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  1. Happy birthday Doc Kerry!!

    Have a Great Day Sir!
  2. Hood for an AMT '69 Cougar needed. Filled.

    The other hinge IS there....I just noticed I didn't hold it in my hand right. Other parts are available.....bought it in "raped" condition. Kevin
  3. Hood for an AMT '69 Cougar needed. Filled.

    Would this one work for you Gene??
  4. Hood for an AMT '69 Cougar needed. Filled.

    Gene, I know I have it. Work till midnight. ...let me make sure it has NO issues
  5. Hood for an AMT '69 Cougar needed. Filled.

    Gene, I got one.....not sure color its molded in. Can confirm when I get home from work Kevin
  6. Pay It Forward-Round 2-Let's have FUN!

    Troy........ You and another member were after the same kit....since your message came in (time wise) first....I'll need your address & you're up to post next offerings.
  7. Pay It Forward-Round 2-Let's have FUN!

    I will claim Larry's offering..........post these up....pick one.......outside US 48 , shipping assist????
  8. teardrop hood for a 61 galaxie

    Like this......
  9. teardrop hood for a 61 galaxie

    Time machine resins offers one time to time on evilbay....also Steve @ Starmodels in aftermarket parts thread here offers vacuum formed scoops of almost ever design.
  10. Yes it was indeed! Along with "Groovy" & "Boss" I grew up hhearing. Showin' my age.
  11. Doc Love's Street Beast

    Mike, I am on board to see your build...also like the Street Beast....big head Doc, another story. I would like to know your reference source. ......other cars from the show I'd like info on. Carry on Sir!
  12. Wanted model chrome for very old cars

    I am still very much new here & alot of my trades have been ....myself answering "*6 to 1,000+" posts members up for trade / wanted threads. Myself.....I don't have a problem sending 1st...a pic PM'd of my end being sent, 2nd....tracking number. I consider myself a good judge of character. ......read alot of posts here to get the vibe of others. I like it here!!! Have....got an item not correctly represented.......someday, karma will rear "her" ugly head! Chances are taken everyday we close the door & leave home. But weren't.....ALL of you given a chance in the beginning? "Newbies "? I am not completely sold on the credibility with number of posts that consist of "Nice build" ,"cool", PM'd and don't have the " "s to tell the guy he mispelled the sponsors name on one side of the racecar. If I were to have missed something....(still human)...I would appreciate the chance to make it right Kevin. khils
  13. long shot anybody got one of these to trade ???

    I played heck coming up with that kit.....WHAT'S wrong with the decal? ....mine is sealed & autographed (under the cello)....one of those MASS autographs/ stamp ....whatever that's called
  14. AMT TV Tommy Ivo Poster

    PM. sent Casey
  15. Work bench ideas?

    First off ......Thanks for the demo & info. book marked their site. Second...reasonable enough for me......gonna pull the trigger & "un-mess" my mess! Kevin