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  1. Wow, that is nearly flawless. Great job! Those hubcaps are something else.
  2. That's a nice-looking car. The yellow looks great. Nice work on the chrome trim, the engine detail and the interior.
  3. Love the paint color and finish.
  4. Looks really good. Nice detail.
  5. Here is my finished Firebird 400 model (Revell kit). Body is Model Master metallic blue, and interior is Model Master light ivory. Enjoy! The workbench thread is below.
  6. The weathered look adds so much realism. Would love to see some tutorials on that. Nice job.
  7. Okay, so as you can see, I fixed the steering wheel that was upside down. And almost everything is done. Will just need to let the wheel decals dry. How do you like the redline tires?
  8. I successfully removed the steering column and got the wheel turned right side up.
  9. I'll have to see if I can fix the steering wheel, but it may be too late at this point.
  10. Thanks for all the recent comments. Have just gotten back into modeling after a few month's break. I should have closed up this thread with a link to the finished model. See below.
  11. The interior is finished. Will be working on the body next.
  12. I have been impressed with the amount of detail on the decals, including the hose labels, and I have had to use a jewelers loupe to place them.
  13. Thanks for the info. The decals were in the kit, and surprisingly they are in very good shape so far. This kit was given to me by a guy who kept it stored in his hot and humid garage for years, maybe decades.
  14. I'm continuing to work on this model. The engine is installed on the chassis. Will be working on interior next.
  15. The side picture on the box shows the 2 options in this kit.
  16. That makes sense. Rattle-can paints can really stink up the place. Seems like airbrushed parts have very little smell. I just bring the parts back inside.
  17. I live in South Carolina and airbrush in my garage year round. I had no idea cold weather had that much of an effect on painting.
  18. The '68 Firebird 400 by Revell is the latest model I've been working on. This kit allows you to build a stock or drag version. I'm going with the stock. I've finished all the airbrushing and I've started on the detailing. I've also finished assembling the engine. The body color is Model Master metallic blue 2768, which was hard to find. It's based on a real body color for this car. The interior is going to be Model Master light ivory to simulate a real interior color for this car called parchment.
  19. Really nice-looking car. The gray body paint sets off the chrome nicely. The large windshield lets in a lot of light to show off the interior.
  20. That is taking paint work to the next level. Awesome artwork.
  21. I like the "champagne" color of the body and the high gloss over the metallic paint. Also, I like the appearance of road dirt on the underside and tires.
  22. That looks great. I like the idea of making a model as a tribute to a memory. My grandfather had a '63 Impala, white body with a teal interior. Years ago I made a model of it that I gave him, and he had it in his den until the day he died in 1997. One day, I think I'll redo that model.
  23. That's a nice car. I'm surprised you had such good results with decals of that age.
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