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  1. My build of the new Tamiya Ford GT, built out of the box with the only extras being some use of Scale Motorsport carbon decals. Body color is Tamiya LP semi gloss black topped with Baslac 2K clear and Zero red for the interior trim color and brake calipers, cheers.
  2. Looked even better on the table today Brian, looks great.
  3. Thanks to all, good old sunlight worked a treat, all good to go forward now, cheers. Michael
  4. Thanks to all for the tips, they would be about 8 years old but I'll it a try it and see how it turns out, cheers. Michael
  5. Hi All, I have some aftermarket decals for my Trumpeter 12th GT40 but one if the side stripes has started to go yellow along the edge, is there a fix for this or should I just bin them?? Thanks in advance. Michael
  6. I use a 50/50 mix of Dettol/Water mix, I have tested this on a body painted with Tamiya acrylic that was painted 7 odd years ago and it stripped it clean after about 12 hours, it does leave a slight Dettol smell but it goes away after a few days. So far I have found that it works well with acrylic and enamel.
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