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  1. bobss396 added a post in a topic L.I.A.R.S Club show has been cancelled   

    You have to see it up close to believe the widespread devastation the Island took. Something like 650,000 still without power and some will be lucky to be hanging Xmas lights this year.

    The entire Freeport waterfront area (2 blocks south of the Rec center) was submerged in salt water. The high tide line was at 27A and close to spilling onto the Meadowbrook Parkway. The entire Ocean Parkway (great east-west scenic escape route) is closed down with heavy damage to the barrier beaches. Parts of Babylon and Lindenhurst are still under water with 100 or more houses lost. The total (so far) is 100,000 houses and businesses lost throughout the Island.

    5 days after the hurricane, virtually no gas is to be had. Home heating oil is very scarce and another nor-easter is expected within the next few days. Everyone is pretty much in the survival mode right now. The only real bright spot for me is the 11/15 LIARS monthly meeting.

  2. bobss396 added a topic in Truck Aftermarket / Resin   

    Lookin' for a '51 or '52 Ford F1 grille
    Lookin' for a '51 or '52 Ford F1 grille in resin. The '53 Ford truck grille won't do. Does anyone know of a source?

    I don't think Modelhaus makes it and I saw one vendor at the NNL East that had one with a truck body, but wouldn't separate it or sell me a grille.

    Thanks, Bob
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  3. bobss396 added a post in a topic THE L.I.A.R.S. CHALLENGE   

    I'll be there since I'm a LIARS member. I'm recovering from a car accident but should be able to hold up the entire day. The usual suspects from the area clubs will surely show up. We're doing an early set-up on Friday evening, so everything will be covered and we'll get home at a decent hour.

  4. bobss396 added a post in a topic 1961 Oldsmobile 88 2 Door Sedan   

    As the previous owner of a '62 Starfire and a '64 88, I'm liking what I see!

  5. bobss396 added a post in a topic Any pics from the Classic Plastic Show in Ma?   

    Thanks, they were a ton of work but worth the effort. I should have put a couple of them in the documented replica class, but couldn't dig up my reference material. What did you bring? There were a lot of good models on the table, close to 300 I'd say.

  6. bobss396 added a post in a topic Any pics from the Classic Plastic Show in Ma?   

    I was there and did okay. Took 1st in the '55-57 Chevy theme class with my '56 Chevy stock car, took a 3rd in another competition class with my '66 Ford stock car. I left the camera at home.. wife had a zillion pictures in it that I would have to download first. There are some pictures on the Hobby Heaven site and maybe the Scale Auto site as well.

  7. bobss396 added a post in a topic Fenderwell headers?   

    Look in the plumbing aisle of Ace or True Value hardware for Kester .062 solder. It comes coiled up in a tube but straightens out when rolled between 2 pieces of plexiglass. Think mine cost $1.49 and can easily make up a few sets of headers including throwing out some in the process.

  8. bobss396 added a post in a topic So now I'm in the hospital dangit.....   

    How tight was the dressing on your knee? When I had mine done I mentioned that the dressing was tight and I could feel my calf bulge. After it started to get hot, they re-dressed it for me. I was in for a week since the surgery was extensive and I was confined to the bed most of the time, so they were watching to see if a clot formed, which it didn't.

    Get well soon!

  9. bobss396 added a post in a topic Are We Model Hoarders?   

    My buying spree from 1997-2005 or so was spiked by maybe an irrational fear that some kits would not be available in the future. I did have a big selloff at one point to get down to 180 kits, now I'm up to 330 + once again. I do need to separate out the duplicates so I can get down to a core of 100 kits. In the hobby, constant kit-buying was called hoarding by many.

    I do have a stash of parts that I've forgotten what I have and am wowed when I run across something cool that I haven't seen in a decade. My modeling area was on the brink of looking like something out of the TV show and I cleaned it up quite a bit and it can use another tidying soon.

  10. bobss396 added a post in a topic Custom machined aluminum parts   

    I agree, he has mad machining skills. I don't have an open machine right now, making parts for customers only!

  11. bobss396 added a post in a topic Another Masscar photo album by a friend....   

    In the main gallery, on my browser, your car doesn't show up! I had to go to the roll feature and bingo, there it was. They are also mis-numbered from feature to feature and I have a few red X images that may have thrown the count off.

    BTW, great color on the Olds.

  12. bobss396 added a post in a topic Another Masscar photo album by a friend....   

    #167 is definitely mine. #169 goes with #171, think he was from the Newburgh Club.

  13. bobss396 added a post in a topic Surgery Pain! Oww....   

    On out-patient surgery, they often let you loose with a nerve blocker to get you home... and then the excruciating pain sets in!

    I had major knee reconstruction (knee is great today) and have been there. I was stocked with percodans for the first few days and Tylenol codein from there on. Drugs not hugs will get you through!

  14. bobss396 added a post in a topic Another Masscar photo album by a friend....   

    Warren always takes great pictures and has impeccible taste in his selections.

    My cars were # 167, 168, 186, 187, 224. My brother Will's entries are # 172, 173, 228, 229, 230.

  15. bobss396 added a post in a topic NNL East Roll Call!!!!   

    Unless the &*%$ hits the fan at work, I'll be there with my bro Will. It's only a 60 mile run for us.