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  1. A lot by Hef....but there are some by Olivia and Ms. Page.
  2. Aaaah...No! Way too much "adult art" work displayed (not acceptable for younger forum members) in my area. Removal for pics is out of the question! ...significant other wouldn't allow it being put back up! Sorry ... not happening!
  3. Need more than one Carl? I cant include the chopper tho .
  4. In looking at the Pontiac 421 parts pack I have....appears to be a very good represention of the bell housing & beside " us ".... in the build progress " who " is ever gonna see the top 1/3 of the transmission....as a bit encouragement to the best scratch builder I know! My friend...you would only have to fabricate the bottom side accurately. .....definitely seen you conquer larger challenges IMHO
  5. Here you go...try this.... https://www.ebay.com/itm/SMH-Resins-65-Chevy-II-SS-resin/362608227351?hash=item546d227417:g:j-MAAOSwrCZcpO2C
  6. Just a suggestion. .....you might check restoration supply catalogs like LMC if parts are available to the stepside application
  7. No offense intended......really love the Beaumont...that sounds like something the Canadians would've tried
  8. Only a suggestion. ...what if you lose the originals & scribe in surface mounted handles like Kindig uses? You 're a long way from original anyway.
  9. Wow Jesse! Seen that & immediately thought SNL Chris Farley's. " motivational speaker " 😀
  10. Poured w/ 2 part urethane resin There is the down side to single sided molds tho. ..
  11. Something said to me.....(wish it had been my father)...... "Best way to be a father"........remember what it was like to be the child! Be well &Stay safe!
  12. Welcome back to the hobby! You definitely have a racing back ground and build talent you've inherited. ......by all means! The next generation needs this hobby passed on!
  13. I have used this several times for replicating small part molds...heat it in hot water till soft, (chewed gum)... form over part, let it cool, remove your part, add your choice of material....resin, 2 part epoxy...works really good with milliput. When cooled...Nearly Nothing ( won't say everything!) sticks to it but itself....No longer need the mold...heat it & reform something else.
  14. Nice buy!!! As an elder to me once said...."they're only worth what two fools agree upon" ...wish it were my burden.
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