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  1. So happy to see lots of vintage kits coming back. The 1:16 funny cars are tops on my list!
  2. So after a week of looking a this. I'm going to do a few adjustments. 1. Extend the front half just bit. This will reduce the angle at which the post will have to fit up to. 2. Widen it just a hair. Currently there is a stretch like fit to the rear body line. I want a "just right" kind of fit. 3. I'm going to raise the height just a bit also. Yes I think it needs it, but just enough to keep the attitude. I think its going to be great! All good feedback guys! I took it to the NNL and had some discussions with the folks there. Overall reaction was great and wanted to let you all know where we stand. I'll post up the updated pics in a couple weeks. Mike
  3. I went to the Grand National Roadster Show (GNRS) this weekend and took some pics of tires. Comments welcome!
  4. Steve...Wow great job! Thanks for sending this. My initial plan was to design a new post. I'll have to rethink the stock ones and see what I can make of it. You really did a nice job on this. Thanks for sharing! Mike
  5. I finally got the Deuce top from Shapways. For a first pass it came pretty good. By that I don't think there will be much to adjust. Often times there are connection points I have to adjust. Next up is going to be the windshield posts that will have to fit up to this. Thoughts welcome! Also of note which has been my big complaint about printing is the pitted like surface. I ran the "white strong flexible polish" and it actually has a nice canvas look to it. Mike
  6. Oh nice...resin cast correct? This should be no problem to recreate and get back on the market. Thanks for sharing. Mike
  7. I'll do some research on these. Are you looking to replicate the tire and its markings? Or do you want a tire close in size. Im not up to everything on 1/24, but are you saying there is no 1/24 1/25 kit that has this size? I absolutely know for the big scale modelers.....theres hardly anything like this out there. Keep me posted. Mike
  8. Hi Ralph....The scale will be for the "Big Boys" as you know 1/25 gets all what it needs. Im thinking 1:8-1:18 for sure. Scaling on a computer is easy, but making molds are another.
  9. Some of you know that I have been creating 3d printed parts for the community. I am now wanting to get a pulse on printing up some tires that could be used as masters to cast in a "rubber resin". I may opening a can of worms, but lets try this. What kind of tires would you like to have? I can't do all of them, but I would like to get a sense is there a top three tire design that we could all use. Lets hear what got! Mike
  10. Hi Abelaxe, Let me know what you have. I should be able to do them. I'll need a name of the wheel or some good reference images. Do you have tires? If so which ones and what are the sizes. I did this set for an Instagram follower. He requested the design and he had the tires to fit. A couple weeks later we were done! Its a staggered set at 19" and 23" scale at 1:24. Mike
  11. Got some more work done on this last night. All work going forward now is fine tuning. I tweeked the dash size, enhanced the cowl detail, and adjusted the wheel size.
  12. Hello I just wanted to introduce myself as a traditional and digital modeler. I have building models for about 40 plus years. For about 20 years I got into creating models on the computer for my job as a 3d artist. From that I have been creating 3d prints for the model community. More pics of my work on instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/3dscaleparts/?hl=en #3dscaleparts Mike
  13. Hi guys Im new to the board and kindly like to introduce myself. I have been a model builder for over 40 years. My career has given me the skills to create models on the computer and I am currently building this model on the computer to see how it translates to a 3d print. Thanks to "CabDriver" to get me going on building this project. I'm having a blast! Mike
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