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  1. I picked up an unbuilt Monogram. Tom Daniel Ice T......everything is there "except the body"...guessing the paint job went "south" & set it aside. Plenty of stuff to trade...TIA! khils
  2. You could use the bench seat from the Revell '64 - '66 c10. I'd have to look, but may have an extra.
  3. DANG Joe! I have never seen such a product.. I like that! ...and have a ton of places I can use that! Thank You for sharing that!
  4. Khils

    Red Line Tires

    Would these (5) be of interest to you? They're old AMT Firestone Supreme from the parts box...doesn't give tire size.
  5. Thank you Tom! " That " is exactly what I learned from my only two visits to NNL 39 & 40.
  6. Hey back atcha! Pull up a chair...you're gonna be here awhile!
  7. No promises Thomas! These have been in my decal tupperware for years
  8. I have a set. PM sent
  9. All I have is an extra fuel cell kit....PM me if your interested. khils
  10. Very cool build!! .....think you're being a bit modest w/ the term "tight"
  11. Completed TWO flawless trades with Sam I Am & Tom99....Both these gentlemen are amazing to deal with & highly recommended to trade with no hesitation!! khils
  12. I just got my "Golden nuggets" today! Received my end of a trade with Mike999....Thank you Sir! I posted up parts wanted thread quite awhile ago that had absolutely ZERO replys.....read one of his posts &.....he "made" my year! HMU....if there is anything I can help you out with down the road Mike...I owe you one my friend!! khils
  13. I saw this footage being played beside the rebuilt Hemi under glass on display at Gilmore Auto Museum in Kalamazoo Mich. while attending NNL 40. Very memorable trip for me...to say the least!!
  14. Jim is right Michael.....I had a wanted post up with almost NO response. ...so if you don't use these parts...I will make it worth your while
  15. Look a little closer @@ ....they are Corvair engines...6 cylinders not 4 poppers
  16. Glenn, Does your kit come with headers as optional? I have a pair of manifolds that filled in completely....I don't plan to build mine stock, but will need correct 389 headers. Kevin
  17. You had to bring "that" up didn't ya!! 😰
  18. Just found this thread myself....& just got caught up. Very impressed with your build..Great fab work!!! .....and Yes! I would be in for one if you did cast it!
  19. " THAT "......is exactly what makes this forum the greatest hobby place to be!! Very amicable gesture Randy! Carl.....please let us know if any of us can do anything to keep you in the community. ....you've been here for others! There are good people here for you!
  20. Congratulations to you! Quite the milestone! Stay Strong! & Stay Safe my friend!
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