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  1. Tom, I do not have a single of that tire....but, I do have a pair of that exact tire. PM me what you'll trade for them.
  2. Khils

    Mopar decals needed.

    Hope it will be someplace warm! Safe travels George!
  3. Thank you Mike! Just filling a need... Glad to help! Please post up pics when your Camaro is completed! Definitely trade with crowe-t (Mike) anytime!
  4. It wasn't a Chrysler 225 slant -6......but was a slant mounted Pontiac
  5. I have the "white " nose stripe from this kit if it is the same as the "Nickey"
  6. Those are yours to do as you wish George! When I did those for you...I also did for me to remold in a two piece mold ...just not done cleaning these.....so there should be much less clean up. My goal was to put consoles in your hand on short notice ...or yours would've been cleaned on delivery my friend
  7. Very nice talking with you at the display after NNL #40 Tom! Are you gonna need consoles for your builds also?
  8. " Humbled !" You're most welcome! Anything, Anytime! George......just ask & I'll see what I can do Sir.
  9. Very much enjoyed the entire event!!!!
  10. Sorry Carl, That series was ALL 1/16 scale......
  11. I too have seen the replica in resin,but.......it is a single instead of a dual head light grill. Depends on your application choice.
  12. I'm sorry Snake......with your history....I will personally Thank you! ....if this gets reissued though. 😃
  13. As Always! " Fantastic my friend!!
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