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  1. I do not have that exact set you seek...but I have these if you're interested.
  2. ** Snake45** I would like to inform All... I have spoke with Snake...yes he's had few set backs medically...but in "very good spirits and on the mend"! He hopes to be back at home in couple weeks & I will let him fill in the details at his discretion. He also added a huge "Thank you!" for all well-wishes & concern for his absence! If I know my friend at all....He "will" make up for his time away!
  3. I have no knowledge of American Satco having '66 C10 promo..... I do have.... 2 of the Wheat '66 C10 promos which were molded dark green metallic around that year.
  4. AMT or Monogram? (scale differences)
  5. This has got me bothered!! I am hoping he's gotten a "new toy"....& is just out emptying a few cases of shells rittleing things with holes! Seriously. if anyone hears anything....Please post!
  6. IMHO...I don't think the problem is the whole line wide... I think it's just this truck. ...you lnow, kinda like when you buy the same shoe for years...then you get a pair that "just don't fit right"!
  7. My first car ... '63 Chevy Impala SS 409 4 spd....I bought myself before I even had my license...saw it in the back row of a Ford dealership ...took quite a bit of work to get it road worthy as it wasn't pristine...."Had an absolute blast with it!!" ...it was pretty high maintenance....maybe cause I drove it like I stole it! Then met a girl..."that somehow" managed to convince me to sell it...take my word for it!! "Females" ....they're overrated! ..you don't need them!!! Best car...overall! (not near as much fun!) ...minimal expenses,low maintenance, durability, comfort & most bang for the buck! '78 Chevy Caprice 4dr ...that car owes me nothing!!
  8. Always welcome over to my dungeon Doc!
  9. I drive '17 F 150 for work....Nice looking truck...absolutly love the interior comfort & design! ...but to drive it....lets just say..glad I didn't buy it!
  10. Fantastic! LMK if there is anything I can do that may be of assistance!.
  11. I would be seriously in the market for at least (3) three mid '90s Ford 300 6 cylinder EFI....for various projects!
  12. Tootsies made some with only Axelrod flanges...no chassis.
  13. ....are these the wheel your looking for Brian?
  14. Here's what I've found...'65 Chevelle seats, '60 Impala steering wheel, '59 Impala speaker grill. LMK
  15. I can check after work....possibly have an interior tub, maybe steering wheel for a '63 Impala.
  16. Yes...mine are the AMT style as mentioned.
  17. I did not know that.... my bad. Thank Steve!
  18. I'm thinking the O P meant "this" when he posted "sport roof" Cobra. ....grab your shorts! $$$! I got mine (not leaving my possession) B4 Modelhaus retirement.
  19. I have this Challenger kit 85-4213....complete, unstarted, sealed bags inside...will trade but I do not see anything offered I could use.
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