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  1. Aren't those mid-90's Corvette tail lights?
  2. If you're referring to the AMT Lightning....& you have the instruction sheet ( part(s) number ).....Round 2 recently reissued it.....I would take a chance contacting them.....omitted parts from factory? Worse they could say is.....No.
  3. Lol! I really did figure as much.....just having a little fun with it! " natural body oils" Be well &Stay safe!
  4. For accuracy! ....internal or external?? ....nevermind, really.... it's just going on the shelf.
  5. I've never cared much for their bottles anyway! I have 4 VL dbl action.... I took the pickup assembly out of their lids & adapted them to the Testors Model Masters bottle lids...which I have ton of....large paint project ...mix multiple bottles before... small...switch, spray...reseal with it's original cap.
  6. My condolences!! Peace be with you!
  7. Yes it does.....basically same kit...different body & decals
  8. I've never been big into customs Bill, but knowing what it originally is suppose to look like...I really like the direction you went with this one!! ...to quote a very good friend on here.... Adapt, Improvise & Overcome!
  9. I apologize up front guys for butting in..... ^^^^^ this is what makes this forum the absolute best!! Steve.... You're awesome!! (there...I'm done).
  10. That's a significant savings! THX for sharing!!
  11. Those worked out well for you Jeff? Be well & Stay safe!
  12. Thanks much Joe! Exactly what I was looking to find out B4 buying one & being dishearten!
  13. Simple question.....hence I've never purchased either .....1st issue Revell (big box) or the Foose issue. Can the Foose issue be built stock? or were some parts replaced to replicate the "show" car? TIA! Kevin
  14. These are as close as I get to your pic....although "these" are from Bob Vandergriff's Soft Seal '57 pro sportsman.
  15. Good looking "winged warrior"! I leaning twords a Tamiya gold also, still indecisive on their reds yet. Thanks for posting!
  16. Monogram '86 Monte Carlo & Buick Grand National.
  17. Pretty sure I have either the old MPC or Johan style...how many you looking for?
  18. Thank you Sir! Exactly what I requested!! Enjoyed the additional photos as well! Kudos!
  19. I'm in for one if it comes with Geico " trash bandits" 😆
  20. Currently do not have these two number to compare to, but will! Thank you! Thank you! I have an email into him....this looks to be promising.
  21. Could anyone help me with the "correct" color codes for Bobby Allison's #22 red & gold Dodge Daytona? PLZ?
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