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  1. Yes...it is mine & its a Modelhaus and could be availible.
  2. I used to use the exact same configuration for years Steve.....till I lost a fresh painted body to gravity.....built this & never had anything move...the tips are sharpened to grip inside the body....rotates ,inverts & docks easily
  3. Returning thread back to the original topic. Question..... Is there any significant difference between the '59 & '60 convertible boots??
  4. Just adding my two cents......I too purchased a lot of his items over the years....packaging & shipping was always with care & prompt. Until last year.....3 consecutive purchases were either, shipped to someone else....damaged, and worst of all.....wrong item sent, when contacted, was told the item was no longer available after item was won & paid for. If I need that kind of drama in my hobby....I'd join faceplant.
  5. Hey Elvin, I bought one a couple years ago & haven't done anything with it yet.
  6. Completed a trade with Sam I Am ......Very genuine.... Out-standing diamond ....true asset to this forum! Thanks again Sam! & best wishes for your projects ahead.
  7. If JC or anyone else hasn't made an offer Rex. ..I would like to trade you out of that Mustang body & instruction sheet....I already have the decal sheet to do the Trickle Aw # 99 Mustang
  8. Bumping this BTT. Would entertain interesting trades
  9. Khils

    Amt 1969 Mach I

    Like this one Sam? Has all the parts you're requesting....got it in a trade & not 100% sure its complete.
  10. Khils

    3 kits wanted..

    I have an extra one I can trade
  11. Tom, I do not have a single of that tire....but, I do have a pair of that exact tire. PM me what you'll trade for them.
  12. Khils

    Mopar decals needed.

    Hope it will be someplace warm! Safe travels George!
  13. Thank you Mike! Just filling a need... Glad to help! Please post up pics when your Camaro is completed! Definitely trade with crowe-t (Mike) anytime!
  14. It wasn't a Chrysler 225 slant -6......but was a slant mounted Pontiac
  15. I have the "white " nose stripe from this kit if it is the same as the "Nickey"
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