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  1. I seen that very same thing happen to several packages sent to me! Kinda puts logic to postal fees we've been paying lately. 😕
  2. You had a lot to do with ..."all going smooth" THX Ken! ...we'll do this again.
  3. Now that's thinkin' outside the box!! Great job!!
  4. I was gonna be hunting for those!......THX Steve!
  5. The Revell '67 Dodge Charger kit has a very good set in it as well.
  6. Surprised! No one has mention this one.
  7. Steve, Are those Keith's by any chance?
  8. I may possibly have those, let me check & I'll get back to you
  9. I have this set up available with blower belt ( less distributor).
  10. To hear your enthusiasm with the items I sent you..." Priceless" ! Great trade my friend! We'll be in contact again...as I think I have something in the way of your interest list.
  11. Photo is lacking clarity...I'll buy one & judge for myself if it's good or a sugar coated "Weezer"
  12. Post up a pic of the ones you use...I know I have the more square shouldered one's that used to come in the MPC NASCARS... also have some of the more rounded/wider ones that come in the Super stocker kits.
  13. John.... I have these parts from a cadaver kit....are these the pieces you need? Tim... I have a good body from same said kit....would you care to be traded out of yours?
  14. David...your welcome...glad to help with the GTO! We've got another trade going which will be just as good! Steve....Thank you! And I hope we can do more trades soon! You're both welcome to my dungeon anytime!
  15. You are welcome Scott! Very nice build! ... & THX! for the back ground research about its history I had not known.
  16. Great trade with Ken... "BIGTRUCK" ...as we've done before...Lets do it again sometime! THX Ken!
  17. "Nailed it" you guys....THX! Patrick & Steve....I can label this & toss it in the "reds" bin.
  18. Great lead Patrick, I have the "Old Pro" to compare.... nope, set on the right are the Nova Hmmm.... I googled the Ventura cuz I don't have it....I think they'd be longer than these as well.
  19. I'm onboard! ...like my good friend Snake would say " model on!"
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