint) .......... the next 7 are just as big of thrill.
  8. I have come to realize over the years trying to get back some of the old kits from my youth. I too...myself have bid on some old rare kits....hoping to win...only to get sniped in the last second & $50 bid jump...I did not win it. The just of my comment. .....Three weeks later.....a certain seller "just" happens to have this exact kit being parted out piece by piece and a starting price of $4.95 / part.....times lets say 97 kit pieces .....equals. I suggest bid high if you really want it......if nothing else you will have raised his initial investment. Or wait & buy it one part at a time. 😐
  9. That is a good question....you wouldn't suppose the simplified the mold...IDK
  10. This one is a '68 promo
  11. Here a pic of a '68 rebuilder from the stash.
  12. This is still factory sealed! I don't do big scale.....looking for 1/25 scale annuals & non-reissued MPC. Super Stockers (USAC)...prefer unstarted please. PM me with what you may have...or other. TIA! -Kevin
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