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  1. Resin 1921 Roadster

    How do you like working with the resin parts? I have had some horrific deliveries of some bubble filled and pocked parts. Not all the time of course! I much prefer plastic anymore....
  2. Road Warrior Corvette

    Luckily here in Florida there are tons of swap meets. You can go and buy some cheap toy cars and trucks, various scales, and rip, tear, cut, saw, generally get the pieces you want. Just like at a real junkyard! So I think those tires came off a monster truck model. 10-4 on the wheelbase advice, I can jiggle the rear tires back a bit so they fit the wheel wells much better. Still might need some putty around the edges, or maybe add some side skirts too. Thanks for the comments gentlemen!
  3. Road Warrior Corvette

    Been a little while! I was wanting to get the right car built for the picture in my mind. As if I wanted to make this car in real life, from the model kit I am constructing. I realize I'm no mechanic, some of the conversions I'm doing on this Corvette are not legitimate, not right mechanically, but they work on the model. They will NOT work on a real car project! This is one model I was wanting to paint while on the sprue and then, paint while building so everything is matched up and I don't miss any spots. My vision of the body is to have larger off road type tires for the occasional trips off the black top. The trunk will be full of gear and probably a 55 gallon drum for all the fuel we're going to need out there between fill-ups. So first the body. This may not show but I have started to hollow out the rear wheel wells, to fit the larger tires. The trunk hid was cut and sawn loose using an Exacto and jewelers saw. Tedious and I need to find some new blades! The chassis was base coated flat black, found the proper tires for the car, even if I do not have the proper suspension for them. I may need to go back to some research on big trucks for suspension additions. I can tell I've only done military kits in the past, this chrome engine.......well......I'm definitely not used to big shiny engine parts! Doesn't look to bad from this angle. I think I may have to do some wiggling with the manifold and exhaust for proper venting from the engine compartment to the sides of the body. So here are the two pieces together, the front wheel wells have not been hollowed yet, just started trimming the rear ones a bit. Dremel for that task probably? I hate to mess with the body at all, but those tires are BIG!
  4. Road Warrior Corvette

    Good call Spex!!! Look what I found under the "Abandoned Corvette"!!!! This is EXACTLY what I had in mind!
  5. Road Warrior Corvette

    Hello! I have been away from model making for a while, well, a brief foray into smaller wargaming scales like 1/72 and 1/48 with Historicals and some SciFi Warhammer models. I recently bought an MPC model, their 1960 Corvette, and started base painting the parts on the sprue. Had some neat bits to weld on there, and then I realized..... OOPS! Didn't the 1960 Corvette have a fiberglass body like the rest of the line? So how the heck could I weld anything to it. Maybe the front and rear bumpers maybe, some protective or offensive weld on attachments, but probably nothing to the actual body. Am I right with the all fiber body? Then I looked at the scale. There seem to be very few 1/24 or 1/25 scale figures out here to fit in a diorama in that scale, well, none that seem to fit a post-apocalyptic era. I might have to use lots of green stuff or putty to make mods to the bodies of current ones. Are there any good lines out here for figures that might match, without much conversions needed? Then I looked at the tires, might some wacko road warrior put some bigger say dune buggy or off road tires on his Vette for when roads are few and far between? Is there a good parts line somewhere with that kind of tire? I've started looking at a couple of distributor stores, but nothing seems to really "click" yet for additional parts. I'm sure I'll have more questions for you guys, I'd appreciate any advice getting this off the ground. Thanks!
  6. Retired and Building!

    Retired to Lake County just outside Leesburg, so sort of smack dab in the middle of the state. Close to everything, well, an hour away, but small town living. Nifty rod in the picture above, thanks Foxer!!! I'd better go read up on how to post pictures, right! Got my first kit already, base coated it, might try brushing it instead of air brushing, as mine disappeared a few years ago..... I see some mesh on that one, so next stop somewhere, maybe online, will be to find a good place to buy supplies/bits for conversions! I assume apocalyptic conversion posts go........in the auto section?
  7. Greetings! Just retired a few months ago, looking forwards to a little free time to build some models like I used to. Had a crazy idea to build a Mad Max post apocalyptic style rod starting out! Nice forum here! Paul