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  1. I might be able to help you out there Bill.....I will dig thru the rubble & let ya know Thursday evening.
  2. I got this one Tom. Factory sealed I do not have much on my wants list at the moment....what do you have to trigger an impulse trade? Kevin
  3. Outstanding young man! &... he knows!! Thank you for sharing with me!
  4. If you'd like George....I have the body & grill for your kit that is missing. Make it a complete kit again. 😎
  5. Still lookin'!! I'm in search of more than one...have lots! to trade! ** 2 of the five ** preferred trade ( Unbuilt Meng F 350 1/24 ) for either one...no glue bombs plz.
  6. Lookin REALLY Fantastic Cruz!! .....even from my end of an Iowa corn field! Carry On!! & Stay safe my brother.
  7. Thank you so very much! Interested!! & Very much appreciated Steve
  8. I always read your stuff! But a question has risen...... Has all the wonderful comments pertaining to " the Lovely Mrs Snake" actually gotten you any benefit. ....or just keeping you from being in the doghouse? 😎 Keep on resurrecting them oldies my friend!!
  9. Not only is it gonna be tough enough to come up with (8).... but in 1/25 scale.... I presume ...isn't artillery (um... big guns) ... they're usually on single axles? Only idea I have is maybe collect up a bunch of Rommel's Rods.....but that's 1/24th. Good luck with your quest Tom!
  10. OK! I'm speechless..... Everything is RIGHT! about this ride. Magnificent build David!
  11. T Y!! They stock it...ordered 2 in case of another pandemic!!
  12. Good call! .....have not checked with them. T Y! I'll check there.
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